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Generating 25 Daily Webinar Registrants With Cognism

A Finnish-based telecommunications company used Cognism’s premium sales intelligence platform to: 

  • Drive on average 25 webinar registrants per day 
  • Generate 5 RFQ’s (Request for Quote) in three months using Cognism data 
  • Reach more mobile operators across the world
Number of employees: 1-10
Industry: Telecommunications  
Founded: 2017
HQ: Espoo, Finland 
Target market: Mobile operators & ISPs worldwide 

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The company

Headquartered in Finland, Netradar is on a mission to enhance mobile network quality. They provide an end-to-end solution for collecting network performance data directly from mobile handsets. 

They achieve this by supplying companies across the world with unique technology that helps mobile operators identify poor mobile experience and focus their investments in the right places.

The challenge

We interviewed Jukka Hieta, Sales Director at Netradar about his experience using Cognism. After joining the business in August 2021, Jukka received a cold call from a Cognism sales rep.

What sparked Jukka’s interest in finding out more?

"After speaking with the sales team at Cognism, I realised the difficulties we were experiencing by not having an accurate B2B database of leads."

"We target mobile operators and ISPs (Internet Service Providers) across the world. The team found it a daily challenge to find the emails of these contacts. Before Cognism, we were only finding one or two contacts per day which is not enough to fill the pipeline. Many of the emails in our CRM (PipeDrive) were out of date which slowed down our overall business development efforts."

"We were also using LinkedIn Sales Navigator which is good for finding a decision-maker but is very cumbersome and does not provide relevant contact details."

"After a very professional sales process with the Cognism team, Netradar agreed that we need Cognism."

The solution

How did Jukka find the onboarding process?

"The onboarding process was outstanding and our customer service manager was phenomenal. Cognism really cares about how their customers use the tool and the response team is very quick at answering my questions."

He told us about how the onboarding team helped him build his workflows with Cognism.

"We use email and LinkedIn InMail as our primary points of contact. Firstly, I make a list of our target accounts and select the five most prominent contacts to send an email to each day. Once the lead is warm, I will ring them using Cognism’s direct dial data."

Jukka further explained how he generates Cognism’s data to drive webinar attendees.

"Cognism has been an excellent tool for driving attendance to webinars. Initially, the team were sceptical about hosting webinars, but I knew we needed to run them to create brand awareness and consequently leads."

"Since using Cognism, we have organised six webinars in the last four months. The attendance has been really great and we receive about 25 registrants per day. This is because of Cognism’s large accurate B2B database of high-quality email addresses for mobile operators."

"On top of receiving fresh registrants, we’ve also been able to refresh our existing database with Cognism data. I retarget these contacts by engaging and inviting them to the webinars."

"Overall, I use Cognism almost everyday and sometimes for the whole day. It’s absolutely integral to my day-to-day prospecting efforts."

The results

Netradar has only been a client since October 2021. With a B2B sales cycle of approximately 9 months, they have already started to see quantifiable success.

"Not only have the webinar registrants been phenomenal, but because of Cognism, we have created five new RFQ (Request for Quote) opportunities. One is likely to sign very soon despite our sales cycle being on average 9 months."

"Without Cognism, we wouldn’t be in this position; we wouldn’t have been able to find the correct mobile operators to target and would have wasted time trying."

"We wouldn’t be attracting those new leads without Cognism."

How does Cognism compare to previous providers? 

"It’s much faster, easier and more advanced than LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It helps us save a lot of time as the contacts are fresh!"

Aside from the leads they’ve generated, what other benefits have Netradar found using Cognism?

"The product is very user friendly and the onboarding/sales process was very pleasant. I’m very confident it’s going to be a vital tool for us. We need it!"

What’s the biggest reason Jukka would recommend Cognism to another business?

"I’d never heard of Cognism before they rang me but the sales rep really listened to my challenges. After signing, I spend at least a few hours to a whole day using Cognism which is enough proof to demonstrate how much we need it to acquire new clients."

"Being in sales, you need a lot of leads in the sales funnel. It’s not enough to rely on a few contacts. The only way to achieve this is through using Cognism. You should definitely buy it and I recommend it wholeheartedly."

Try Cognism’s sales intelligence solution

Over 1,000 revenue teams around the world trust Cognism to:

✅ Build qualified B2B contact databases

✅ Plan and launch their outbound campaigns

✅ Power up their social selling

✅ Meet and beat their revenue targets

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