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Redefining Outbound

For sales leaders looking to lead their teams into a new era of outbound

Welcome to Redefining Outbound, a new series co-hosted by Cognism's sales leaders Jonathon Ilett (VP of Global Sales), David Bentham (VP of Global Sales Development), and Frida Ottosson (VP of US Sales). 

They'll be sitting down with the most forward-thinking sales leaders to explore how B2B buying behaviour has changed. And why sales is naturally in a new era of outbound, because of it.


G.A.S strategy (giving a s***) - How to actually provide value to the sales process

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Everyone talks about adding value to the sales process. But what does that mean, exactly? There's a belief that value has become lost in translation for many sales teams. Well, Jen Allen-Knuth has cracked the code on what it comes back to. It's the fundamental idea of "giving a s***" in sales. She sits down with David Bentham this week, to discuss the importance of buyers being heard, problem-centricity, and more.

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