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How Passfort Found Its Ideal Customers With Cognism

Find out how a UK-based customer onboarding provider used Cognism’s pioneering Salesforce app to:

  • Improve the quality of the data in their Salesforce CRM
  • Source accurate contact details for their existing opportunities - 37 in total
  • Find 450 new potential customers in target accounts
  • Conduct market research and discover their Total Addressable Market, aided by Cognism’s award-winning Customer Success team
Number of employees: 80
Industry: Software
HQ: London, UK 
Teams using: Revenue Operations

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The company

PassFort is the UK’s premier customer lifecycle management platform. It was founded in 2015 with a vision to help other businesses to digitally transform their customer onboarding journeys. Their innovations include automating customer due diligence, such as KYC, KYB, AML and other compliance checks.

PassFort is trusted by global organisations and early-stage startups alike. Their client base is predominantly drawn from the financial services sector.

The challenge

Tom Andrews is the Revenue Operations Manager at PassFort. He told us about the difficulties that his company was facing with the B2B data in their Salesforce CRM.

“A lot of the data we had in our Salesforce was stagnant and not very reliable. At PassFort, we have a very defined list of target customers: Onboarding Managers, Heads of Compliance, Operations Directors and so on.”

“Our sales cycle is quite long and relies on big deals; often, we have to engage with multiple stakeholders in the same company. So we wanted to make sure that the data we were working with was as accurate and up-to-date as possible.”

Tom explained the next steps that PassFort took in managing their Salesforce data needs.

“We had tried a lot of tools, but we always ended up disappointed. Either the data quality was poor or the usability was bad. We were on the lookout for a tool that supplied both accurate data and a great user experience. Luckily, that’s when we found Cognism!”

The solution

For Tom, integrating Cognism’s Salesforce app into his Salesforce CRM was quick and easy.

“I can’t believe how simple it was, really! I downloaded the Cognism app from the Salesforce AppExchange. Then, I used Cognism’s API key to integrate it with our Salesforce instance. It was very much do-it-yourself and took no time at all! I was very impressed.”

Tom found it similarly easy to start using Cognism’s Salesforce app.

“It didn’t take long at all to get it up and running. The great thing about it is that it feels very familiar. It integrates into Salesforce very well. It really feels like it’s part of the Salesforce environment.”

Tom was keen to highlight the professionalism of Cognism’s Customer Success team.

“It really wasn’t hard to find the data we needed, but if I ever had a question, Cognism’s CS team was always on hand. I have to say that they are an awesome team to work with. The level of service they provide is easily comparable to that of Salesforce, and obviously Salesforce is a giant! They’re a huge value add for Cognism. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

The results

Tom gave us a run-through of the results that using Cognism’s Salesforce app delivered for PassFort.

“We primarily used the app to import fresh data into Salesforce. Using the app, we sourced 37 new contacts for our existing opps and 450 ideal contacts for accounts that are in our business development pipeline. Cognism helped us to accelerate our pipeline and reach out to key decision-makers in our target accounts much faster.”

“But there were other benefits to using Cognism, beyond finding the right people. It gave us an understanding of the market and how many potential buyers were out there. It helped us to discover our Total Addressable Market. It’s a good market research tool, as well as a prospecting tool.”

“It also helped us to confirm the quality of our data and its strengths and weaknesses. It gave us a point of reference and a starting point to find the accounts and contacts that really mattered to us. Those were all strategic wins for us as a company.”

Tom had one final thought for us.

“When we were thinking about buying a B2B data platform, I A/B tested Cognism against a market leader, and checked the results on LinkedIn. 9 times out of 10, Cognism’s data was accurate and error-free, and the market leader’s wasn’t. That tells you everything you need to know - Cognism isn’t just a great data provider, it’s the absolute best on the market.”

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