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Turn every trade-show into a revenue-generating opportunity

You work in:

  • Business Development
  • Marketing
You are:

  • Attending a trade-show
You need to:

  • Find contact data for trade-show attendees
  • Enrich partial lead data post trade-show

How you'll do it

Before the trade show


  • Prospector


  • Find contact data for trade show attendees
Before using Cognism’s B2B contact database, we’d extensively research what companies and contacts would be going to a trade show. It was a very cumbersome procedure. Since using the platform, we can find the contact details of an event attendee at the click of a button.
Harvey Jaggard-Hawkins, Business Development Manager
of pre-booked trade show meetings come from Cognism
positive email reply rate
Occasionally, when we attend trade show we get only partial data. Cognism is very good for filling in the gaps for essential contact data. You can easily upload this partial data into Cognism and enrich with email addresses and mobile numbers for the sales team to take action.
Andy Ashley, Global Marketing Director
email open rates
deliverability rate
After the trade show


  • Enhance


  • Enrich partial lead data

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