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How I-Inspire used Cognism to find diverse B2B leads and connect with key decision-makers

April 28, 2020

Find out how a UK-based sales and marketing consultancy used Cognism’s all-in-one B2B prospecting solution to: 

  • Generate diverse B2B leads, from the C-suite to managerial level
  • Engage with prospects via Cognism’s in-built email automation function
  • Produce 10x the expected ROI for itself and its clients
  • Utilise the world’s best GDPR-compliant B2B data

Read our latest case study below!

The Company

I-Inspire is a sales and marketing consultancy that offers unique, practical and effective business solutions. Founded in 2013 and based in London, the company assists other businesses with establishing winning sales processes, finding and converting leads from both inbound and outbound, and advice on content marketing.

I-Inspire has a strong focus on using innovative technology to support the strategic growth goals of their clients. The company has built up a loyal customer base of startups and SMBs.

The Challenge

Elliot Nedas is the founder of I-Inspire. He spoke to us about the reasons why he started working with Cognism.

“What I was looking for was something quite specific. My clients wanted to conduct lead research but also action the data they found using outbound email. The ultimate goal was to help them build up a sales pipeline quickly, by sourcing then engaging with their ideal customers.”

“So I needed to find a tool that was a data provider and an automated prospecting solution, all-in-one.”

I-Inspire Case Study 1

The Solution

Elliot trialled a few competitors before settling on Cognism.

“I tried a few other providers, but none were as effective as Cognism. The joy of Cognism is that it’s powerful in feature set and functionality, but simple to use at the same time. You can use it to create personas of your ideal buyers, find other prospects that match your persona, and then add them to your email workflows.”

“Cognism was everything I was looking for, all in one package. I knew as soon as I saw it that it would be the perfect solution to help my startup clients grow.”

Elliot recounted his experience with Cognism’s onboarding process.

“Onboarding was incredibly swift and efficient. We were up and running just hours after the initial training session. I was very impressed with both the quality and quantity of Cognism’s data - seemingly any audience we wanted to find, Cognism found them for us.”

Asked about Cognism’s Customer Success team, Elliot was full of praise.

“Without a doubt, they’re the best CS team I’ve worked with. They’re a very proactive and helpful group of professionals. If I have a question, it’s always answered promptly. If I’ve had a problem, it’s always been fixed quickly. Time and time again, they’ve gone the extra mile to help me get the best out of the platform.”

I-Inspire Case Study 2

The Results

Elliot was keen to emphasise the difference that Cognism made to his business and those of his clients.

“Cognism assisted us in so many ways. First of all, we were targeting a broad mix of audiences, from C-suite decision-makers to junior managers. The quality of Cognism’s lead data meant that we could find those diverse prospects every time.”

“Secondly, the built-in email automation part of the Cognism platform made it easy for my clients to connect with those key decision-makers. Conversations were opened up and deals were signed off the back of those connections. The ROI that Cognism produced for myself and my clients was 10x what I was expecting. It’s become an absolutely vital tool for us.”

Cognism’s dedication to being a fully GDPR-compliant data company was another important factor for I-Inspire. Elliot told us:

“Beyond the user-friendly technology and helpful staff, it’s great that Cognism provides that extra layer of professionalism to what they do. It means that any email address or phone number sourced using the Cognism platform is in keeping with the letter of the law. I can’t think of many other companies in their sector who show that level of commitment to data compliance.”

Elliot had some final thoughts for us.

“If you want quick results, Cognism will give you quick results. The versatility of the tool means that it can be applied to almost any type of business or industry. It will supercharge your business development and save you so much time.”

“It can take months of online research to build a quality B2B lead list; Cognism can do it in minutes! What more do you need to know? My advice to any business owner is to try it for yourself. You’ll soon see the difference it can make!”

I-Inspire Case Study 3

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