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Account managers who want to
find the right timing to increase
business in existing accounts. 


  • Want to engage in expansion conversations at exactly the right time 

See the workflow step-by-step


What you'll need

  • To track growth, funding or hiring triggers at existing customer accounts

What you'll do 

  • The Cognism Web App 
  • Use the sales events triggers and hiring and funding filters to track changes in existing accounts 
  • Export prospects/contact data to CRM/Sales Engagement tool and start a conversation

How you'll do it

Who used it & real-life benefits

Recently, the L&D sales reps have found the job change trigger very useful. Contacting people who have recently moved into senior roles in the last three months has been a great buying signal, as they’re more likely to make a purchasing decision.
Key Training
Katia Douglas, Head of Business Engagement and Marketing
sales team morale

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