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Exceeding Marketing KPIs With Cognism’s Global Database

Patented image-streaming technology company, SmartFrame, uses Cognism’s B2B data to:

  • Reach yearly marketing KPIs
  • Gain 40-50% open rates
  • Inform a successful email marketing strategy in Pardot
  • Have a consistent email deliverability rate of 93%
Number of employees: 40
Industry: Software Development 
HQ: London, UK 
Teams using: Marketing

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The company

With over 2.5 billion digital images stolen every day, SmartFrame has developed an innovative and patented image streaming technology that represents a turning point for how images are published online.

Founded in 2015, SmartFrame is well established with advertising, publishing and e-commerce businesses. The image-streaming technology provides: unprecedented image control & security, world-class presentation, unparalleled data & analytics and in-image advertising & revenue generation.

The challenge

We interviewed Andy Ashley, Global Marketing Director at SmartFrame about his experience with Cognism.

What lead generation process did SmartFrame have in place prior to Cognism?

“Before I joined the business, there was no database system like Cognism in place. I was hired to help build out a scalable inbound and outbound B2B marketing function. Cognism was part of the jigsaw of tools we needed to do the job effectively.”

How did they find out about Cognism?

"I always endeavour to regularly review what B2B marketing technologies exist to help me, the team and the company - to do the best that we possibly can. Cognism was a solution that I have wanted to use for some time. Having reviewed it in my previous role it fitted the brief for helping to build out key persona databases to aid rapid expansion into Europe and the US." 

“Overall, Cognism has very robust coverage in Europe and is a key player in the lead generation market. The decision to choose Cognism was an easy one.”

The solution

Andy explained how the sales team uses Cognism.

“Sales acquire verified email addresses and mobile numbers from the Chrome Extension LinkedIn plug-in. It’s paramount to their day-to-day prospecting activities.”

“They are impressed by the volume of compliant data available. It is very useful that we can access this data without breaching GDPR guidelines.”

Cognism is also used extensively by the marketing team. He told us more:

“Email marketing is a core channel. We have very structured email nurture campaigns targeting specific audiences and verticals within that.”

“We also use Cognism’s data to invite prospective customers via email to our events.”

“Occasionally, when we attend trade show we get only partial data. Cognism is very good for filling in the gaps for essential contact data. You can easily upload this partial data into Cognism and enrich with email addresses and mobile numbers for the sales team to take action.”

 What is Andy’s typical workflow with Cognism?

“Cognism has a native integration with Salesforce. We use Salesforce Pardot as our lead nurturing tool for email automation, targeted email campaigns and lead management.”

“Specific audiences are built in Cognism that reflect our various ICPs in the Cognism WebApp. The WebApp is intuitive and easy to use. This is used as the start point for our lead nurture campaigns, which involves providing hyper relevant content to our ICPs."

“I always prioritise highly-verified emails over mobiles as having sturdy email addresses is very important to support our email nurture campaigns. Once I’ve filtered the list in the WebApp, the data is generated and downloaded as a CSV file. This is then uploaded to Pardot and used for specific tailored campaigns.”

Andy explained that they have a lead scoring system in Pardot.

“A lead is scored depending on their readiness to buy. Depending on the score, they are assigned to a specific workflow. The sales team will take the lead if they have an MQL status. If the score does not warrant MQL status of a specific score we can automate very specific content marketing campaigns to our ideal customers with the aim of turning them into MQLs.”

The results

SmartFrame has seen quantifiable results since using Cognism.

“The deliverability rates are 93% which is exactly what Cognism promised. Our HTML open rates are 25-30%, above industry standard.”

“Before Cognism, our open rates for plain text emails ranged from 15-20%. Since using Cognism, our open rates are 40-50% and in some cases, 70%.”

“The engagement rates are very good’’

Andy explained that they have many Cognism-originated opportunities in the RFQ stage.

“Our sales cycle is typically quite long, as we work with large global brands and their agencies. Since starting with Cognism a year ago, we currently have multiple RFQ briefs with businesses that were sourced from Cognism’s data." 

“All of our Cognism run marketing campaigns have delivered value to the business. Cognism has helped us achieve and even exceed our marketing KPIs.”

The top reasons why SmartFrame would recommend Cognism

1. Cognism does what it says on the tin 

“The sales process promised exactly what was delivered. There were no surprises.”

2. Advanced product features

“The ability to filter emails by high or high+ is extremely valuable as a marketer. This is not something I’ve experienced with previous data vendors, plus the platform is very easy to navigate! Cognism’s product is truly unique.”

3. Extensive global database

“Cognism’s data covers a myriad of markets across the world. Not only can I find the numbers and email addresses of my desired contacts but also their employment history, company information and more.”

“If you haven’t used a system like Cognism before, you’ll soon start to question how your business used to function without having such accurate data at your fingertips.”

“Cognism is essential to SmartFrame. We couldn’t operate effectively without it.”

Try Cognism’s sales intelligence solution

Over 3,000 revenue teams around the world trust Cognism to:

✅ Build qualified B2B contact databases

✅ Plan and launch their outbound campaigns

✅ Power up their social selling

✅ Meet and beat their revenue targets

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