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Your sales team needs a mobile/
business email address
for inbound leads who have left
a personal email/office number.

Your SDRs

  • Action inbound leads

See the workflow step-by-step

What you'll need

  • Mobile numbers
  • Business email addresses 
  • Our Chrome Extension to enrich account and prospect profiles with advanced company and contact-level information 

What you'll do 

  • Find your inbound lead on LinkedIn
  • Load the Cognism extension to enrich the profile with contact data
  • Export the data to your CRM or Sales Engagement Platform
  • Use the refreshed/enriched data to start a conversation
  • Marketing benefits from accurate data for their nurture sequences

How you'll do it

Who used it & real-life benefits

I can confidently say that the number of Cognism contacts that successfully qualified to a revenue generating opportunity and moved through the buying journey was higher than any other provider we tested. This ultimately convinced the wider business and senior stakeholders to switch to Cognism.
Joe Mackay, Marketing Operations Manager
worth of opportunities generated in 2 weeks
ROI has been proven

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