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Reaching 800 Webinar Registrants With Cognism's Data

A growth-driven marketing company for SaaS businesses uses Cognism's sales intelligence to:

  • Achieve 70% engagement rates  
  • Reach 800 webinar registrations 
  • Acquire 500 webinar attendees 
  • Prospect with GDPR-compliant data 


Number of employees: 10

Industry: Marketing & Advertising

HQ: Birmingham, UK 

Teams using: Marketing

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The company

Project36 is a global B2B marketing agency. Founded in 2016 and based in Birmingham, UK, it partners with organisations around the world to assist them in planning, executing and delivering high-performance ABM programs. The Project36 business model is decentralised and disruptive.

The company leverages an international network of creatives, strategists and account directors to assemble the right team for their clients’ marketing projects. Its services include ABM, inbound marketing, content creation and brand development. Project36’s active clients are mainly in the enterprise sphere and across data, technology, engineering, financial services and environmental sectors

The challenge

We interviewed Joe Birkedale, Founder and CEO of Project36.

He explained the two core new business problems they were trying to solve. 

“Our main challenge was around data quality. To execute ABM programs at enterprise-level, which is where most of our customers are, we need to make sure that we’re working with the best-quality data on the market. For example, we were looking to identify extremely senior prospects in the financial sector, which historically has always been a challenge.”

“Additionally, we had to build a culture of trust around our data. Our customers have to be able to know that the data we use is fully compliant with the latest privacy and protection regulations. So, we started looking for a reputable B2B data provider who we could partner with.”

Project36 found a viable partner when they were introduced to Cognism.

“I looked at other solutions, but Cognism hit the sweet spot for me. In terms of pricing, partnership options, having a slick, user-friendly interface, insightful sales triggers and an in-built automation platform - not to mention being fully GDPR-compliant - meant Cognism had everything I was looking for.”

The solution

Joe explained his workflow with the Cognism platform. 

“Using Cognism was a two-stage process for us. First, we used Cognism’s data to help our clients find senior decision-makers across a range of industries for the ABM programs we run for them. These targets are very senior and are often high net-worth individuals, so they’re not always easy to identify."

"Then, we deployed Cognism’s automated email function to engage with those senior-level prospects. Our messaging was based around inviting them to contribute to industry webinars.”

Joe described how smooth the onboarding process was. 

“We were using the platform and rolling it out to our clients less than a week after being onboarded. It really was that quick!"

Joe has plenty of praise for the Cognism software.

"I’ve always found the software to be incredibly intuitive and easy to use. It doesn’t take much work to get the data you need. Fill in a few filters, click a few buttons, and you’ll get what you’re looking for in minutes!”

Joe was similarly impressed by Cognism’s Customer Success team.

“Cognism have a fantastic team. Always very helpful and responsive. I have no complaints about working with them.”

The results

Joe quotes some of the success stories from using Cognism’s data.

“It’s meant a lot of happy customers for us! We’ve seen contact engagement rates of 70%, 700-800 webinar registrations, over 500 webinar attendees, and 98% engagement rates during webinar broadcasts."

"Cognism’s data helped us to attract some great thought leaders to commit to our content, which meant that it was impactful and well-attended.”

“Working with Cognism has also boosted our brand as a B2B marketing agency you can trust. Our customers know that the data we use is best-in-class and totally compliant with the GDPR. At Project36, our mantra is to make data-driven business decisions - so it makes sense for us to be partnered with the best B2B data company in Europe.”

Try Cognism’s sales intelligence solution

Over 3,000 revenue teams around the world trust Cognism to:

✅ Build qualified B2B contact databases

✅ Plan and launch their outbound campaigns

✅ Power up their social selling

✅ Meet and beat their revenue targets

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