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Growing Pipeline by 500% With Cognism

The leading experts in customer engagement technology, Localz, use Cognism’s sales intelligence platform to:

  • Increase SDR outreach by 180%
  • Skyrocket opportunity generation by 500% 
  • Reduce SDR contact data research time from 30 to 2 minutes
  • Gain knowledgeable advice from the Cognism customer support team
Number of employees: 50
Industry: Information Technology & Services 
HQ: Melbourne, Australia
Teams using: Sales 

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The company

Founded in 2013, Localz are specialists in last-mile customer engagement, location and messaging technology. The software takes the communication complexity out of the day of service, providing businesses with mobile workforce solutions to deliver a frictionless last mile customer experience. 

The platform is suitable for any size organisation including customers such as HSS Hire, RAC, Welsh Water, and Autoglass. The business has tripled in size in the past year and is now further growing its sales team to aid aggressive expansion plans across EMEA in 2022.

The challenge

We interviewed Gary Rosier-Taylor, VP of Sales EMEA, about his experience with Cognism. 

Localz has been a Cognism customer since 2018. Gary joined the business in August 2021 to scale the sales team in EMEA from the ground up. 

What lead generation tools has Gary previously worked with? 

“I have used multiple B2B lead generation tools including ZoomInfo.”

“A key differentiator between Cognism and ZoomInfo is the staff at Cognism are very attentive to our needs as a business. They have a genuine interest in understanding our day-to-day outbound challenges which is more valuable than only being provided with a list of data.” 

“Cognism is our EMEA B2B data provider of choice.”

The solution

How were the sales team previously using the platform? 

“We’ve been a Cognism customer for years. However, before I joined, there were just two SDRs and the platform was not used to its full potential. Due to minimal manpower in the team, the SDRs were hyper-focused on targeting specific areas and not on expanding to other regions.” 

“As a business, we have aggressive growth plans to expand in EMEA in 2022. In order to do this, understanding our company hierarchies and buying channels is crucial. This is why we’ve expanded our SDR team to meet these objectives, and I now manage a team of seven SDRs.” 

Gary explained the outbound requirements needed when scaling an SDR team. 

“When scaling a sales team, having a sufficient amount of data to spread across our team of SDRs is imperative.” 

“In certain organisations, sometimes it’s unclear which key stakeholders are the ones you need to approach. Cognism has an extensive database of contact information across EMEA and so it’s a key tool for expanding our reach in this region.”

What are the typical day-to-day workflows of a Localz SDR? 

“The SDRs target enterprise, mid-market and small organisations in different sectors ranging from utilities, social housing and retail.” 

“These segments are then sliced and diced by the SDR so they can start prospecting to that particular segment. If they find a perfect fit account, the SDR will go into Cognism, research the company, select the contacts and import them into HubSpot for outreach.” 

Gary explained how Cognism complements the SDRs’ outreach strategies and how they vary depending on the industries they’re targeting.

“Social housing is solely prospected via email. This is because they are typically connected to councils and don’t have mobile numbers associated with them. However, retail and utilities are very cold call driven.”  

Cognism’s data quality has saved the team a phenomenal amount of time.

“The EMEA data quality is excellent. With two clicks, the SDRs can automatically import a verified email address into HubSpot. Before Cognism, this process took approximately 30 minutes.”

The SDRs use the Chrome Extension daily, he elaborates:

“The API plug-in is used every day. The SDRs can identify a potential prospect and key stakeholders at the click of a button. It’s absolutely brilliant.”

Gary told us about the value they’ve gained from Cognism’s intent data powered by Bombora. 

“Rather than using intent data as our outreaching tool for opportunity creation, we use the surge information for talk track validation.” 

“It’s useful to see which companies are surging against our intent topics at that point in time. We use the intent data feature to double-check if the company is worth prospecting to.”

The results

We asked Gary about the number of opportunities he’s seen with Cognism. 

“From October to April 2022, our outreach has grown by 180% and opportunity generation has rocketed to 500%. This is because we’re targeting the right people at the right time.”

Gary explained the gains they’ve seen from the platform. 

“ROI is hard to quantify at this stage as our sales cycle can vary depending on the industry we’re in conversations with. It’s undeniable that we’re seeing value from the platform in terms of leveraging brand exposure and creating net new opportunities which have turned into new business.” 

What are the biggest reasons Gary would recommend us?

“Firstly, the entire Cognism team has spent time understanding what our challenges are. They’ve taken a real interest in learning how our business model can approach new opportunities so we can get the most out of the platform. The customer support is highly consultative and is not something I've experienced with data providers previously.”

“The speed at which Cognism automatically gathers information is unequivocally valuable to any organisation out there. Now I can acquire all the information I need for a prospect on one platform, as opposed to laboriously searching on four different platforms.”

“Cognism’s all-in-one functionality saves us a considerable amount of time and allows us to focus on what matters: closing business.” 

Try Cognism’s sales intelligence solution

Over 1,000 revenue teams around the world trust Cognism to:

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✅ Plan and launch their outbound campaigns

✅ Power up their social selling

✅ Meet and beat their revenue targets

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