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How Intermate Uses Cognism to Successfully Prospect in DACH

Intermate, one of the largest creator-driven social media agencies in Germany uses Cognism’s B2B data to:

  • Generate around 2,800 leads in DACH since December 2021.
  • Remove previous manual workflows.
  • Integrate seamlessly with Hubspot.
Number of employees: 130
Industry: Advertising Services 
HQ: Berlin, Germany
Teams using: Sales 

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The company

The Intermate Group is a full-service social and influencer marketing agency. They are one of the largest creator-driven social media agencies in DACH. The Group has offices in Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne.

The brand has its own in-house production company and content studios, Truemates. In addition, the Intermate Group has its own technology for optimal campaign implementation in the social media sphere. The company uses its own technological infrastructure to offer a variety of services. This ranges from influencer campaigns and creator-centric social media management to content production and performance ads.

With its own media inventory and its own formats, such as the TikTok show Daily Pie with over 1.1 million followers or the VERTIES, the "Oscars' ' of the TikTok creators, The Intermate Group can verifiably incorporate first-hand social expertise into the strategies and concepts of its customers. These include companies and institutions such as o2 Telefónica and Beiersdorf. As well as Volkswagen, the Federal Ministry of Health, ALDI Nord, Deichmann and many more.

The challenge

We interviewed Josephine Kuhne, BDR and Felix Behrendt, Senior BDR. Felix has been at the company for three years and was involved in the buying process. 

Intermate previously used an incumbent provider. We asked Felix what their prospecting workflows were like before using Cognism. 

“Our lead sourcing process was very tiresome. Firstly, I’d find a potential buyer either on LinkedIn or on the company website. Then I’d manually import the contact details one-by-one into HubSpot. This often took hours to execute.”

How did Felix discover Cognism? 

“I was cold called by a Cognism SDR in November 2021. During the platform demonstration, they showed me a search for marketing leaders at FMCG companies in Germany. I was pleasantly surprised by the data available in our target market. But the feature that took me the most by surprise was the automatic integration with LinkedIn.” 

“It was evident that our existing sales process needed a shake-up. This convinced me to sign with Cognism.” 

The solution

Felix and Josephine are the main users of the tool. 

What Cognism product does Felix use to generate leads?

“The Chrome Extension is my go-to as I’m on LinkedIn most days. Once I’ve retrieved the contact information from LinkedIn, the data is syncs to HubSpot ready for prospecting. It’s super helpful and makes my everyday life in new business a lot easier.”

Josephine explained how she uses the platform. 

“I use the WebApp to accelerate list building. Our ICP is marketing and brand leaders in any industry located in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. I apply at least four or five filters to my search. Usually focusing on the job title, seniority, industry and location. Cognism generates contact details and integrates them into Hubspot.” 

How does Cognism support Josephine’s outbound strategy? 

“Our core channel uses email with some occasional cold calling using Cognism’s data. As well as the everyday prospecting in the WebApp, we also use Cognism to drive sign-ups to our own events.”

“For example, if we’re running a TikTok event, I’ll use the WebApp to find the emails of people to invite. Then I’ll generate the data and send email invites through Hubspot.” 

She further explained how the platform has skyrocketed productivity.

“I used to find contact details for at least 20 people in the same company in the hope that the email would land in one of their inboxes. But with Cognism, I know that the email address will be correct most of the time. Now, I can generate one or two contacts from the same company and have the reassurance that the email will land in their inbox.”

The results

Felix explained the results they’ve achieved with Cognism. 

“We’ve produced around 2,800 leads since December 2021. Our sales cycle can take, on average, up to a year. Cognism is the engine for generating appointments with potential customers at the top of the sales funnel. Over time, they will progress into a sale.”

The top reasons why Intermate would recommend Cognism

1. Slick filter granularity 

Josephine told us: 

“The search filters are fantastic. A common persona I target is senior marketing leaders at food and beverage companies in the DACH area. I can refine this persona in the WebApp and find my desired leads after a few simple clicks. It’s great!” 

2. Very easy to use, with great UX

Felix praised the simplicity of the platform: 

“The sophisticated UX and usability of the platform prove that the company pays close attention to its product and customers’ needs. We are really pleased with Cognism.”

Try Cognism’s sales intelligence solution

Over 1,000 revenue teams around the world trust Cognism to:

✅ Build qualified B2B contact databases.

✅ Plan and launch their outbound campaigns.

✅ Power up their social selling.

✅ Meet and beat their revenue targets.

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