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How mint Ltd. used Cognism to reach 5000 leads in target industries

November 25, 2020

Find out how a UK-based Retail & Brand manufacturer for POS/POS displays used Cognism to:

  • Improve the quality of the data which they were actioning.
  • Have positive conversations with the right people and get added to company supplier rosters as well as active tenders.
  • Conduct market research and grow their Total Addressable Market, aided by Cognism’s award-winning Customer Success team.
  • Generate 5000 leads in target industries and increase brand awareness outside the sector they’re usually dealing with.
  • Draw valuable insights for their outbound sales strategy.

Read our latest case study below!

The company

mint Ltd is a UK based retail and brands manufacturer for POS/POS displays founded in 2010 with a vision of providing help designing, developing and manufacturing POS units for the retail environment across a number of different industries.

The team at mint Ltd. help bring brands to life, maximising brand potential and helping to connect with consumers through physical and digital touchpoints.

Their designs are not limited and they welcome any concepts - their aim is to create a design which stands out in stores.

The challenge

James Shepherd is a Business Development Manager at mint Ltd. He told us the difficulties that mint Ltd. was facing before partnering with Cognism. 

“Previously the software we used for mailshots was incredibly laborious and difficult to use.”

When looking for a prospecting partner, they required not only accurate B2B data, but also a platform that allows them to action that data.

James explained:

“Originally we were using data which was old and stagnant. This often resulted in not being able to get through to the people we wanted to contact, which meant we weren’t able to have those meaningful conversations with the right people either.

Mint-Case-Study-Quote-3 (1)

The solution

For James, Cognism was just what they needed.

Firstly they would be provided with the real-time data which they knew was actionable and active and then, with the help of their customer service manager - they would build and send automated email sequences to their targeted lists.

James found it easy to start using Cognism:

Learning how to navigate the platform was straightforward and easy to pick up. Having all the metrics visible in the outbound segment of the tool is a helpful indicator of when a call then needs to be made. These insights are something that have been incredibly helpful thus far.

James was keen to highlight the helpfulness of his dedicated customer success manager.

Additionally having a dedicated customer success manager to help when needed has also been really helpful. Overall we have had a really positive experience working with our dedicated CSM and it has made the overall partnership between mint Ltd and Cognism very smooth.”

James was optimistic about his hopes for mint moving forwards.

Whilst we have only been working with Cognism for 6 months, I’ve only got positive things to say. I’m really happy with the partnership so far and long may it continue.

Mint-Case-Study-Quote-2 (1)

The r

James gave us some insights on how Cognism has helped mint Ltd. achieve positive lead generation results.

“Cognism has enabled us to engage with a much larger network of individuals including our original target industry, but above and beyond we have now been introduced and seen positive results when engaging with new industries.”

“Previously we didn’t even realise that one of our challenges was that we had siloed ourselves into the health and beauty industry.”

“Cognism actually made us aware that we could begin targeting new industries and we have seen a lot of engagement since.”

James had one final thought for us.

“In our industry, and especially for new businesses, relationship building can take a long time. But unless you can get your foot in the door and speak to the right people, you’re never going to be able to build that relationship."

"We’ve always wanted to expand our net a bit wider in terms of the industries and brands that we speak to and I think without Cognism that would’ve been quite hard to do.”

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