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Increasing recruitment brand awareness with Cognism

August 24, 2020

Find out how a global recruitment firm used Cognism’s B2B lead generation platform to:

  • Source C-suite leads in HR and recruitment
  • Boost their brand awareness through targeted email campaigns
  • Promote their content and engage with more prospects
  • Book appointments and generate new business

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The Company

RoboRecruiter uses multichannel RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to keep candidates engaged and databases enriched with real-time actionable insight. Their PALS and JobVet conversations increase productivity so that recruiters and hiring teams can spend more of their time speaking to the right candidates.

The company is a global, multilingual business, with headquarters in the UK and the USA. Their products are utilised by a wide range of customers, in sectors such as healthcare, logistics and tech.

The Challenge

We spoke to Steve Lewis, Global President of RoboRecruiter. He explained the obstacle that led him to start working with Cognism.

“Our main problem was very simple - brand awareness! We had to promote our services to our target audience. The recruitment marketplace is very noisy and it can be difficult to make yourself heard. What we needed to do was get the word out to the right people, at the right time. The team thought that there would be a tool out there that could help us to do this.”

Steve was immediately impressed by Cognism’s B2B prospecting solution.

“We invited Cognism to pitch and I very quickly saw the value it could deliver. We didn’t trial any other competitors; I thought Cognism had everything we needed, all in one tool.”


The Solution

Steve was very satisfied with Cognism’s onboarding process.

“It was a very easy, smooth process. The tool itself is very intuitive and easy to navigate.”

We asked Steve about the quality of Cognism’s B2B data. He said:

“It wasn’t much work to get the data we needed. Once you’ve built your personas, it’s a matter of segmenting your audience into different groups. Cognism makes this easy. With it, we were able to find the contact data for HR directors and recruiters in enterprises around the world.”

Through it all, Steve was most impressed by Cognism’s Customer Success team.

“They’re phenomenal, no doubt about it. They work very hard to understand your business and they’re extremely focused on helping you succeed. They have so much knowledge of the industry and what works, in terms of sales and marketing campaigns. They’re one of the best things about working with Cognism.”


The Results

When asked about the outcomes that Cognism produced for RoboRecruiter, Steve said:

“One of the most useful things for me personally was using Cognism to re-engage with my LinkedIn network. I found that to be a very successful channel for getting RoboRecruiter’s message out there to relevant people.”

Steve quoted one particular example of how Cognism had assisted RoboRecruiter.

“Cognism is excellent for content promotion and support. We used the platform to build and send email campaigns promoting our content, as well as announcing new products. Several of those campaigns resulted in meetings being booked and deals being signed, to give our clients a faster time to hire and significant recruiter process efficiencies. In a way, Cognism became part of our marketing team!”

In summary, Steve told us:

“I’d 100% recommend Cognism to anyone in the recruitment industry. It’s the best tool of its type out there and their CS team is one of integrity and honesty. It’s great to work with another company that’s so committed to helping you succeed.”


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