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Supercharging Market Research With Cognism's B2B Data

Find out how an industry-leading research conglomerate used Cognism’s B2B lead generation platform to:

  • Generate data on over 100,000 relevant leads
  • Accelerate lead generation in hard-to-reach markets
  • Spread brand awareness on a larger scale
  • Save the company a huge amount of time
Number of employees: 12
Industry: Market Research
HQ: Manchester, UK
Teams using: Marketing

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The company

Comprised of 4 distinct companies, Fuller Research Group covers all aspects of market research. Since its founding in 1987 in Stockport, what was initially a local provider of market research participants has grown into an international end-to-end research solution.

The proximity of Fuller Research Group’s 4 companies, all working within the same building, grants them the flexibility to collaborate and provide a comprehensive research service, or function individually to fulfil more specific requirements.

The challenge

Gareth Dyson is the Head of Marketing at Fuller Research Group. He gave us some insight into why he started using Cognism’s B2B prospecting solution.

“Cognism did a demo for me at a trade show and showed me all of the potential clients I could find. I was very impressed because we work in a small industry, and I already knew a lot of the people they showed me! They asked if I wanted to check the accuracy and I said: I don’t need to. I know that person, and I saw that person last week!”

The solution

After Gareth’s initial conversation with Cognism, he decided the tool could be very useful for finding market research participants, who often take a long time to find.

“We did a few test runs and decided it was the right solution for us. We worked quite closely for a couple of weeks to establish that we could find the right people, and then it was just a case of training the company to use the tool. This part was easy because the platform is so intuitive.”

Gareth was very impressed with the speed of the process.

“In terms of collating the data, Cognism makes it very simple. We get given the criteria from the client, we run a Cognism search, we reduce it to exactly what we need, and then we export it. As soon as that’s done we move onto the next project. The process probably takes 30 minutes altogether.”

When asked about the level of Cognism’s Customer Success support, Gareth had this to say:

“The tool is so easy to use. I generally reach out to our Customer Success Manager only if I need something from him, but he’s always in regular contact. Once or twice a month he will speak to me or someone on the team just to touch base and make sure everyone is happy and ok.”

The results

Gareth told us that Cognism’s platform has helped to save his team time and cast a wider net when searching for new participants.

“It makes the projects much more efficient, much easier to complete. We haven’t specifically measured what we’re getting from it because we know it’s paying its way. Not only do we find more than enough new contacts, but we introduce new people to the concept of market research. We’re able to spread awareness as well as running standard campaigns.”

Gareth's colleagues who use Cognism are happy with it too.

“The people at Fuller Research Group who use Cognism are very happy with it. I always speak to them and ask if there are any problems, is it cost-effective, what’s the hit rate? All I hear are glowing reviews. It has just saved our recruiters a huge amount of time and effort.”

Gareth enjoyed the regular feature updates.

“The thing that’s even more impressive is that Cognism is constantly innovating and adding new features. Last week on the phone our Customer Success Manager said: “While I’ve got you here, I want to show you some new features.” I said, “You’ve basically just solved a problem I had a week ago!”

When we asked Gareth if he would consider using any different B2B data providers, he said:

“We haven’t tried any others and wouldn’t want to! We know Cognism, we know the people and we have always been really happy with the customer support. I’ve worked with a few Customer Success Managers and they’ve all been extremely knowledgeable and very quick to help. It’s great because they’re so quick and responsive.”

Finally, we asked Gareth if he would recommend Cognism to other companies.

“Yes definitely - although I wouldn’t want many other market research companies to use it, because it gives us a bit of an edge! Prospecting used to take hours. It could feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Cognism gives us more confidence and accuracy. It’s opened up a lot of new doors for us and it’s increased our scope and efficacy.”

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