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Your marketing team wants to 
target decision-makers
with relevant
content when
they start a new role

The team

  • Wants to target newly appointed decision-makers in their first X days/months in their role


See the workflow step-by-step

What you'll need

  • Contact-level sales Event Triggers (job join data)
  • Contact-level information to run targeted ads on LinkedIn and send outbound emails
  • An email automation tool (SendGrid or similar)

What you'll do 

  • Use the job join filter under the event triggers tab in Cognism Prospector
  • Create a list of highly qualified contacts who have recently joined a new job
  • Export the data & upload it to LinkedIn to create matched audiences
  • Upload the data to an email automation tool and launch campaign
  • Use the data across different ad campaigns and email sends

How you'll do it 


Who used it & real-life benefits

Cognism has allowed us to develop our personas further and deliver more targeted comms…now we’re able to quickly segment our audience and deliver the types of content that specific personas would be interested in
Tony Munro, Marketing Director
open rates
months for better response rates and inquiries

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