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How Posted Social Achieved Instant ROI With Cognism

Find out how a digital marketing agency uses Cognism to:

  • Get more control over their lead quality and campaign success
  • Win new business in the first 30 days and achieve instant ROI
  • Have 15-20 serious conversations per month and get 5X return on their investment
  • Help their clients book meetings with legitimate prospects at scale

Read our latest case study below!


The company

Posted Social is a full-service digital marketing agency offering lead generation and social media advertising services. 

Posted Social helps businesses find their target audience and turn them from strangers to customers using valuable, high-converting content. 

We spoke with Brian Scanlon, the owner and CEO of Posted Social about their experience with Cognism. 

The challenge

Posted Social wanted to get more control over their lead quality and campaign success. 

“All marketers run into the same problem: you don’t have full control over who sees your offers and fills in your forms, so often you waste a lot of money to get leads that aren’t qualified.” 

Posted Social also wanted to build a predictable outbound marketing system for their clients.  

“Among other things, we run email campaigns for our clients. We used to do that using our clients’ lists and we were getting limited results because no matter how good the content was, we weren’t always reaching the right people.”

The solution

Posted Social knew both themselves and their clients could benefit from a lead generation solution like Cognism. Before they offered it to their clients, Posted Social tested Cognism themselves. 

Brian explained.  

“We first decided to test Cognism ourselves. We’re in a space where there’s little differentiation, so we knew that if we could get it to work for us, it would certainly work for our clients.” 

Right before they started using Cognism, new doors opened for Posted Social in previously unexplored verticals. They decided to use Cognism to try and find new opportunities in those verticals. 

The results? 

“In the first 30 days we won new business using Cognism. The tool proved its value right off the bat and we made our money back instantly.” 

We asked Brian how long it took his team to start using Cognism - both for themselves and their clients.  

“Everything was instant. It’s an easy system to learn and once you understand how to use it, you can start digging into the personas and test new things.” 

Brian pointed out his favourite things about the platform. 

“First of all, with Cognism I know who I’m targeting. I know the people I reach are qualified because of the search criteria I put in. There’s also the automation part - we set it and forget it, which is a nice way to get leads.” 

Brian praised Cognism’s Customer Success Team as well.  

“The team is very responsive. Whenever we need something it’s done within a day. If we notice our campaigns aren’t driving the expected results, our CSM helps us augment the audience and get to the right people.” 

The results

Cognism helped Posted Social to not only win business but expand their service offering as well. As a result, they’ve helped their clients win new business too. 

“Cognism helps us build instant credibility. We use it to get leads and book meetings, and that’s all the proof our clients need it works - they know we found them using Cognism and trust we can use it to help them find new business too.” 

Brian shared that Cognism has turned into an entirely new lead gen source.  

“We're probably having 15-20 serious conversations per month, all sourced from Cognism’s database. The solution pays off in spades for us because the benefits are twofold: we use it to get leads ourselves and then we use it to do the same for our clients. At this point, we get a 5X return on our Cognism investment.” 

What about Posted Social’s clients?  

Brian explained:  

“Our clients have different goals, so it depends on the campaign. In general, for every 1000 emails we send via Cognism, our clients book 35-50 meetings with legitimate prospects.” 

“The database is so effective that as long as you’re utilising it correctly, you’re going to get the message in front of the right people, no doubt about that. The data is there, and the contacts are there, and your success is just a matter of how well you can build out your persona.” 

Brian had one final thought for us.

“Our lead quality has improved and we don’t waste time and money on having conversations with the wrong people. The return is fantastic and the amount of reach you can get for the cost is huge. Cognism is great value for money.”

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