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The best B2B email list providers for 2022

You’re looking for a pair of trainers. Not a fancy pair, just a solid pair of trainers that you’re not afraid to beat up.

What are you after?

A few things really. They need to be comfortable, affordable, long-lasting. They need to check all of these boxes because these things are important to you.

What don’t you need?

You don’t need colourful laces. You don’t need a big swoosh on the side, and you definitely don’t need a giant plastic tag on them. 

These features drive the cost up, and they don’t provide the qualities you’re after.

Why the sneaker analogy?

Because finding the right B2B email list provider is exactly the same.

You need to know precisely what you’re after before you invest - so you can block out all of the fancy bells and whistles, and find a provider that gives you what you need.

More on that later...

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B2B Email List Providers

Why you need B2B email lists for sales

Email lists can save B2B sales teams a load of time. Trawling through LinkedIn and reaching out to individual people can give you some good leads, but it’s not going to give you many of them.

If you can get your hands on a good email list, it’ll save you hours. That’s more time for salespeople to do what they were put on Earth to do…

Smash target. 😉

It’s important to note - the more accurate your email list is, the more time-effective your outreach will be. Put extra emphasis on sales triggers and company data, to ensure you’re reaching out at the right time.

Why you need B2B email lists for marketing

Once the ball is rolling, B2B marketing teams should be able to generate plenty of leads through their campaigns. However, this isn’t a reality for a lot of smaller marketing teams. 

Email lists will help them get to this point.

Even for the bigger marketing teams, it’s always valuable to have another lead-gen channel open. Organic growth is definitely a goal for every data driven marketing team, but so is traction.

Email lists will help marketers get campaigns running faster, and will increase their reach when promoting digital and physical events.

Finding a B2B email list

Exercise caution.

This comes back to our point about working out exactly what your priorities are. You don’t want to end up with a useless list of emails!

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Cost
  • Additional features
  • Data quality
  • Compliance measures
  • Additional data points
  • Useability

Check out our list of B2B providers below, and use it to supplement your own research. Everyone needs something different, so use this as a guide, but make your own choice!

Email list providers

We know that researching every B2B email list provider is time-consuming. We’ve compiled our own list, so you can get the top-level info, and decide which providers you should research further.


With access to a whopping 400 million business profiles and 10 million companies, Cognism’s B2B data pool is extensive.

With Cognism, you can generate leads based on set parameters, so you can ensure the emails you receive will fall within your total addressable market. This data can then be utilised through their own outbound platform, making for a seamless, front-to-back, B2B prospecting experience.

What’s more, great lengths are taken to ensure the data provided is GDPR compliant - making Cognism as safe as it is effective.

Press ▶️ to watch our Cognism explainer video.



With a guarantee of 97% accuracy and a low cost, MegaLeads is a solid, budget email list provider. Users have the option to cancel their subscription at any time - and they offer 200 free leads to get started. 

The offering at MegaLeads is fairly bare-bones, so if you’re after additional data points and customisability, they might not be for you. However, if email addresses at a low price is all you need, this is an excellent place to start.


The Medicoleads slogan is Connecting the Marketing World with Healthcare Universe - and that’s exactly what they’ll do. They have access to almost 1 million healthcare professionals worldwide - almost a quarter of which are C-Level Executives.

There’s also an option to segment your lists, so you can avoid receiving too many unusable email addresses.

Blue Mail Media

With access to 75 million B2B profiles worldwide, Blue Mail Media’s data pool isn’t one to be sniffed at. They have a few different data points on offer too, such as direct dials, technologies and industry information. 

Just over 20 million of the B2B contacts on offer are SMB owners, so it’s a good place to look if you’re targeting smaller companies.

Thomson Data

Thomson Data also has a 75 million profile database - which is backed up by excellent customer service. They’re a well-known player in the B2B data market - 27% of US marketers have used their data. You’ll easily find plenty of reviews if you’re after more information. 

They also offer some technology insights - such as cloud services, hardware, ERP, CRM, project management and productivity solutions. If this sounds like your bag, check them out!


ZoomInfo has access to over 10 million business profiles. 

What sets them apart from many other data providers, is that they also have access to 63 million direct dials (that’s a lot of direct dials). 

ZoomInfo are pretty well known for their US data count - which has made their solution quite a bit more expensive. Worth looking into if you’re a US company with a bit of spare cash, but if you’re looking at EMEA, they might not be right for you. 

Lead 411

Much like Cognism, Lead 411 has a functionality for refining searches with sales triggers. This is invaluable if you have a time-sensitive offering.

You’ll also get access to direct dials and a LinkedIn Chrome Extension, making it easier to hit your monthly contact allocation.

Their packages are inexpensive, but you also don’t get a huge amount of data. This would be a fine solution for a smaller team.


Specifically targeting sales and recruitment teams, Lusha offers a good product, especially in the EMEA market. It’s also a vast database, with access to 100 million lead profiles and 15 million companies. 

Lusha specialise in smaller packages, so SMBs keep an eye out. There’s also a free trial period - so you can make a more informed decision.


A bit of a different one here. 

AeroLeads provide a Chrome extension which can be used on LinkedIn, CrunchBase, AngelList, Xing, and more. Basically, if you see a profile you like the look of, you can click the Chrome extension and generate the contact information.

It’s similar to the Cognism Chrome extension, but with fewer data points. This is reflected in the price - it’s a super-affordable solution. Their entry-level package will give you access to 1,000 business profiles for just $49 dollars/month. 

There’s also an option to create bespoke packages if you’re looking for something a little more specific.


Despite being relatively new on the B2B email list scene, CloudLead is making waves - having won G2 awards for their marketing and sales intelligence. 

The 14 data points they have available for each lead isn’t too extensive, but if it’s email addresses you’re after, that shouldn’t be a problem.

They’ll integrate with your CRM, and generally have a focus on ease of use and customer support. CloudLead could be a good fit for a company without too much capacity for prospecting.

They also offer 20 free contacts, so you can try before you buy.

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