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14 of the Best B2B Data Providers and Vendors Right Now


The B2B data providers market is booming - making it hard to choose just one. 

When choosing yours, you’ll have to consider several criteria — the frequency of data updates, the database size and market focus, the structure of pricing plans, and credit limits. 

It’s a lot if you have to compare dozens of solutions. We’ve put together this article to help you make an informed decision. Below you’ll find:

  • The most popular and trusted B2B data suppliers.
  • Pros and cons of using each service.
  • Pricing of the selected tools.
  • Things to consider when selecting a B2B data vendor.

Let’s get started 👇

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The top B2B data providers in 2023 and beyond

We’ve handpicked fourteen B2B data providers and compared them side-by-side based on their pros, cons, and pricing. Let’s review the findings.

1. Cognism

An image of Prospector by Cognism - one of the best data vendors.

Cognism is the best data provider for quality, up-to-date and accurate B2B data. It should be your top choice if you want complete compliance and more mobile numbers.  

Unlike most competitors, Cognism offers unrestricted data views*, eliminating the need for credits. 

Top features: 

  • Accurate and up-to-date global contact database. 
  • Diamond Verified Phone Data®, which arms sales teams with human-validated, factually-correct mobile numbers (98% accuracy).
  • The best mobile phone number coverage in the US (2x more than other providers).
  • The most complete data in the EMEA.
  • Intent data powered by Bombora.
  • Unrestricted views and individual and page-level exporting.*
  • Advanced contextual data points and sales trigger alerts.
  • CRM and sales engagement integration tools are included in every package.

What customers say:

“Compared to Lusha and ZoomInfo, Cognism has the best level of high-quality, compliant data on the market. Cognism is very forward-thinking, and no other tools provide the breadth of features available all in one succinct platform.” -


Cognism prices its data license types per user. However, its sales reps are available to discuss what you’re hoping to achieve from the tool so you can be provided with a proposal you’re comfortable with.

Cognism includes the following in all its packages:

  • Unrestricted views and page-level exporting.*
  • Technologies.
  • Sales event triggers.

Cognism grants its users access to the following:

  • The Cognism web app.
  • The Cognism Chrome Extension.
  • All available integrations.
  • In addition to this, users can add intent data and Diamonds-on-Demand® to their package.

Here’s a link to the Cognism pricing page. Otherwise, why not try Cognism with 25 free leads? 👇 Click the banner to get started.

See Cognism first hand. Here's 25 free leads for you! Click to learn more!*Subject to fair usage policy

2. Kaspr

A screenshot of data vendor - Kaspr.

(Source: Kaspr)

Kaspr is a sales prospecting tool that helps sales reps easily find B2B contact data and create outreach sequences on LinkedIn.With this database vendor, you can access emails, phone numbers, and the relevant data you need to convert leads into long-lasting partnerships.

Top features:

  • Accurate, real-time contact data.
  • B2B list enrichment with LinkedIn data.
  • Automated LinkedIn outreach workflows.
  • Lead management.
  • GDPR and CCPA-aligned.
  • Chrome extension.


Kaspr monthly subscriptions start at 30€/mo per user; 50 free credits per month on a free plan. Custom plan for 20+ users.

3. Clearbit

A screenshot of data vendor - Clearbit.

(Source: G2)

Clearbit is a marketing-first data supplier. It supplies sales reps with firmographic and technographic data about prospects they want to outreach to. 

This firmographic data vendor does not scrub against DNC lists in Europe and the US; some users mention a lack of customisation. 

Top features:

  • Option for a free account.
  • Intent-based outreach.
  • Domain and email enrichment.
  • Audience segmentation features.


Request pricing directly from the seller. Packages include Free, Business and Powered by Clearbit. Business plans are limited by credit quotas and charge for extra add-ons.

4. Adapt

A screenshot of data vendor - Adapt.

(Source: Adapt)

Adapt is a B2B database vendor that allows you to find the most important information about your prospects, enrich current records, and personalise your B2B outreach campaigns.

This tool does not include intent data, and its GDPR compliance status is unclear. Moreover, some users find it takes time to learn, and the contact data is limited

Top features:

  • Industry filters.
  • CRM enrichment.
  • LinkedIn integration.


You must fill in a form to request pricing information from Adapt.

5. Ampliz

A screenshot of data vendor - Ampliz.

(Source: Ampliz)

Ampliz offers fresh and accurate data to fuel sales pipelines for companies targeting the healthcare sector. While it’s a US-based data provider, it’s heavily focused on the APAC market.

Top features: 

  • Extensive database of healthcare leads.
  • Manually verified data.
  • GDPR compliant


You must request a demo on the website to learn more about pricing.

6. Datanyze

A screenshot of data vendor - Datanyze.

(Source: G2)

With Datanyze, you can find information on a prospect when searching LinkedIn. You can get their basic information, email address, and phone number. Datanyze offers limited contact information compared to more advanced services and no advanced firmographic information.

Top features:

  • Email addresses and direct dials.
  • Prospect segmentation features.
  • Google Chrome extension.


The platform structures its pricing based on credit limits, which can be inconvenient for many sales teams with high lead volume. The free plan offers ten credits monthly; paid plans start at $21 monthly with 960 credits a year. 

7. Demandbase

A screenshot of data vendor - Demandbase.

(Source: G2)

Demandbase is a business data vendor that helps teams acquire contact information and enrich current databases for successful account-based marketing campaigns using AI.

One con with this solution is that it can become expensive as features like B2B data and personalisation must be added at an extra cost.

Top features:

  • Integration with popular CRM systems. 
  • Intent data.
  • Account identification.


For detailed pricing information, you must contact Demandbase.

8. ZoomInfo

A screenshot of data vendor - ZoomInfo.

(Source: ZoomInfo)

ZoomInfo is one of many data providers in the USA. Its algorithms gather data from millions of sources in real-time. While it’s a trusted data vendor, some users complain about the freshness of the collected data.

Pros and cons: 

  • US-focused database.
  • Firmographic & technographic data.
  • Data enrichment.
  • Intent data.


You must reach out for a custom pricing quote. You can choose different tiers for sales, marketing, and recruitment.

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10. Lead411

A screenshot of data vendor - Lead411.

(Source: Capterra)

Lead411 is a USA data vendor that provides accurate and verified contact and account information for lead generation. It helps sales reps get general prospect information and research in-market prospects actively looking for a solution online.

Keep in mind that you’ll need credits to unlock contact data when considering this data vendor. What’s more, users mention limited EU, APAC and LATAM data

Top features:

  • Real-time alerts.
  • Chrome extension.
  • Customisable filters.
  • Segmentation.


Lead411 has monthly and annual plans - Basic, Enterprise and Pro. You’ll find up-to-date pricing on its website.

11. Seamless AI

A screenshot of data vendor - Seamless AI.


Seamless AI is a data-as-a-service vendor that sources prospects’ emails and phone numbers. When it comes to datasets, Seamless is predominantly US-focused. The Seamless.AI Terms of Use state that it cannot represent that the services (including data) are appropriate for locations outside the United States.

Top features:

  • CCPA compliant.
  • Email sequences personalisation.
  • Email outreach follow-ups.
  • Chrome extension. 


Seamless AI packages include Free,  Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. Depending on the plan, the pricing is based on credits and 1 to 5 user seats.


12. Uplead

A screenshot of data vendor - Uplead.

(Source: Crozdesk)

Uplead is a B2B database provider that claims to achieve 95% accuracy on its data. (That’s 3% less than Cognism😉) It filters contacts by job title, location, company size, and industry. However, credit limits can be high for prospecting teams.

Top features:

  • Data enrichment.
  • Technographics.
  • Intent data.


The free plan is available but with only five credits. Paid plans start at  $74/mo. Request precise pricing information from Uplead’s website.

13. RocketReach

A screenshot of data vendor - RocketReach.

(Source: RocketReach)

RocketReach is a B2B data supplier that lets salespeople access real-time personal and professional emails, phone numbers, and social media profiles. While they offer unlimited searches, they’re only available on Enterprise plans, and credit limits can be high on others. 

Top features:

  • Advanced search
  • Bulk lookups
  • Browser extension


Plans start at $53 / month with only 125 lookups per user. Direct dials can be added for an additional price.

Request up-to-date pricing information from the provider.


A screenshot of data vendor - LeadIQ

(Source: LeadIQ)

LeadIQ is B2B data provider that collects information from public and private sources (social media platforms, job boards, SERPs). It integrates with all major CRM platforms like Salesforce but may not be suitable for marketing or RevOps as it’s built for SaaS sales.

Top features:

  • Sales trigger tracking.
  • Personalised sales messages.
  • Outreach sequence sync.


LeadIQ has a free version and individual pricing plans, including Starter, Pro and Enterprise.

More about B2B data providers

The more up-to-date and accurate data you use in your B2B sales and marketing activities, the more likely you’ll achieve success. 

The reason is simple – with current, accurate business data, your sales team won’t waste time speaking to the wrong people. It also makes it much easier for marketers to craft messages that speak to your prospect’s pain points.

But what is the meaning of the term data vendor? Let's explore 👇

What is a B2B data provider? 

A B2B data provider is a company that sells data to other businesses. They gather information from different sources and organise it into useful datasets. 

This data can include company details, contacts, industry-specific info, and more. B2B data vendors help identify potential customers, target industries and provide insights on market trends. 

Vendors must follow data privacy regulations and businesses should also comply with relevant laws.

Why use a B2B data vendor?

There are at least five reasons to use B2B data suppliers:

  1. High-quality data: B2B data providers use advanced machine learning and AI algorithms to source contact information around the web and update it regularly.
  2. Time and cost savings: Vendors handle data collection and maintenance, saving resources for business growth.
  3. Expanded reach and targeting: Comprehensive datasets enable effective customer segmentation and tailored marketing campaigns.
  4. Competitive advantage: Data-driven insights help you stay ahead, identify opportunities, and make strategic decisions.
  5. Data compliance and privacy: Trusted data vendors ensure legal and ethical data acquisition and protection.

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How to choose a B2B data vendor? 

Choosing a B2B data vendor requires careful consideration of your business needs. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a B2B database vendor:

  1. Data Quality: Assess the vendor’s data collection methods, sources, and verification processes. Look for vendors that provide accurate, up-to-date, and reliable data.
  2. Data Coverage: Evaluate the breadth and depth of the vendor’s data coverage. Consider whether they offer the specific data types, industries, regions, or demographics that align with your target market.
  3. Customisation Options: Determine if the vendor offers customisation options to tailor sales data to your requirements. This includes selecting specific data fields, filters, or segmentation options.
  4. Data Compliance: Ensure that the business data vendor adheres to relevant data protection regulations and privacy standards. Verify that they have proper data usage and consent protocols in place.
  5. Data Refresh Frequency: Inquire about how frequently the vendor updates their data. Fresh and timely data is crucial for accurate targeting.
  6. Integration Options: Consider whether you can easily integrate your vendor’s data into your existing systems or workflows. This includes compatibility with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, marketing automation tools, or other data management platforms.
  7. Reputation and Customer Reviews: Research the vendor’s reputation in the industry and look for customer reviews or testimonials. This can provide insights into the vendor’s reliability, customer service, and overall satisfaction level.

Different vendors may excel in different areas or specialise in specific industries. That’s why you must evaluate multiple vendors, compare their offerings, and consider how well they align with your needs before deciding.

Get the lowdown on how to choose your B2B data provider with Emily Liu, Cognism's Senior Video Marketer! Press ▶️ to watch her tutorial.


Which B2B data provider is the best? 

Determining the best B2B data vendor depends on your business needs and preferences. Make sure you consider Cognism in your research. Here's why:

  1. Extensive and accurate data: Cognism offers a vast and constantly updated database with millions of verified B2B contacts and company profiles. Data goes through rigorous verification processes to ensure accuracy and reliability, and direct dial numbers are manually verified to ensure you reach decision-makers immediately.
  2. Global data coverage: Cognism isn’t just a data provider in the EU. It provides data coverage across multiple countries and industries, enabling businesses to target various markets and sectors.
  3. Compliance and privacy: Cognism prioritises data compliance and strictly adheres to global data protection regulations, ensuring the privacy and security of all customer data.

Ready to sign up? Click the banner below to book a demo 👇

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