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How Huboo Used Cognism to Generate Over £30M of Pipeline

Huboo, the leading eCommerce fulfilment partner, uses Cognism’s B2B data to:

            • Source 400+ opportunities.
            • Generate over £30M in pipeline (approximately 10% of all new pipeline this year).
            • Sign 60 new clients.
Number of employees: 700
Industry: Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain and Storage
HQ: Bristol, UK
Teams using: Sales, Marketing

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The company

Huboo is an innovative eCommerce fulfilment partner that marries the expertise of dedicated professionals with cutting-edge technology to facilitate business growth for startups, SMEs, and large enterprises. 

Distinguished by its unique hub model, Huboo establishes service-oriented micro-warehouses that place a strong emphasis on the human element in an industry that often lacks it. This approach ensures a higher quality of service and a flexible, end-to-end technological framework, seamlessly integrating with leading sales channels and online marketplaces.

The challenge

We interviewed Andrew Harkness, Head of Marketing at Huboo. 

What problems was he trying to solve?  

Huboo needed an alternative to their previous solution, which Andrew didn’t find to be cost-effective to their data needs. Specifically, with the bulk of their operation focusing on the UK and Europe, he felt data quality was an afterthought.

Andrew explained the evaluation process:

Andrew compared Cognism to ZoomInfo, Lusha, and other alternatives.

“We went through a trial process with most of the Cognism competitors we looked at and used an internal system to score them. After that, we got qualitative feedback from the sales leaders and the leadership team.” 

How did Cognism perform against competitors?

“We didn’t feel the other solutions stacked up to Cognism when it came to the evaluation process.”

Andrew is someone who appreciates and values good customer service, an area in which he felt some of Cognism’s competitors were lacking:

“From the initial pitch, we didn’t find anyone else who showed as much understanding of our situation or what we were looking for.”

“They also couldn’t offer as much in terms of support features and training.” 

What was Huboo’s reason for choosing Cognism?

“For us, the key selling points were Cognism’s cost-effectiveness, data accuracy and people-centric approach.”

“Sales were brilliant and accommodating, as was the support during our trial process.”

The solution

What is Huboo’s target market?

“​​We operate widely. We’ve got business in the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Turkey and the US.”

“We typically want to engage with Supply Chain Directors, Logistics Managers at a high level, or CEOs and COOs.”

How does Huboo use Cognism?

“Our sales and marketing teams currently use Prospector and the Chrome Extension. But we’re also looking to roll out some licences to our Talent Acquisition team in the near future.”

“From the beginning, our sales team has used Cognism a lot. They use it to sequence prospects they want to reach out to through Salesforce using the integration, which is really helpful to our outbound efforts.” 

“It also allows us to target a different type of prospect, a bit higher tier. We use the filtering systems within the platform to identify and reach some of the bigger players we’re after.”

Andrew explained how Huboo’s marketing team uses the platform:

“We predominantly use Cognism for building target lists for email sequences and support our outreach.”

“To do this, we use the advanced filtering capabilities, which have helped our targeting and, in turn, enhanced our marketing campaigns. Because of the level of detail Cognism provides on accounts and contacts, it’s helped us to understand our prospects and their placement within various demographics.”

“We’ve also used it to drive event sign-ups.”

Andrew detailed how Cognism helped them reach a new audience:

“We’ve witnessed significant growth in the non-alcoholic drinks market, which has captured consumer interest. This makes it an appealing market for us as well.”

“Because of Cognism’s data accuracy and the amount and availability of data on the platform, we were able to access and identify the right people to speak to in that market. That then turned into a positive business conversation, which then turned into closed won revenue.”

“Cognism directly contributed to building our pipeline and facilitating deal closures.”

What was the onboarding experience like? 

“I only have positive feedback on the onboarding experience. Our Onboarding Manager, Junaid, gave us an amazing initial onboarding experience. They made it super-easy to adopt the solution and were incredibly helpful.”

“On the rare occasion where anything has gone wrong, Cognism’s tech support team has been very good at stepping in and sorting issues quickly.”

The results

We asked Andrew what quantifiable success Huboo has seen since using Cognism. 

  • 400+ opportunities.
  • Generate over £30M in pipeline (approximately 10% of all new pipeline this year).
  • 60 new clients.

He also told us how helpful Cognism’s been in an increasingly expensive pay-per-click landscape.

The top reasons why Huboo would recommend Cognism

1. Time-saving

“The best thing about Cognism is how much time it saves us. The platform is user-friendly and allows us to do things quickly.” 

“We’ve integrated Cognism with Salesforce so we can automatically move contacts into our CRM; this helps to free up our salespeople’s time to speak to prospects instead of searching for data or manually sending emails.”

2. Quality database

“Cognism’s been amazing. It allows us to build better outbound processes because we can access more and better data. It keeps the team moving even in the current economic climate, where lead volumes aren’t what they were two or three years ago.”

“From a marketing perspective, it offers us significant flexibility through advanced filtering, enabling quick, data-driven decisions which we can use to enhance campaigns.”

“On the sales side, it seamlessly integrates with our normal workflows, offering effortless access to initiate potential sales conversations.”

How has Cognism supported Huboo overall?

“Morale-wise, Cognism’s had a huge impact. It’s helped our teams achieve KPIs and pipeline growth and, in turn, revenue growth for the company as a whole.” 

Andrew concluded:

“Cognism’s helped us source deals that we may not have ever sourced via inbound. It’s ensured our sales activity has continued at a steady pace in a market that’s downturned at the moment.”

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