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14 Cold Email Templates to Skyrocket Your Pipeline

Your potential customers are overwhelmed.

Think about it: 

All those cold calls, boring, reused cold email templates, and the same generic connection requests on LinkedIn. Every. Day.

No wonder 80% of prospects prefer to be contacted via email! (Rain Group)

But how do you stand out amongst the masses vying for the same prospect’s attention?

With a winning cold call email template, of course!

This article shares the best B2B sales email templates to get you noticed in the most cluttered inboxes. Plus, we’ve thrown in a bonus section on creating your own, with tips from Kluster.

But first, let’s discuss:

What is a cold email template? 

A cold email template helps you build a connection with a potential customer when reaching out for the first time through cold emailing. As you’ve never met your potential customer before, it’s a great way to get in touch for the first time and start building a relationship. 

Cold email examples that get responses

What used to be a race to be the best and most resilient sales exec has simply transferred to the electronic envelope.

Good cold email campaigns require careful crafting, which is why these specially curated cold email examples are so successful:

🔥Tip: Make these cold sales email templates work for your business by personalising them for your industry.

1. The cold introduction email

First things first, introduce yourself! No one likes a random cold sales email turning up in their inbox with no explanation of why they are being contacted or by who:


(YOUR NAME) from (YOUR COMPANY NAME) here. I wanted to connect because I've noticed many companies in the (INDUSTRY) industry are experiencing (PROBLEM), and they can't pinpoint the reason why. I believe I can help if you're experiencing the same at (COMPANY NAME).


Here's a link to our website if you'd like to learn a bit more (FIRST NAME).

Would you be interested in exploring how (YOUR COMPANY NAME) can improve your (PAIN POINT) at (COMPANY NAME)?

Looking forward to your response,

The trick to introductory emails is to explain why you’re connecting and what your company does in two sentences or less.

Including a link to your site is a nice touch because prospective clients can look at your product without feeling pressured into buying it.

Finally, ending with a question rather than a meeting request invites conversation rather than immediately pushing for a sale, which normally results in a positive response. 

2. The attention-grabber email


What would you do with 63% more free time?

I ask because sales reps have been experiencing this result after adding our software to their tech stacks.

Just ask (CLIENT NAME), (CLIENT NAME), and (CLIENT NAME) - a few of our happy customers.

Would you be keen to discuss how Cognism can advance (COMPANY NAME)'s prospecting process and maximise your incoming revenue (FIRST NAME)?

Let me know,

A classic formula for cold outreach email templates is hooking your prospect with the first line.

This is called the AIDA technique, which stands for attention, interest, desire, and action.

To do it well, your first line should grab a potential prospect’s attention. You can use any sort of hook here - ask a question, mention a recent event or success your prospect achieved or add a bit of humour.

Whatever you do, your first cold email line should engage your prospects enough that they continue reading to the next line. Here, you’ll entice them further with an interesting fact, link to additional resources that add value, or social proof of how you’ve helped others.

After you’ve interested them, build desire. Make them want to achieve the same results as your best customers, and then ask if they are free for a quick 10-minute call or a meeting to discuss.

Remember to follow cold call best practices when you ring them!

3. The competitor name-drop email

Sometimes, all it takes is a name-drop to get cold prospects interested. Whether it’s a fantastic client or a competitor depends on your cold email strategy.

If you know a prospect is using or demoing a competitor’s product, they might be interested in trying yours, too. All it takes is cold prospecting email templates that highlight a product’s main selling points—done in a way that showcases why yours is better.

Here’s an example of a cold prospect email template:


(YOUR NAME) from (YOUR COMPANY NAME) here. I hope you don't mind me reaching out, but I came across your website and noticed you were using (COMPETITOR). How are you finding it?

I ask because (YOUR COMPANY NAME) has helped companies like yours increase (INSERT MAIN OUTCOME) by X%. Here's a link to a case study explaining how.

I'd love to jump on a quick call with you and get your opinion on how we could do the same for (COMPANY NAME).

Just let me know when works best for you, and we can arrange.

Thanks in advance,

4. The follow-up cold email template

A cold email follow-up template like this is normally used after you’ve sent two or three emails in a cadence and haven’t received a response.


I wanted to check in and see if you had a chance to read over my previous emails.


Here's a link to our pricing, (FIRST NAME).

I'm keen to discuss how (YOUR COMPANY NAME) can improve (PAIN POINT) at (COMPANY NAME). Are you available for a quick call this week or next?

Looking forward to your feedback,

You want to be direct but still encourage your prospect to respond. Consider the information you’ve already sent. Have you left anything important out?

Sometimes, all it takes is pricing or a link to a case study, blog post, podcast, or ungated whitepaper to get a prospect interested. Sometimes, they’re just busy and haven’t gotten a chance to reply, so the added value will be appreciated.

Just be sure to keep it short. If they have intentionally ignored your emails, you don’t want to bore a prospect or annoy one further with a long-winded email follow-up.

5. The thank you email

This one is more of a lead generation email template to say thank you to a prospect lead after they download gated content or attend a webinar.

The goal is to nurture the lead as they progress down your sales funnel. You don’t want to annoy them with an essay listing all the features that make your B2B company the best.

Rather, get straight to the point - say thank you and offer them another piece of content they might find valuable.

End this sales email template by asking if they’d like more insights like the ones you’ve just sent.


A huge thanks for downloading our B2B Cold Calling Handbook, I hope you find it a valuable outbound resource!

If you're looking for more tips on cold calling, why not have a look at our blog on 10 rules for cold calling success ?

Would you like me to send through some more insights?


6. The solution to a problem email

Every prospective company has pain points that need resolutions. That’s why the PAS cold email template is always a winner.

PAS stands for problem, agitate, solve.


Do you find yourself struggling to prove the connection between your agency's marketing efforts and every lead you've generated?

What if I told you that I can help you solve this challenge, grow your revenue and increase your client retention?

It's simple, really… Your clients want to see results to know they made the right choice in hiring you. To keep them happy, (YOUR COMPANY NAME) allows you to capture and demonstrate results with hyper-personalised marketing reports.

I'm keen to connect to see how we can help (COMPANY NAME) demonstrate value to clients. Would you be open to a quick demo to see how you can achieve this (FIRST NAME)?

Just let me know when you're free, and we can arrange.

Thanks in advance,

Start by highlighting your prospects’ largest pain point. In the cold email template above, the pain point is not being able to accurately report on how B2B marketing is bringing in leads.

Follow this sentence by reinforcing why their problem is so frustrating. Then, explain how your product is the solution. 

7. Is this the right person? 

At some point, you may have to ask yourself, “Is it something I said?” especially if your cold email outreach isn’t getting a response.

Or maybe you’ve just been emailing the wrong person. These mistakes happen.

Here’s an example of a cold email template you can use to double-check if you’re speaking to the right person:


I tried to connect with you a couple of times now and haven't had a response. Are you the right person to contact about (INSERT SERVICE) at (COMPANY NAME)?

I understand that you may not be thinking about (INSERT SERVICE BENEFIT), but I would love to start building a relationship so that we can support you when the time is right.

If this is not something you're dealing with directly, could you please let me know the appropriate person to speak with?

Kind regards,

8. The freebie email

No matter what industry you work in, potential clients love a freebie. It doesn’t necessarily need to be your product. Freebies can include anything from an ungated eBook to a discount code or a coffee voucher - just as long as the sentiment is there.


(YOUR NAME) from (YOUR COMPANY NAME) here. I know you're incredibly busy at (COMPANY NAME), but I wanted to drop in and offer you 25 leads on the house.

Here's the link to claim them.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Don’t be scared to get creative with your version of this cold prospecting email template.

This one is short and sweet, but you can go the extra mile by creating an interactive email. Using Quicktools by Picsart, try adding a humorous GIF or an emoji to catch their eyes

💡 Tip: Never use the word free in your email or email subject line! It will be picked up by spam filters. Rather, use a synonym like complementary or on the house.

9. The flex email

If you’ve been able to help a potential client achieve a massive ROI in the past, of course, you’ll want to shout it from the rooftops.

While that option might be a little frowned upon, sharing this information with a potential customer isn’t.

Put together a groundbreaking case study and let your product or service speak for itself with a cold email marketing template like this one:


I sent an email to you recently about (INSERT PRODUCT OR SERVICE) at (COMPANY NAME). Did you get a chance to think about my proposal?

Here at (YOUR COMPANY NAME), we're dedicated to (SERVICE BENEFIT). We recently helped (CLIENT) (ACHIEVEMENT). I've included the case study for your reference here.

I'd welcome a chat to hear about your (SERVICE) challenges/plans and see if there's an opportunity for us to add value. (FIRST NAME), are you available to speak this week or next?

Many thanks,

10. The knowledge-sharing email

Another fantastic cold email example is the knowledge-sharing template. Like the freebies template above, this cold email enters prospects into a nurture campaign by sharing valuable resources and product features rather than pushing a meeting or sale.

How are you, (FIRST NAME)?

We recently launched an insightful B2B sales podcast called Revenue Champions that I thought you might find interesting. Our CMO, Alice de Courcy, and Sales Director, Jonathan Ilett, interview B2B leaders and experts, sharing tips, tricks, and hacks for you to grow and scale your B2B business.

You can listen to it on Spotify here.

Kind regards,

11. The referral email

According to, 65% of new business opportunities come from referrals and recommendations.

When you learn someone has referred your product or service to a friend or colleague, you can use this sales introduction email template to reach out to them. Moreover, the email mentions a mutual connection, so they’ll be happier to respond. 


Your friend (FRIENDS NAME) recommended I connect with you regarding (PAIN POINT).


Here's a link to our website if you'd like to take a look.

I'd love to connect to see how (YOUR COMPANY NAME) can help you out. Let me know what date and time work best for a quick call.


12. The LinkedIn connection email

While InMail isn’t exactly a traditional form of email, it’s still worth utilising for B2B prospecting.

We’ve found that short, direct messages are the best, like this LinkedIn cold email template:

Thanks for accepting my connection! I wanted to connect to offer you a complimentary consult on your SEO, CRO, and PPC opportunities.

Does this sound like something you'd be interested in?


💡Read this article for more LinkedIn messaging templates.

13. The email with a Vidyard 

Sometimes, the best cold email template doesn’t include much text. In fact, some only include an opening line and a personalised Vidyard.

This tactic works because it’s unexpected and hyper-personal for your ideal customer.


(YOUR NAME) from (YOUR COMPANY NAME) here. I came across your LinkedIn profile and noticed you're passionate about reviving business revenue - same!

In fact, I've got a lot of ideas that can help you. But I don't want to bore you with a long-winded email. Instead, here's a quick video of me saying hi:


I'd love to meet for a virtual coffee to discuss this further, (FIRST NAME). Are you available this week or next?

Many thanks,

💡Bonus! Check out examples of transactional emails to close deals faster.

14. The break-up email

All your hard work hasn’t been for nothing. You can still end off on a good note while asking for a small favour, like them subscribing to your B2B sales podcast or giving you a follow on social media.

In this cold call email template, we used humour and emojis to close off a cold email campaign that wasn’t resulting in a conversion.


It's been a while since I heard from you, and I've had some time to think… Maybe now isn't the right time for us to connect, and that's okay.

All this thinking has given me some more thoughts to add to our podcast, Revenue Champions. I think you might enjoy it, (FIRST NAME). It includes loads of ideas and strategies that will help you take your business to the next level. Plus, we've had some great guests with even more lined up.

So, we'd love it if you'd subscribe, for old-time's sake.

Yours always,

P.S. It's probably best if you skip “EP 4: (COMPANY NAME), a tale of heartbreak💔”

How do you write your own winning cold email template?

When it comes to creating your own email cadence templates, it’s vital you follow these seven key steps courtesy of Kluster:

1. Research
2. Subject line
3. First two sentences
4. Value proposition
5. Social proof
6. Call to action
7. P.S.

1. Research 

First things first, sales cold email templates require in-depth research. There’s no spraying and praying if you want to generate hot leads

Start by researching three avenues: 

  • Business Personal – Get on your lead or prospect’s LinkedIn. What does their bio say, and what do they focus on? Take a snippet from there. It will add personalisation to your cold email outreach.
  • Business Business – What’s happened to your prospect’s company recently that you can use to tailor your cold email? Revenue growth news, acquisitions, and B2B recruitment will all work.
  • Personalised emails – This is the most important part. Let us not forget we are selling to a human, after all. Check out their social media profiles like LinkedIn and Twitter. What hobbies do they have that you can use to add a truly personal touch? Perhaps they’ve written or posted about something very specific recently.
💡 Learn how to create CEO email list or how to buy email lists.

2. Subject line

You’ve got to get this cold calling email opened, and your choice of email subject line will be your ‘open sesame.’ Here, you have a chance to get creative and really grab attention, and it’s also where the “personalised emails” part of your research should be used.

Subject: I noticed your post about creating sales efficiencies

Consider the following subject line formulas when writing subject lines for sales emails:

  • One-word subject lines lead to higher response rates.
  • Your subject line can double as a CTA, directing the prospect to take a specific action.
  • Humorous subject lines are an excellent way to engage a prospect and get them to open your cold email.
  • Ambiguous subject lines create intrigue, resulting in higher open rates.

3. First two sentences

When your email pops up in a prospect’s inbox, they only see the subject line and the first five to ten words. That’s it!

So, it makes sense that the email subject line and the first five to ten words are the most important parts of your cold sales email template.


Because it’s where you’ll make your first impression.

For a start, rule out “I hope you’re well” or “I’m getting in touch because.”

That’s no different from any other cold email template.

Instead, return to your research and grab the “Business Personal” information you gathered. Use this information to form your first sentence. This way, you’re starting to create a hyper-personal and different email body from what your prospect is likely to receive elsewhere.

Your second sentence should use your “Business Business” research to hit the nail. Once you’ve followed these steps, your sales email template should look something like this:

Subject: I noticed your post about creating sales efficiencies

Hi Sarah,

You're a “Sales Operations Enthusiast,” according to your very own words on LinkedIn. I also read in Forbes that CompanyX is set to increase the sales team by 50%, which is no mean feat!

Using this tactic, you’ll have started to create a very compelling cold email. The subject line is personal, the first sentence has taken an interest in their working life, and you’ve demonstrated a background knowledge of their company’s direction.

4. Value proposition

The next section of your cold calling email template is where you inform your prospect of what they need to do. This part needs to be concise and encourage them to keep reading.

There are typically two angles here:

  • How you help businesses.
  • How you help this type of decision-maker.

An example is:

Company Y helps Sales Operations Leaders improve sales enablement ROI by 43% whilst freeing up their time to focus on other meaningful areas as the business scales.

Note the appeal to the “Business Business” and “Business Personal” in this value prop message.

5. Social proof

Next, you need to offer solid evidence that you can do what you say quickly and with impact. Social proof enables you to use the “customer voice” to gain credibility.

Ideally, adding a quote or statistic to your cold sales email should do it. Stats give credibility, but it is not what people remember. They remember the human or the story, and they remember it more so if it’s credible and believable.

Here’s an example:

Here's Nike's Head of Sales Ops, Gerrard Davies, explaining how their sales stack costs reduced by over 70%.

“This has been a game changer!”

6. Call to action

We’ve nearly crafted the perfect cold email example, but a couple of crucial steps remain.

The first is working out how on earth you will get them to reply.

Again, you have to be different here. If you go for the usual “When do you have 5 minutes to speak?” you’ve essentially undone all the good work by conforming to the average again 🤦, and that’s not what you want!

Here’s an idea we’ll add to the sales email template:

Data tells me you have a 51.4% chance of replying to this email, so leaving no stone unturned, I'll likely follow up on the phone in the next couple of days. However, you can reach me at or 0203 790 7724.

The above is interesting for a couple of reasons. Whilst you’ll likely NOT get a 51.4% reply rate, it sounds good, doesn’t it?

In fact, it sounds so good, yet believable; there’s an argument to suggest one would feel compelled to reply because their peers are more likely to have than not.

Secondly, it’s an incredibly different approach and, again, stands out amongst the usual CTAs.

You could also try something like:

I have a Starbucks voucher with your name on it. There's a spacious store just around the corner on Coleman street. What 30-minute windows do you have tomorrow or Friday?

Again, it’s a refreshing approach, and although we’re suggesting a meeting fairly soon, your cold prospect still has the power of choice to pick a convenient time between the two days.

The key to this is experimentation and AB testing. Try to write two versions of each cold email template and test it with two segments on your prospecting list to see which gets the best response.

7. P.S.

Time to bring this email full circle, landing right back at the subject line and leaving your prospect with that fuzzy feeling.

Ideally, this is your chance to make your prospects feel special, liked, revered, and generally good about themselves. And it’s that good feeling, when matched with all your craft and attention thus far, that gives us a whopping great chance of a reply and increased conversion rates.

Try something like:

P.S. We loved the post so much, we've started rolling out your idea here!

In the end, your cold call email template should read as follows:

Subject: I noticed your post about creating sales efficiencies

Hi Sarah,

You're a “Sales Operations Enthusiast,” according to your very own words on LinkedIn. I also read in Forbes that CompanyX is set to increase the sales team by 50%, which is no mean feat!

CompanyY helps Sales Operations Leaders improve sales enablement ROI by 43% whilst freeing up their time to focus on other meaningful areas as the business scales.

Here's Nike's head of Sales Ops, Gerrard Davies, explaining how their sales stack costs reduced by over 70%

“This has been a game changer!”

Data tells me you have a 51.4% chance of replying to this email, so leaving no stone unturned, I'll likely follow up on the phone in the next couple of days. However, you can reach me at or 0203 790 7724.

P.S. We loved the post so much, we've started rolling out your idea here!

Hopefully, this cold email template will help you fight for supremacy in your prospect’s inbox.

Remember to keep it punchy and personalised, include social proof, make it relevant to their business, drop in a neat call to action, and show them love.

Want more cold email tips? Watch Cognism’s email teardown tutorial 👇

💡 PS. Can’t reach your customer via a cold email template or cold call? These ten voicemail scripts might help.

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