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Prioritise accounts based on readiness to buy

Time is limited! Work smarter, not harder.

This playbooks shows you how to use intent data to target accounts already showing interest in solutions like yours to save everyone's time.

This technique is perfect for ABM outreach, as well as general sales activity, and capitalises on buyer readiness.

Channels run
  • Chat
  • Email
  • Phone
Playbook impact
  • Maximising those bottom line metrics
  • Knowing when to strike!

Jon Ilett

VP Global Sales

Improving your bottom line metrics like ACV 📈
Perfecting your techniques to get ahead of competitors 👩‍💻
Learning to work smarter, not harder 🥸
Increasing upsell opportunity and driving product value 🏎️

Let's jump in 👇🏻

What's on this page:

💡 Step 1: Outlining what you are looking to achieve 🤔

  • So, you’re struggling to strike when the time is right and make an impact with your target accounts. You’re hearing a lot of ‘Sorry, this isn’t in our budget this quarter’ or ‘Call back in the new year, I’ll know more then’ or ‘We’re in a late stage with *COMPETITOR NAME* unfortunately’… it sucks right?
  • What if you were able to predict the exact time you needed to initiate conversation, introduce your solution to their problem, and be the first to the finish line? Well, you can be.
  • First, however, you need to define what is important to you, and how you rank things such as purchase intent, industry relevance, company size, and other parameters that align with your target ICP.

💡 Step 2: Intent Data + Sales teams = ❤️

  • If you’re already a Diamond Cognism customer - we’re so glad you’re on board. Open Cognism Prospector. Our Bombora integration lives under our Intent tab but is now visible in multiple handy areas of the platform.
  • The easiest route is to remain in Prospector, and head to the ‘Company’ tab.
  • From here, you can apply your saved companies to an intent search and it will display the companies that are showing Company Surges against those topics.
  • For example, in our case, we’d be interested in tracking companies who are trending against topics such as ‘B2B Data’ or ‘Sales Intelligence’ - this makes it clear who is in the market for a solution like ours.

💡 Step 3: Can automation propel things even further?

  • So, you’ve decided on an Intent provider, or even better, a Sales Intelligence platform with Intent built-in cough cough Cognism.
  • Key things to think about is how well your tech-stack ecosystem plays together.
  • If information can be easily push-and-pulled from various providers, it makes the accessibility and actioning of data easy as pie.

💡 Step 4: Personalise your outreach 🎨

  • Developing personalised communications for each of your audience types maintains relevancy across the board. Leverage intent data to understand the pain points of your IC and tailor your outreach in a way that provides them with the solution.
  • Tailor your messaging to address these specific aspects, demonstrating a genuine understanding of their needs. Utilise dynamic content in emails and other communication channels to ensure that your outreach remains relevant and resonates with each lead.
  • For example, imagine you are an intent data provider that’s noticed a company saved under the ‘My Companies’ area of prospector is showing an increased signal for ‘Intent Data’.
  • You know that they are looking to find a solution to their current problems with operationalising and actioning intent data, or their lack of, and can tailor your pitch to solve their issue.

💡 Step 5 | Day 30: Iterate & optimise!

  • The landscape of intent data is dynamic. New technologies, processes, and personalisation tactics always emerge, meaning that new signals and topics do, too.
  • Regularly revisit your sales plays and update your strategy to reflect the change and advancement that takes place.
  • Stay informed on current trends - it pays to be in the know of what your customers are looking to achieve and evolve into.

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