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Using personalised interactive demos to improve inbound meeting requests

Seeing drop-offs from lead to meeting booked?

Natalie Marcotullio, Head of Growth and Operations at Navattic, used this playbook to double her demo completions and increase her lead to meeting booked conversion rate

Industry and company size
  • 11-50 employees
  • SaaS
Funnel stage
  • Lead > Meeting Booked
Playbook impact
  • 6.3x meeting booked MQLs
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Natalie Marcotullio

Head of Growth and Ops @Navattic

Increasing demo completions
Increasing lead to meeting booked rate
Increasing # of MQL turning into opportunities

Let's jump in 👇🏻

💡 What was the problem?

After a scheduled website relaunch, the team at Narvattic noticed a small drop in website visitors:meetings booked. When they dug into this a little further, they realised that there was a drop off in the number of people completing the interactive demo. 

Natalie said:

“We knew that before, around 50% of our book a demo MQLs had been through the interactive demo. Because they get to see the value of Navattic in the interactive demo.”

“So we were trying to solve overall website visitor:book a demo form conversion rate and then more tactically the interactive demo completion rate.”

💡 Planning the experiment

At the start of every quarter, Natalie and the rest of the go-to-market team get together to ideate on any problems that need to be solved. 

The solution in this case was proposed by the product team - having been inspired by Navattic’s own customers.

The team knew that their new interactive demo since the website refresh was longer - against their own advice… but the product had more features that they wanted to show. 

The hypothesis was that with the extended length of the interactive demo might have been overwhelming. Or maybe that prospects felt they were being shown things that wasn’t relevant for their role and therefore dropped off early. 

With this in mind, an experimental solution was formulated.

💡 Personalising the demo experience

Natalie and the team started testing a personalised interactive demo with three options. One for marketing, one for sales and one for growth/product. 

1 (7)

As a prospect enters the interactive demo, they’re asked to pick one of the three role titles. 

Now, some might say that this extra step before viewing the content would add friction. But as a single button to press, it was worth testing to see if this personalised demo experience would make enough difference to the completion rate.

Based on the role the prospect chose, the interactive demo was tailored by:

  • Showing different parts of the platform
  • Customising the narrative of the demo
  • Tailoring language, e.g. sales = prospects, marketing and product = website users
What was even better about this plan was that this small change only took about one week to put into motion before it could be tested. 

This was then A/B tested using Mutiny, splitting users between the old experience, and the new personalised one.

💡 What were the results?

Well, for one - adding the additional button asking which interactive demo user wanted didn’t appear to add any friction. 

Instead, it had a profound impact on the number of people who went on to complete the interactive demo. Because there was an instant sign to those in sales, marketing and product that this product was designed for them.

And anyone who didn’t fit in those role categories were naturally not going to continue to watch the demo, disqualifying themselves.

And otherwise, importantly, the team recorded the following results:

  • 2x lift in demo completion
  • +45% lift in book a demo page views
  • 6.3x increase in the number of meetings booked MQLs
  • And these MQLs also converted to opportunities at a +40% better rate
So the test had the desired impact. Not only did demo completions double, but it also resulted in an increase in the conversion rate to meetings booked.

And these meetings were with quality prospects as they became opportunities at a 40% increased rate.

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