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Hot Leads: How to Attract & Close Them in 2022

What is a hot lead?

Nope, it’s not a prospect you want to ask out on a date.

Unless it's a date to sign your sales contract and officially welcome them to your company as a valued customer 😉.

In sales, a hot lead is a qualified lead that's been through a sales nurture and is highly interested in purchasing your service or product.

So, if you’re keen to discover how to win warmer leads in sales, then read on! We’re covering:

  • The different types of sales leads and what sets them apart
  • Ways to warm up new leads and move them down the funnel till they’re toasty warm and ready to buy

Scroll for more insight and 6 tips for closing these sought after leads 👇

Cold vs warm vs hot leads - what’s the difference? 

Ice ice… Leads?

The leads are getting hot in B2B sales, but what does that mean?

Are they warm, or are they hot? And what’s the difference?

Starting with:

Cold leads

Cold leads are as frosty as Anna’s response to Elsa asking if she wants to build a snowman.

They have no idea who you are.

They’re annoyed that you called them.

They aren’t interested in your product.

And they don’t have time to talk.

These are your cold leads. The leads right at the beginning of your
sales funnel and the ones you have to warm up with your selling prowess.

Warm leads

Warm leads have taken the time to listen to you talk.

They’ve engaged with your content on social media.

They have an idea of who you are, and they’ve accepted your meeting request for a demo.

Hot leads

These buyers know what you’re selling, and they’re very, very interested.

Maybe you’ve put them through a nurture, they've been referred by a friend, or they’ve been following your company for some time and have identified you as the best solution to fulfil their needs.

The point is, being a hot lead means they’re ready to make a purchase.

And it’s your job to seal the deal.

6 easy ways to convert hot sales leads 

The final stage of your sales cycle can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.

Follow the following 6 tips for converting targeted leads, and you’ll be all set to close in no time.

6 tips for converting hot leads infographic

1 - Identify engagement

Remember, a hot lead is already familiar with your product and highly interested in becoming a customer. But, to understand their needs, you need to know what brought them to this point, especially if you haven't nurtured them from cold to hot.

Using a tool like HubSpot, you can identify how your lead has engaged with your website and marketing to make more informed decisions going forward.

For instance, you can discover what interests them the most and use that knowledge to explain why your product is an excellent fit for their business.

2 - Support your product with marketing collateral

This tip works hand in hand with identifying user engagement.

When you know what your buyers like, you can give them more of it.

However, keep in mind that hot leads are already very aware of your product and have likely done a lot of research already.

You'll need to ensure the content you send them isn't a repeat of what they know, but instead supports their decisions to purchase.

This can include pricing information, a demo, case studies, a complimentary trial or product collateral.

3 - Determine a timeline

Most leads who know what direction they want to go in will already be working with a clear timeline and have an expected closing date.  

It's your job as their rep to discuss their timeline with them and ensure everything is finalised on time.

This means taking an in-depth look at how your company can benefit them and clearing away any final hurdles.

4 - Personalise everything

If a hot lead hasn't been through a nurture with you, then it's essential to connect with them as soon as they make contact to avoid losing them.

Another crucial tactic for communicating with hot leads is to personalise everything.

80% of consumers are more likely to do business with companies that personalise their outreach.

You can do this by:

  • Segmenting your email lists to address specific pain points for different companies.  
  • Always tailoring your message to the individual you're reaching out to and their business.
  • Using formulas in emails for names and company names.

5 - Establish trust

Gaining a hot lead outside of a nurture campaign is a rarity.

Most hot leads come from warm leads that have journeyed with you down the funnel.

And this journey has helped build a relationship and establish trust with your prospect.

Gaining a new hot lead's trust will require the same dedication in a shorter amount of time. Here's a list of how you can do it:

  • Show them your product in action with a demo. Here you can identify any features that would satisfy their needs.
  • Use case studies to back up your claims of success.

6 - Utilise your CRM

One of the most important tips for lead generation is to always utilise your CRM.

Sales automation software like SalesLoft is the best way to keep your sales data organised and ready to bring in more revenue.

CRMs assist you in moving your buyers through the funnel by automating specific content and outreach to be delivered at the most optimum time.

Plus, you can rank your leads, making it easier to find hot leads and set reminders to ensure you never let a warm sale melt away ever again.

Closing thoughts 

Hot leads don’t just happen.

They come from effort, brand awareness and dedication.

While most are formed from warm leads already in your funnel, some do come from other sources, like happy customers.

So, be sure to keep your current clients happy.

But, when it comes to generating new sales leads, the key to keeping them interested and converting them into customers is to engage with them.

Work on sharing more hyper-personalised content you know they’ll enjoy and build a trusting relationship for more quick wins.

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