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Tripling Sales in 6 Months With Cognism

A personalised job assistant company was able to double the number of people their reps spoke to every day, by using Cognism's sales intelligence software to:

  • Surface 3x their target accounts.
  • Improve connect rates and increase the number of reps hitting target by 60%.
  • Generate 8-10 conversations a day, resulting in 3-4 meetings booked.
  • Triple their sales in just 6 months.

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The company

London-based Gradfuel was founded in 2019 and is a personalised job assistant for graduates.

Gradfuel uses experience, personality, degrees, and skill sets to match grads with the right careers and the best opportunities.

The challenge

We spoke with Elliot Mitchell, CEO and Founder of Gradfuel.

Elliot told us that Gradfuel needed really good B2B data for the UK, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Gradfuel was bootstrapping a few different solutions, but needed something more robust and centralised in order to scale. This is when Cognism was recommended by one of our clients.

“We evaluated Cognism’s leading competitors, and found Cognism had the best mobile coverage and email quality. Not only did they have the best data coverage, but also led the way in compliant data screening against multiple Do Not Call Lists.”

“The other solutions were taking far too long to collate data and we were getting increasingly negative results around compliance for the prospects we engaged with.”

The solution

Gradfuel’s SDR team was up and running with Cognism’s Chrome Extension within a few days. Elliot complimented our Customer Success team:

“The onboarding process was very smooth. I was impressed that they were able to onboard so many employees at such a fast rate.”

Originally, the company had planned only for their sales team to use Cognism. However, they quickly realised that their Account Execs (AEs) and marketing team could gain huge value from our intent data, which shortened their sales cycles.

Elliot explained how Cognism helped Gradfuel to scale:

“We saw full ROI after seven weeks of using Cognism. It takes our SDRs five minutes to build a list and start generating data. They use the Chrome Extension directly over SalesNav and export into both Hubspot and SalesLoft.”

“Our marketing team loves it too! They’re able to map out key accounts in the market by using intent data.”

Elliot also elaborated on his earlier compliments of our customer success team:

“The support and account management services have been excellent. They were a huge part of why we chose Cognism. It’s safe to say they lived up to, and exceeded, the expectation. They’ve been incredibly helpful at every stage.”

The results

Gradfuel saw a number of wins for their team once they started using Cognism. One of the biggest was that the company was able to expand out their ideal customer profile by 3x!

Elliot explained that Gradfuel’s SDRs were also able to exceed their targets by 60%. This was due to the improvements in productivity and connectivity rates that Cognism delivered.

“Before we were only calling switchboards and an SDR would be lucky to have two conversations a day. Now using Cognism mobiles, we consistently have eight to ten conversations, resulting in three to four meetings booked.”

“The quality of the mobile phone numbers has been the best out of any provider we have tested - both in terms of volumes and quality.”

Elliot’s B2B sales team tripled in the last six months which he partly attributes to the use of Cognism.

Prior to using our software, Gradfuel was relying on a manual workflow and LinkedIn to find leads. By using our Chrome Extension, the team halved the amount of time it took them to source leads and prospect effectively.

Elliot said:

“Cognism has helped us hit key milestones on our revenue targets ahead of forecasts, ensuring our investors are always happy. We set out using Cognism to drive our revenue and it has done exactly what we needed!”

Elliot shared some final words with us:

“Cognism leads the way for any company looking to grow their sales and increase the number of conversations they have with decision-makers. I’d recommend Cognism to any business that wants to expand within European and APAC markets - none of the other providers we reviewed even came close to what Cognism can offer you!”

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