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26 Sales Podcasts You Need to Add to Your Playlist in 2024

How do you get ahead and stay on top in B2B sales?

You have to eat, breathe and sleep sales.

Okay, maybe you don’t have to go that far!

But making a daily habit of listening to one or more of the best sales podcasts 2024 has to offer is a great start.

We know you’re pressed for time, so we tracked down and created a list of 26 of the top sales podcasts right now to help you get started.

Whether you’re new to sales, a manager, a leader or a business owner looking for actionable advice and insight, these podcasts can offer value, humour and a new way of looking at the competitive industry that is B2B sales.

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1. Redefining Outbound

Host: Frida Ottosson

Where to Listen: Apple | Captivate | Spotify

Redefining Outbound is a sales podcast brought to you by Cognism and hosted by our UK and US sales leaders.

In every episode, they sit down with the most forward-thinking sales leaders to explore how and why B2B buying behaviour has changed. They also unpack why these trends are important for today’s B2B companies.

Give it a listen 👇

2. Everything is Sales

Host: Shabri Lakhani

Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify

Everything is Sales is brought to you by Kaspr and hosted by Shabri Lakhani, former CEO and founder of SalesWorks.

Listen to this sales podcast and you’ll hear conversations with sales leaders, giving you actionable insights to improve your skills.

Give it a listen 👇

3. Make It Happen Mondays

Host: John Barrows

Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify

Make it Happen Mondays is one of the best sales podcasts out there if you’re looking for actionable sales tips to help close more business.

John Barrows is a lead generation specialist and the founder of JBarrows Consulting, so there’s no doubt listeners will pick up some fantastic knowledge through his podcast.

4. Sales Babble

Host: Pat Helmers

Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify

If you’re looking for a good beginner sales training podcast, Sales Babble is for you.

Pat Helmers shares how a helping mindset can improve the way you sell, and teaches non-sellers everything they need to know about how to be successful in B2B sales.

5. Sell or Die

Hosts: Jeffrey Gitomer, Jennifer Gitomer

Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify

Sell or Die is a great sales podcast to follow if you’re in the mood for a quick lunchtime listen or only have time for a 10 or 20-minute podcast.

Jeffrey and Jennifer discuss everything B2B sales with inspiring guests in the sales, business and marketing sphere. 

6. The Sales Evangelist 

Host: Donald Kelly

Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify

Another fantastic sales podcast for beginner or struggling sales reps to subscribe to.

Donald helps listeners learn how to find more ideal customers, build stronger value and close more deals.

7. The Advanced Selling Podcast

Hosts: Bill Caskey, Bryan Neale

Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify

One of the top sales podcasts of 2024, The Advanced Selling Podcast has been going strong since 2006 and offers a huge range of episodes to listen to (around 700 and counting!).

Each is brimming with sales insights that tackle topics like forecasting, cold calling and managing sales teams

8. Sales Gravy

Host: Jeb Blount

Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify

The Sales Gravy podcast is one of the best podcasts on sales if you’re looking for a quick nugget of knowledge.

Jeb Blount is an author, speaker and sales expert who shares his advice on everything from sales objections to how to convert more targeted leads and more. 

9. Sales Pipeline Radio

Host: Matt Heinz

Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify

Matt Heinz is a sales strategy expert with experience in both B2B marketing and sales.

This makes Sales Pipeline Radio a true value driver packed with insight. It’s a B2B sales podcast that regularly features a diverse range of guest speakers; a must-listen for any B2B salesperson.

10. Conversations with Women in Sales

Host: Lori Richardson

Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify

2024’s top podcast for women in sales is Conversations with Women in Sales.

A much-needed and long-awaited breath of fresh air. Every episode features a guest speaker who has been doing incredible work in B2B sales. It’s worth a listen if you’re keen to advance your sales career. 

11. Outbound Squad

Host: Jason Bay

Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify

Outbound Squad is a cold calling podcast hosted by sales coach and trainer, Jason Bay.

It’s a great one to subscribe to if you’re a rep who wants to go beyond the script for better sales success. Each episode includes a guest sales expert sharing practical tips for reps at any level. 

12. Selling Made Simple

Host: Will Barron

Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify

Selling Made Simple is an award-winning podcast about sales that has featured NASA astronauts, F1 drivers, Olympic athletes, UFC fighters and the world’s top sales experts as guests.

What can this mish-mash of talent teach a budding sales rep? Everything from how to stay motivated to selling in a  modern, effective, and ethical way.

13. The GTM Podcast

Host: Scott Barker

Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify

The GTM Podcast features interviews with well-known tech executives, VCs, and founders and asks them: what worked, what didn’t and how things actually went down.

Listeners can participate by sending in questions for guests to answer on future episodes.

14. B2B Growth Show

Hosts: James Carbary, Benji Block

Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify

The B2B Growth Show is a sales leadership podcast overflowing with quick, punchy episodes.

It covers everything from building a go-to-market strategy to team-building, creating buyer personas and enterprise sales

15. Self Helpful with Kevin Miller

Hosts: Kevin Miller

Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify

Former pro athlete Kevin Miller speaks to a number of intriguing and inspiring guests, from sportspeople and entrepreneurs to comedians and sales leaders. This podcast is highly motivational, discussing self-improvement and how to develop good habits.

If you’re concerned this won’t be a good podcast about sales, don’t be! They’ve interviewed industry names like Seth Godin and Simon Sinek.

16. Sales Strategy & Enablement

Hosts: Howard Brown, Alastair Woolcock

Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify

In this popular sales podcast, hosts Howard Brown and Alastair Woolcock deliver inspiring conversations with the world’s greatest sales leaders about sales enablement, sales psychology and more.

Recently, it’s had a particular focus on how AI is being used to make sellers more productive and effective than ever before. A timely topic for B2B salespeople!

17. The GaryVee Audio Experience

Host: Gary Vaynerchuck

Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify

As it says in the name, this podcast is hosted by entrepreneur, CEO, investor, vlogger, and public speaker, Gary Vaynerchuk.

Vaynerchuck gets down into the nitty-gritty and isn’t afraid to tell listeners the brutal truth about sales and selling. One of the best entrepreneur sales podcasts out there.

18. Sales Game Changers

Host: Fred Diamond

Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify

On the hunt for the best podcast for sales reps? This one could be it, especially if you’re looking for actionable tips to help you take the next step in your career.

Sales Game Changers explores topics from B2B revenue leaders such as discovery, social selling, leadership coaching and how sales automation software can help sales teams excel. 

19. The Modern Selling Podcast

Host: Mario Martinez, Jr.

Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify 

Host Mario Martinez Jr is passionate about helping sales, marketing, and RevOps teams improve their strategies and develop processes and tactics to get more leads moving down the sales funnel.

The Modern Selling Podcast takes a step back from what’s expected from sales, providing motivational thoughts and leadership advice.

20. Reveal: The Revenue Intelligence Podcast

Hosts: Danny Wasserman

Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify

The Gong team is one of the best in the business, so subscribing to their B2B sales podcast is a no-brainer.

Host Danny Wasserman helps listeners understand how B2B data helps businesses scale and how it powers sales teams. A must-listen.

21. The Official Saastr Podcast

Host: SaaStr

Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify

A sales podcast to rival the best of 2024, SaaStr interviews business leaders to discover their tips, tactics, and strategies for success in the fiercely competitive world of SaaS.

Topics covered include ownership culture, fundraising, working with marketing data, and how to reach your sales goals faster.

22. Practical Prospecting

Host: Jed Mahrle, Sujan Patel

Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify

Hosts Jed Mahrle and Sujan Patel share their experience in sales and provide actionable tips to boost your outbound productivity and success.

New episodes are released every Tuesday - topics covered include time management in sales, value-based selling and writing cold emails that get responses.

23. Mental Selling

Host: Integrity Solutions

Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify

Mental Selling is a show for motivated problem-solvers in sales, leadership and customer service.

This sales podcast taps into the emotional and psychological drivers of success, helping salespeople deliver amazing customer experiences and get the results they want.

24. Sales Lead Dog

Host: Christopher Smith

Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify

On the Sales Lead Dog podcast, CRM technology and sales process expert Christopher Smith talks with salespeople who have achieved leadership roles in their organisations.
If your goal is to rise higher in your sales career, this podcast gives you useful insight into how the best of the best achieve success with their team and CRM technology.

25. 30 Minutes to President’s Club

Hosts: Nick Cegelski, Armand Farrokh

Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify

One of the world’s top sales podcasts, 30 Minutes to President’s Club promises to give its listeners hyper-actionable sales tactics. Zero theory, no nonsense!

Hosted by Nick Cegelski and Armand Farrokh, the show features interviews with sales performers and leaders, as well as Nick and Armand’s own sales playbooks.

26. The B2B Revenue Executive Experience

Hosts: Carlos Nouche, Lisa Schnare

Where to Listen: Apple | Spotify

The B2B Revenue Executive Experience is a podcast hosted by Carlos Nouche and Lisa Schnare, who dedicate each episode to helping executives train their sales and marketing teams to optimise growth.

Whether you’re interested in increasing margins and growing your market share, enabling your teams to compete on value rather than price, hiring new employees, or trying to stay at the forefront of the latest in sales and marketing techniques, this sales podcast will give you the tools and skills necessary to win in a B2B marketplace.

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