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How Cloudwerx Built $300k Pipeline in 4 Months with Cognism

Cloudwerx, the full-service enterprise cloud consulting firm, uses Cognism’s data to:

    • Prove ROI in just three months of using the platform through $100k of closed-won deals.
    • Deliver $300k in pipeline.
    • Identify 5,000 diamond-verified contacts within target ICP accounts.
    • Streamline and supercharge sales outreach through Cognism’s Chrome Extension
    • Speed up its inbound and outbound workflows by seamlessly integrating with Salesforce.

Number of employees: 150
Industry: IT Services & Consulting
HQ: Santa Clara, California
Teams using: Sales

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The company

Cloudwerx is a rapidly growing public cloud partner that brings cutting-edge innovations to the market in collaboration with Google Cloud. It offers elite technical and business expertise to organisations across various industries, including traditional sectors like manufacturing and digital-native companies. 

Its North Star is tailoring Google Cloud Platform (GCP) technologies to each client’s unique needs, aiming to help them cut costs, optimise, migrate, or modernise their operations. As a result, clients can achieve faster deployment and deliver superior customer experiences.

The challenge

Cloudwerx adopted Cognism in July 2023. We interviewed David James, Field Sales Manager at Cloudwerx, about his experience with Cognism. 

How did David discover Cognism?

“As a Google premier partner, we work across a few different business segments. One that was brought to us was a Google marketing initiative. They connected us with Cognism and that’s the first we’d heard of it.”

What challenges did they intend to solve with Cognism? 

“Our outreach process involved a lot of manual work and multiple hurdles along the way. Firstly identifying prospects, and once they’d been identified, there was the additional challenge of not knowing if you have the right contact information or whether you’re contacting the relevant stakeholders.” 

“We didn’t realise that we had any challenges until we started trialling Cognism. Then we realised it was such an incredible tool.”

Cloudwerx weren’t previously utilising their lead generation tools to fuel their outbound pipeline. How did they evaluate Cognism against other sales intelligence tools

“We already had a few tools in our stack that are similar, but Cognism differs from any other sales intelligence tool by being that one all-encompassing platform with everything we needed. It has the data, customer information, direct dial phone numbers and contact information.”

“We looked at ZoomInfo and Lusha, but Cognism was definitely more interesting to us. Its biggest selling point was that it felt like a marriage of all the key features we needed, so we wouldn’t need to use ZoomInfo, plus add-ons or Lusha.”

David added:

“There were a lot of silos when it comes to the business development and customer intent space that we identified.” 

“So, as we went through the evaluation process with Cognism, we quickly realised that there were some use cases that we could plug the tool into in order to get us closer to customers in a lot more effective way.”

“Cognism was the perfect fit.”

The solution

What is Cloudwerx’ target market

“We partner with Google teams across the US, helping deliver value to their customers.”

“Beyond that, we have both an inbound workflow as well as an outbound flow with several different business segments, including us, a B-Corp and customers in the enterprise space.”

“So, identifying C-level stakeholders and decision-makers and also practitioners is an area of focus. We need to determine whether we should be speaking to a Database Analyst who really cares about the ins and outs of a cloud sequel or a business holder that is really more well versed on scalability, reliability and consistency. Those are the primary areas of focus and these are customers all across the US.”

The Sales and Business Development teams at Cloudwerx currently use Cognism. David told us about their workflows:

“We use all functions of Cognism heavily across our team: Prospector, Enhance, Intent and the Chrome Extension.”

“A typical use case (and one that we’ve seen a lot of success with) is using Cognism for planning an event. We host events to drive either engagement or identify prospects that we want to get into the funnel.”

“We use Prospector to filter certain criteria like location, title/seniority/ business size, plus any technologies or keywords we’re looking for.”

What happens once Prospector generates the data?

“Once we have that initial list, we jump into LinkedIn and use the Chrome extension. Then, we prioritise prospects based on best fit and would either Diamond verify them, or if they’re already verified, then we would start our outreach cadence.”

How does Cloudwerx use Enhance?

“We’d do the inverse. If we were to receive a list from the event rather than build it, we’d use Enhance to clean it up and verify the data.”

We’d use Cognism to supply any missing data, which helps us follow up with attendees and non-attendees after the event.”

David told us how they use the Cognism Salesforce integration:

“Cognism is incredibly valuable to me as a sales leader, but also from a sales operations perspective. I can go to a prospect's LinkedIn and add them into my Salesforce as a lead. No additional work; it’s a two-click process. That is a wonderful thing.”

How was the onboarding with Cognism? 

“It was a short but efficient meeting with a wonderful Customer Success Manager. It was very easy, very painless to adopt as a new tool.”

He added:

“Regarding ongoing support, Cognism’s team is hyper-responsive. I can send an email, and within 30 minutes, I’ll get a response, or there’s action already taken.”

The results

Cloudwerx has seen quantifiable results since using Cognism.

  • ROI in four months - “We’ve seen about $100k in closed-won deals - Cognism sourced them.” 
  • Identify 5,000 contacts with verified contact information in their ICP.
  • $300k in pipeline from leads that Cognism sourced and enriched.

The top reasons why Cloudwerx would recommend Cognism

1. Quality data

“The most significant benefit of using Cognism is our ability to confidently connect with the right individuals at the right time.” 

“Cognism’s intent data and Diamond verification features are invaluable. They give us peace of mind that we can trust the timing of our outreach to be relevant and ensure we’re delivering valuable content.”

“With Cognism, we know we’ll always get the data we need.”

“From an event planning perspective, Cognism has been an invaluable tool for finding customers that meet the right segment criteria and increasing attendance. All the contact information is readily available and correct.”

2. Salesforce Integration, LinkedIn and Chrome Extension

“Cognism’s integration with Salesforce, its seamlessness with LinkedIn, and Cognism’s Chrome extension have been invaluable. It allows us to easily access and action data across different platforms, which in turn improves the efficiency and effectiveness of our workflows.”

“Cognism has streamlined our outreach processes, eliminating manual work and providing a one-stop platform for all our sales intelligence needs. Although hard to quantify, it has saved a lot of time when prospecting!

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