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The ultimate B2B sales tech stack

Cognism's Sales Directors, Jonathon Ilett and David Bentham, have curated a list of the very best B2B sales tools available right now, applicable to every stage of the sales funnel. This is the ultimate B2B sales tech stack for scaling companies.

Cognism is the world’s leading globally compliant sales intelligence platform. It helps sales and marketing teams target their next best prospect using true sales intelligence.

Mailtastic allows you to centrally manage your employees'​ email signatures and transform daily email traffic into a powerful lead generation channel.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the best version of LinkedIn for salespeople. Establish and grow relationships with prospects and customers on LinkedIn.

The market-leading sales engagement platform. Outreach helps salespeople to effectively engage with prospects to drive more pipeline and close more deals.

SalesLoft helps top-performing sales teams transform the way they sell. Generate pipeline, manage deals and engage customers.

Groove helps managers, reps, and operations sell smarter and increase revenue. Engage top accounts with smart account-based sales features.

The world’s number one CRM. Salesforce is an integrated platform that gives all your departments a single, shared view of every customer.

Free and easy to learn, HubSpot CRM helps companies of all sizes track and nurture leads and analyse business metrics.

A CRM solution that drives sales productivity through social insights, business intelligence and campaign management.

A sales management tool for small teams with big ambitions. Pipedrive visualises your sales pipeline and makes sure important activities and conversations won’t get dropped.

Drive business success with Workbooks CRM  an affordable, feature-rich CRM solution that enables businesses to acquire, convert and retain new customers.

Vidyard is an online video platform for business. It allows you to increase leads, accelerate your pipeline and delight your customers.

Cloud-based video messaging platform integrated with Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, iMessage, and 50+ other integration partners.

With Covideo, you can record and send personalized videos that improve response rates, increase sales opportunities and close more deals.

Integrate Bonjoro with your existing CRM workflows to send truly personal videos at just the right moments in the customer’s journey.

Create, send, track, and eSign proposals, contracts, and quotes. Empower your sales team to create professional documents faster, streamlining the closing process.

Turtl can simplify the creation of trackable proposals and other sales collateral, giving sales unique insight into stakeholder priorities and strengthening conversations.

The online proposal software that helps modern sales teams create, send, track, and e-sign winning proposals, contracts, and agreements.

Qwilr makes beautiful, intuitive sales and marketing documents that look impressive and integrate seamlessly with your business.

DocSend helps sales and marketing teams find and share the content that drives deals forward. Say goodbye to attachments, and hello to more revenue.

Harness video, live chat, proposal design, document tracking, and e-signature to simplify the life of your B2B sales team.

Highspot’s intuitive platform combines intelligent content management, training, contextual guidance, customer engagement, and actionable analytics.

The leading B2B sales enablement platform. Seismic equips global sales teams with knowledge, messaging, and automatically personalised content.

Showpad Content bridges the gap between sales and marketing by creating a centralised location that lets sellers discover, present and share the latest, on-brand content.

The Gong revenue intelligence platform captures and understands every customer interaction then delivers insights at scale, empowering revenue teams to make decisions based on data instead of opinions.

AI-powered revenue intelligence software. Make better business decisions with actionable, real time intelligence on sales KPIs.

Looker is a business intelligence software and big data analytics platform that helps you explore, analyse and share real-time business analytics easily.

The business intelligence dashboard for small and medium-sized businesses. Grow makes it easy and affordable to visualise your business performance in real-time.

Reachdesk helps B2B sales teams generate high-quality leads, close more deals faster and grow the value of their customers using personalised direct mail and gifting.

Lead Forensics is the software that reveals the identity of your anonymous website traffic and turns them into actionable sales leads.

Leadfeeder shows you the companies visiting your website, how they found you and what they’re interested in.

Chili Piper helps qualified leads automatically book a meeting or start a phone call right after they fill out a form.

The world’s leader in online scheduling, Doodle is the most powerful way to schedule meetings with clients, colleagues, and teams.

A powerful yet simple automated scheduling tool. Calendly takes the work out of connecting with others so you can accomplish more.

DueDil helps companies find opportunities and mitigate risks, by providing private company information on over 40 million businesses.

Discover new markets, target and engage the right buyers, and manage customer data quality.

PitchBook provides comprehensive data on the private and public markets to help business professionals discover and execute top opportunities.

The leading destination for company insights from early-stage startups to the Fortune 1000. Find information about public and private companies.

The leader in modern enterprise video communications. Build relationships with prospects and customers and close business faster with Zoom.

Skype’s group video chat makes it easy for coworkers to meet and collaborate. With group screen sharing, you can present PowerPoint slides, video recordings and more.

An industry leader in online video conferencing for companies around the world, GoToMeeting is trusted by millions of people every day for real-time communication.

BlueJeans is the meeting platform for the modern workplace. It brings video, audio and web conferencing together with the collaboration tools people use every day.

Drift is the world’s leading conversational marketing and sales platform that helps businesses connect with customers who are ready to buy.

Streamline customer conversations for sales, support and onboarding. Acquire is a scalable suite of tools including live chat, chatbot, video and voice calling.

Build better customer relationships with scalable messaging that provides a more personal experience for you and your customers throughout their lifecycle.

Zendesk Chat lets you chat with customers on your website and give them real-time support.

AI-enabled end-to-end contract management software. Juro offers contract creation, negotiation, e-signing and analytics.

Oneflow offers a powerful sales tool that automates the last mile of the selling process. It speeds up the sales cycle by making it easy for the prospect to sign from any device.

A contract management software for teams of all sizes. Execute, store, track and get the most out of your contract portfolio.

A cloud-based solution that offers a way to sign agreements electronically on practically any device, from almost anywhere, at any time.

HelloSign is the easiest way to send, receive and manage legally binding signatures for businesses of any size.

Automate signing and approvals across your entire organisation. Reduce the signing and approval process from days to minutes with Adobe Sign.

Kluster Intelligence interprets CRM data to produce innovative insights and action-points, designed to drive growth and profits.

An AI SaaS-based predictive and prescriptive analytics company that increases the performance of B2B sales.

Clari’s Revenue Operations platform helps B2B organisations increase win rates, shorten sales cycles and improve forecast accuracy.

Oracle Sales Analytics provides hundreds of key performance indicators and more than 130 reports in five customisable dashboards.

Cyance uses machine learning technology to predict when customers are ready to buy, transforming sales and marketing results.

Velocify helps sales teams prospect with more precision, accelerate lead engagement, and implement optimised workflows.

Used standalone, or in combination with existing traditional CRM systems, VanillaSoft empowers sales reps to respond to new leads within seconds.

Infer’s predictive lead scoring platform leverages the power of predictive analytics and big data to help you identify who your perfect buyers are.

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