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Enrich prospect records with actionable data without leaving Outreach

  • Get through to strategically important prospects (who are sometimes not opening or responding to your emails)

  • Multi-thread your deals to ensure the relationship and communication with the account isn't limited to a single stakeholder

See the workflow step-by-step



You work in

  • Business Development

  • Account Management

You are

  • using Outreach 

You need to

  • Enrich and export prospect data without leaving Outreach

  • Get accurate mobile numbers for prospects 

  • Find additional stakeholders and their contact info so you can start a relationship at several different levels without leaving Outreach

What you'll do 

  • Open the Chrome Extension on the contact record you want to enrich and export the data without leaving Outreach

  • In case of a missing mobile number - request Cognism to source and phone-verify a prospect's mobile number on demand 

  • Use the Chrome Extension Coworkers tab to find the contact info for additional stakeholders and start a relationship at several different levels

How you'll do it


Who used it & real-life benefits

Cognism has a direct integration with Outreach. You can immediately plug all of your prospects from Cognism into the software and add them to sequences. Most of our pipeline is generated through this integration. It’s really seamless.
Sales Impact Academy
Lianna Lachappelle, Global SDR Manager

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