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The Ultimate Guide to B2B Outbound: Building Predictable Growth

The Ultimate guide to hacking B2B Lead Generation BANNERS V2 FINAL-22
The Outbound Prospecting Playbook BANNERS V1 FINAL-02-1

The Complete Outbound Prospecting Playbook

Outbound prospecting can be hard. But, when done well, it can form the foundation of a predictable revenue model and can fuel the growth of your business. In this comprehensive playbook we unpack the best tactics, processes and advice for building a predictable outbound machine.

CC Webinar SA-1

Cold Calling: A 2020 Masterclass 

In this webinar, we provide cold calling best practices, discuss various tried & tested approaches and share all the tips & tricks our panel have learnt along the way.


How to sell SaaS: Cognism's Guide

If you work in the industry, you’ll know that selling SaaS is hard work. In our latest whitepaper, we’re opening our B2B sales treasure chest and sharing our secrets. We’ve outlined 3 simple ideas that will help you formulate a winning sales strategy for SaaS and enable your sales team to outsell the competition at every turn.


How to sell without product differentiation

Learn how to win the race against your competition, increasing your sales effectiveness, without primarily worrying about product differentiation.


Cold calling objection handling

Turn disadvantages into advantages and handle cold calling objections with ease with tips from our playbook. Here is our five-point plan for dealing with the most common objections.

Cold Calling strategy 2020

8 ways to improve your cold calling strategy

Your cold calling strategy can’t be simply picking up the phone and getting on with it. You need to sit down and plan. Learn our top tips to improving your cold calling strategy.


Building the perfect sales tech stack

How can you identify what sales tech is right for your business as you scale? We've curated a complete guide to building a winning sales tech stack.

5 Emails that get responses

Writing the perfect referral introduction email can be a hard skill for B2B sales people to master. Luckily, our very own Alexander Shorthose is on hand to offer some more great email tips!

The Ultimate Cold Calling Script for B2B Sales

If you're a Sales Rep struggling with what to say when you're cold calling, then this video will guide you through a 5 step process including all the techniques you need!

How to build a winning cadence for sales leaders

Want to build a fast and hard-hitting cadence with the ultimate goal of getting the prospect to convert to a meeting in 15 days?

Andrew Main has you covered with our cadence of choice for the sales rep who’s working in a scaling company and wants to generate some quick wins.

Scaling Sales: Key lessons from $2.5M to $7M

In this webinar, we’ll shed light on the methods we’ve implemented that have enabled us to more than double our revenue in the last year. We’ll provide our top tips from 2019 on scaling sales, from both the Outbound and Closing perspective.

How to create a scalable and repeatable engine

This live webinar featured a panel of sales experts, discussing their strategies for successfully scaling outbound.

What we covered:

  • Developing and perfecting a repeatable sales process
  • How to quickly experiment and react to improve performance
  • Deciding when and how to implement processes into your sales team
  • Coaching and developing your team to enable them to be successful
  • Creating a sales team structure that can scale
  • How to buy tech the right way

How to build a high-performing sales team

This live broadcast featured expert speakers from Cognism and SalesLoft, discussing their strategies for successfully building, managing and scaling a high-performing sales team.

What we covered:

  • How should the team be structured?
  • What are the characteristics of successful SDR’s?
  • How do you drive the right behaviours?
  • How do you measure the results? What data matters?
  • Top tips for training, motivation and culture
  • Processes that drive success
  • Technology to power the team

*Please note there is a brief moment at the beginning of the webinar where we lose Collin. However, he quickly rejoins and covers the bits he missed!

The Ultimate Guide to Hacking B2B Lead Generation

In this book, we cover the latest techniques across inbound and outbound and share insights from some of the most successful B2B businesses today.

The Ultimate guide to hacking B2B Lead Generation BANNERS V2 FINAL-06