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Building a sales pipeline with Cognism Interactive

Find out how a UK-based creative agency used Cognism’s managed B2B prospecting service to:

  • Identify high-quality C-suite leads in the B2B/tech sectors
  • Build a new sales pipeline quickly
  • Engage with prospects worth £200-500k in revenue
  • Promote their awards ceremony to 1,000 new contacts

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The Company

MYWW™ is a UK-based creative agency. They have been turning business objectives into brilliant creative outcomes for some of the world's best businesses and brands since 2013.

The agency operates on a hub-and-spoke model; with a small core team leveraging the skills of a wide network of freelance creatives, MYWW™ is able to meet the demands of its global clients. The company mainly focuses on the B2B and tech sectors, servicing all manner of businesses from scale-ups to enterprise.

The Challenge

We interviewed Emma Sexton, Founder and CEO at MYWW™. She told us about the problems that her business encountered - and why Cognism Interactive was the perfect solution for her.

“Our main weakness was a lack of pipeline. As a business, MYWW™ was transitioning from managing small projects to much larger ones. However, our existing client base wasn’t the right fit for our ambitions. So I identified that our number one task was to build a solid pipeline of leads.”

Emma recounted the research she conducted into B2B lead generation, before she settled on Cognism Interactive.

“I certainly looked into a number of options. I was very wary of purchasing lead lists, as I was convinced the data quality would be poor. What I was looking for was a solution that combined tech and people - I really wanted that ‘human hand’ guiding me through the process. A colleague recommended Cognism to me and their Interactive service seemed like just the right fit.”

The Solution

Emma described what working with Cognism Interactive was like.

“It really was very easy! With the Interactive package, you’re allocated an Interactive Manager. They manage the Cognism platform and set up all your campaigns for you. The best thing about Interactive is that it takes the pressure off - you don’t have to spend your time managing campaigns, instead you can put all your energies into converting meetings. Besides which, the Interactive Managers have so much knowledge and expertise in this field that I’m happy to leave them to it!”

Emma was quick to endorse the Cognism Interactive Managers.

“They’re very good to work with. Very proactive, very helpful. Always quick to respond and suggest improvements. I can’t fault them at all!”

The Results

Emma was very impressed with the quality of Cognism’s B2B data.

“MYWW™’s target audience is very specific - the C-suite in the B2B/tech industry - but Cognism was able to find them every time. Thanks to the tool, and the diligence of the Interactive Managers, we quickly grew our pipeline.”

Emma quoted some of the results that Cognism Interactive produced for her business.

“We generated 27 new leads in 3 months - which for us was a record! Together they were worth £200-500k of revenue. Not all of them converted, but it was great that we had them on our radar and could start nurturing them. I fully expect some of them to become customers in the next few months.”

Emma also used Cognism Interactive to promote the Inside Out Awards, MYWW™’s awards ceremony celebrating the UK’s in-house creative talent.

“With the Inside Out Awards, our challenge was always reach - of not being able to make enough people in our industry aware of what we do. Cognism Interactive solved this pain point for us overnight! We ran an email campaign which reached 1,000 new contacts, all thanks to Cognism’s data.”

We asked Emma if she would recommend Cognism Interactive to others in her industry.

“Yes, definitely - in fact I already have! If you want to leverage powerful technology but still work with a brilliant, hard-working team, then Cognism Interactive is an easy choice. It helps you to not only find your ideal customers but engage with them at scale. It’s a great all-in-one solution.”

See Interactive in action

Cognism Interactive is our managed outbound prospecting service. We work with marketing agencies and small businesses - anyone who’s limited by time but needs to build pipeline, fast!

The key features of Interactive are:

  • Identification and formation of your Total Addressable Market.
  • End-to-end execution and management of your outbound campaigns.
  • Fully managed interaction with prospects until the meeting is booked in your diary.
  • In-depth monthly success reports on campaign performance.

Are you a small business owner who’s never done outbound before and doesn’t know where to start? Our experts are here to help. Click the button below to schedule your demo and see what Cognism Interactive can do for you!

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