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How Inside Sales Staff used Cognism to save prospecting time and grow its revenue

February 5, 2020

Find out how a leading North American inside sales recruitment agency used Cognism to:

  • Reduce their prospecting time by 67%
  • Increase their lead velocity by 327%
  • Sign multiple new clients
  • Land their largest ever 6-figure deal

Read our latest case study below!

The Company

Inside Sales Staff is a leading inside sales recruiting agency, based in the USA. They provide a suite of services designed to help American companies attract, hire and retain top inside sales talent.

In business for more than 20 years and based in Chicago, Inside Sales Staff has worked with more than 125 companies across the United States. Some of their notable clients include Citibank, IBM and Oracle.

The Challenge

Joe Culotta is the President of Inside Sales Staff. He spoke to us about the difficulties that his company faced.

“Our two main problems were growing our brand awareness and gaining new customers,” Joe said. “Our lead generation process was very inefficient and wasn’t producing the results we wanted.”

Joe went into more detail:

“We were buying lead lists but they were always inaccurate. Nine times out of ten, the contact details were out of date.”

“We also wanted to upgrade the way we ran our email marketing campaigns. We were stuck doing single-step email sequences and I wanted to change that.”

Inside Sales Staff Case Study 1

The Solution

Inside Sales Staff found what they were looking for with Cognism’s all-in-one B2B prospecting solution. Joe continued:

“It was exactly what we needed - a B2B data provider and an email automation platform, in one package!”

“Onboarding was quick and easy. Cognism’s Customer Success team worked closely with us, helping us to source the data and build out intelligent, multi-step email campaigns. They have a lot of expertise and were more than willing to share their knowledge with us. It’s been a pleasure working with them.”

Inside Sales Staff Case Study 2

The Results

Joe listed the many benefits that Cognism delivered to Inside Sales Staff.

“First of all, the quality of Cognism’s data was astounding; far better than anything we had worked with before. Their hiring and funding triggers were particularly useful in helping us to find our target audience: VPs, CEOs and Heads working in recruitment and HR teams.”

“Then there was the email automation element. With Cognism, we were able to take the contact details of decision-makers and engage with them using multi-step email campaigns. We saw some immediate results in terms of low bounce rates and high response rates.”

Joe quoted some more statistics to us.

“Cognism was responsible for a 67% reduction in our prospecting time. Our lead velocity increased by 327% during the course of our campaigns. We signed multiple new clients, including our largest closed-won deal to date; that one deal was worth 6 figures! We wouldn’t have found those customers and signed those deals without Cognism.”

Joe had some final thoughts for others working in the B2B recruitment industry.

“Cognism is the best prospecting solution for recruitment agencies out there, period! It saved me time and grew my revenue, and is super to work with - what more could you want?”

Inside Sales Staff Case Study 3

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