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Fulfilling business goals in partnership with Cognism

December 2, 2020

Find out how a growth marketing consultancy partnered with Cognism and used our innovative lead generation platform to:

  • Give their clients access to high-quality business data.
  • Help their clients reach and engage with the right decision-makers.
  • Drive pipeline and revenue growth at their clients’ companies.
  • Support their broader business goals.

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The company

Mission Three60 is a growth marketing consultancy, founded in 2018. Based in the UK’s north-west, its aim is to provide a better marketing experience, helping their clients grow by making marketing smarter, more efficient and relevant to customer needs.

The company achieves this through a mix of audits, workflow automation, digital marketing solutions and strategic advice. Mission Three60 has worked with several dozen customers since its inception, in sectors including automotive, financial services, recruitment and IT.

The challenge

Andrew Haines is Mission Three60’s founder. We spoke to him about his business challenges and why partnering with Cognism was such an attractive proposition.

“From working with my clients, the number one challenge I identified was simple: data quality. Many of them were reliant on LinkedIn as a lead acquisition source, or they were buying lead lists.”

“Obviously, these two sources are very inadequate. Trawling LinkedIn every day for leads is very time-consuming, and lead lists tend to contain inaccurate or out-of-date data. One of my goals at Mission Three60 is to provide my clients with a better way to market - so I thought there must be a solution out there which could improve their data quality and automate their lead generation.”

“That’s when I was recommended to check out Cognism.”


The solution

Andrew immediately saw the value in Cognism’s B2B prospecting platform when he signed up for a demo.

“I was very impressed, straight away. The quality of Cognism’s data was exceptional. The majority of my clients are startups/SMBs and they want to see results quickly. I could tell that Cognism was going to be a very powerful tool for them.”

“With Cognism, you can source leads in almost any sector you can think of. Also, it has excellent data coverage. Several of my clients were looking to expand their operations into the US market, and Cognism could provide that lead data for them, easily.”

We asked Andrew for his summary of Cognism’s unique B2B data.

“One thing I’d say is that it’s very versatile. You can use it for targeted volume email campaigns to drum up awareness, or you can use it for highly-targeted email marketing campaigns. It works very well for either option.”

“Also, it’s far superior to buying lead lists. Cognism’s data isn’t static; it’s a living, breathing database that updates every day. I’ve never had a problem with inaccurate or incomplete data.”

What did Andrew and his clients think about the Cognism platform and its interface?

“It’s very user-friendly. After a brief onboarding session, you can start using it yourself with minimal guidance. I describe it as a super-charged version of LinkedIn - you have all the data, all the profiles you want, but you also have the ability to message them and get directly into their inbox. Cognism is a great all-in-one prospecting tool.”

How did Andrew find working with Cognism’s award-winning CS team?

“To be honest - they’re not much use! Not in a bad way, simply because the platform is so well-built, I haven’t needed to call on them much. I can say they’ve always been very professional in the early stages, when we’ve been setting up new clients. Always very helpful and quick to answer questions. No complaints from me!”


The results

Andrew listed the benefits that Cognism delivered for him and his clients.

“We rolled Cognism out to our clients and they very quickly saw results from it. They increased both the quality and quantity of their sales and marketing leads. They were able to get in front of the decision-makers at the companies they wanted to do business with. That led to strong pipeline and revenue growth.”

“For myself, partnering with Cognism has been highly lucrative. Together we’ve generated £40k this year. With a 15% revenue share on referred business, that’s been beneficial for both of us.”

What were Andrew’s final thoughts about being a Cognism partner?

“I see my relationship with Cognism as a long-term investment. It’s very much a part of my future plans and business goals. I’m looking forward to referring more companies to it and helping them find their ideal buyers.”

“There are other benefits to being a Cognism partner, beyond the data and the technology. There are opportunities to get involved in their marketing activities, like contributing to blogs and speaking on webinars. I contributed to a blog on Facebook advertising, which was included in Cognism’s marketing eBook. That was great extra promotion for me and my business.”

Our last question for Andrew: would he recommend a Cognism partnership to others in his industry?

“Yes, of course - I have already! Cognism is an ideal platform for B2B marketing consultants. It’s a smart, powerful but user-friendly B2B lead generation tool. My clients and I have seen excellent results from adding it into our workflows. My advice is to book in a demo and see what it can do for you.”


Partner with Cognism today

Mission Three60 is just one of our many clients who’ve found success partnering with us. Cognism’s partner program offers a wealth of incentives and resources for marketing agencies and consultants who want to drive revenue for their clients.

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