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B2B direct dials: Cognism’s guide

June 16, 2020

Not all phone numbers are created equal. Direct dial phone numbers can make a tangible difference to your sales team’s results. The more direct dials you have, the more you will sell.

In this article, we’re going to study B2B direct dials in more detail. We’ll look at what they are, why they’re essential for B2B prospecting, as well as how you can get hold of them.

What are direct dials?

B2B direct dial phone numbers are simply phone numbers that put you straight through to the decision-maker you want to contact. No receptionist, no PA, only the person you want to speak to!

You could say that if you don’t have the direct dial for a decision-maker, you don’t have their phone number at all.

Why are they important?

If you phone a company’s switchboard number and ask for someone high up in the company, it’s quite likely that the person who answers the phone is trained not to put you straight through. 

Alternatively, they’ll put you through to a PA who is trained not to put you directly through. Either way, you now have a gatekeeper to deal with, someone you have to persuade that your cold call is important enough to trouble their boss with.

Getting bogged down with gatekeepers has a negative effect on salespeople for several reasons:

  • It’s demotivating.
  • It makes salespeople reluctant to pick up the phone.
  • It’s embarrassing to repeatedly call a gatekeeper begging to be put through.
  • It wastes time.
  • If you’re talking to a gatekeeper, you’re not talking to a decision-maker – so you will close fewer deals.

How can direct dials help your B2B sales team?

Direct dials are the answer to all of these problems.

When you have a list of direct dial phone numbers for your prospects, your salespeople know that every phone call they make has the potential for success – no gatekeepers to get past, no pitching to lower-level staff. This feeling is incredibly empowering for salespeople; they can’t wait to get on the phone and do deals!

But more importantly, having direct dial numbers puts your salespeople in front of more decision-makers. Direct dials generate more B2B sales conversations.

Let’s create a scenario:

Currently, it takes an average of 18 calls to reach a buyer.

With those numbers, over the course of a year, your team will have 6,250 conversations with decision-makers.

Direct dials aren’t a guarantee that you’ll reach the buyer every single time. Sometimes they’ll be in meetings or off sick, for example.

However, let’s imagine that having direct dials reduces the number of calls to reach a decision-maker down to 12. Suddenly, your team are making 9,375 conversations over the year. That’s an increase of 50%.

Depending on your sales strategy and your conversion rates at each stage, it could make a dramatic difference to your revenue figures.

How to get more direct dial numbers

B2B direct dial numbers make your sales team more efficient, more confident and more effective. 

To bring more direct dials into your organisation, look at how you are sourcing your B2B data.

Cognism has 20 million direct dial phone numbers in its data set. Our direct dials are:

  • Focused in Europe and North America.
  • Verified cellphone numbers as well as desk extensions.
  • Checked and cleaned against country blacklists to ensure the highest possible quality.

If your sales team is wasting too much time with switchboards and gatekeepers, it’s time to start going direct. It’s time to talk to Cognism.

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