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Finding decision-makers and better B2B leads with Cognism

July 21, 2020

Find out how a B2B marketing agency used Cognism’s all-in-one B2B lead generation platform to help their technology clients:

  • Generate new, high-quality leads
  • Engage with decision-makers in various industry sectors
  • Increase MQL to SQL conversion rate to 75%
  • Boost SQL to forecasted opportunity rate to 50%

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The Company

Ice Blue Sky is a B2B marketing agency that uses strategy, creativity and technology industry knowledge to help their customers generate demand for their products and services. They do this through a unique mix of content marketing, ABM and marketing strategy.

Founded in 2007 and based in the UK, the company works primarily in the tech sector, in the UK, Europe and the US. Their services assist tech firms to improve results from how they engage, acquire and retain new business.

The Challenge

We spoke to Charlotte Graham-Cumming, Managing Director, and Graham Reed, New Business Director. They told us about the problems that led them to seek out Cognism. Graham said:

“Our customers' main challenge was a simple one: filling the funnel! We found there weren’t enough quality leads going into the top of the funnel. MQLs were being generated from events and content downloads, but these tended not to be the senior decision-makers the client was after.”

Charlotte told us about the other avenues that Ice Blue Sky had tried before settling on Cognism.

“We had used list brokers in the past but the quality was very variable. Again, it was difficult to source leads of niche decision-makers using this method. That’s when we started looking at more advanced solutions, and Cognism instantly stood out.”


The Solution

Graham explained more about the onboarding process with Cognism.

“Cognism is a great tool, but it does require detailed work on personas and job titles to generate lists, which the client appreciated our help with, as well as our experience with the application. Once we’d completed that first phase, it was easy to use the Cognism platform and find the right contact data. The best thing about Cognism’s data is its versatility - we were able to find many decision-makers and influencers for bulk emails, as well as develop highly targeted lead lists for ABM campaigns.”

Charlotte was quick to praise Cognism’s Customer Success team.

“They’re absolutely brilliant, no question! They’re very responsive and attentive. Any issues we have are always resolved promptly. We have a very good working relationship with them. We’re a Cognism partner and so are always offered the opportunity to test new features. I really appreciate their proactive approach.”


The Results

Graham listed the benefits that Cognism has delivered for Ice Blue Sky’s clients.

“We’ve generated many new, better quality leads thanks to Cognism and consequently, we’ve seen a lot more interactions with campaigns. Our MQL to SQL conversion rate for one particular client is now 75%, and 50% for conversion from SQL to forecasted opportunity. The quality of the contacts supports the campaigns we are running very well, and these are great conversion numbers.”

When asked about the other benefits that Cognism has produced, Charlotte said:

“Cognism has helped us in a lot of ways beyond lead generation. We’ve increased our clients’ brand awareness among their target audience by targeting more influencers and reaching those niche decision-makers. For another client, their website traffic has increased regularly month-on-month. It’s also a very useful market research tool - you can quickly see how big a specific target audience is and how many opportunities may be there.”

We left the last word to Graham, who told us:

“I’d recommend Cognism to any company who wants to build a pipeline with the right decision-makers and influencers. With it, you can reach the right people, at the right time, with the right message. It’s the best tool of its type I’ve seen and the team behind it is world-class.”


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