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10 of the Best Voicemail Scripts for Cold Calling in 2024

“Hi, you’ve reached… Leave a message.”

80% of the time, this is what you’re hearing at the end of the line as an SDR.

And, most of those calls won’t be returned. 

How can you turn this around?

According to InsideSales, a clever voicemail script can increase your cold callbacks by up to 22%.

So, don’t waste any more time - we’re sharing 10 cold calling voicemail scripts that get responses 👇

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10 Voicemail message examples that work!

If you can’t get through to a sales prospect, don’t be scared to leave a voicemail.

A good voicemail message can increase your chances of getting a callback and creating a connection. After all, leaving a voicemail is standard practice in B2B sales, as it often takes 5 or 6 phone calls to either reach a prospect or stop contacting them.

But how to leave a voicemail that entices rather than annoys prospective customers?

By using a voicemail script, of course! And, we’ve got 10 to share for more effective cold calls:

Voicemail script #1

One of the best voicemails you can leave is to offer a solution to a pain point your buyer might be experiencing. Worst case scenario, they won’t be experiencing the issue you’ve mentioned, but they might be intrigued enough to call you back for more information. 

“Hi (name), this is (your name) from (company). I understand you’re looking for (service) to help solve the (problem) issues you’ve been having. I believe I have a solution that can help. I’ll be in the office for the rest of the day if you’d like to ring me back. My number is (number). Excited to share this solution with you. Bye for now.” 

Voicemail script #2

Similar to an effective sales cadence, mentioning how you’ve helped a company in the same field as your buyer can be a good addition to your cold calling voicemail scripts.

“Hi (name), this is (your name) from (company).  I’ve been working with (similar company) and they’ve (success) with the help of our solution. I’d like to do the same for you. Feel free to call me back on (number), and I’ll be happy to walk you through how everything works. Looking forward to hearing from you. Bye”

Voicemail script #3

Another good voicemail idea is to mention the name of another employee at your prospects' company. Even if you haven’t spoken with them, it will get you past any gatekeepers and allow you the opportunity to start a conversation with your leads and prospects.

“Hi (name), (your name) from (company) here. I’ve been working with (name of someone else in the company) at (company name) and need to chat with you briefly. Please could you call me back on (number). Thanks!”

Voicemail script #4

This voicemail message sample is a great one to use in conjunction with your inbound marketing. By asking for feedback on your content, you can also start a conversation about what content they might find helpful while learning more about their needs.

“Hi (name), (your name) calling from (company) here. I’m calling because you downloaded (name of gated content). I wanted to get some feedback on our content and see if there’s anything else we can offer you to ( value-driver) at (company name). I look forward to hearing from you. Chat soon.”

Voicemail script #5

Confidence is everything, whether you’re trying to handle objections or convert a lead. It’s no different when it comes to leaving a cold calling voicemail. With this voicemail script, your job is to convey enough confidence that your prospect thinks you’ve spoken before, and they valued what you had to say. 

“Hi (name), (your name) getting back to you from (company) here. I was hoping to catch you so we could continue our conversation about (product/service). We’ve just introduced (latest product) which I think you’ll love. I’m available today until 5:30 pm, if you could kindly return my call on (number). That’s (number). Bye!”

Voicemail script #6

When following any script for a sales call, it’s important to get to the point and not waste too much of your prospects' time. The same can be said for voicemail scripts. Keep it short, and the better your chances of getting a callback

“Hi (name), it’s (your name). Could you call me back, please? The number’s (number). That’s (number). Thanks.” 

Voicemail script #7

Another good voicemail script example is to avoid elaborating on why you’re calling. Rather mention that it's regarding a service or product you offer. For example, you're calling about their bookkeeping if you offer software that makes accounting easier. 

“Hi (name), (your name) from (company) here. I need to speak to you about your (service) at (company name). Could you give me a ring back when you get this? Thanks!” 

Voicemail script #8

If you’re wondering how to leave a professional voicemail when prospecting, just be polite. Introduce yourself and who you work for, and mention why you’re calling. Plus, sharing how you’ve helped another company is always gold when cold calling

“Hi (name), (your name) from (number) here. I thought I’d give you a ring because (client company name) just increased (win) by 20% and I know I can help you do the same at (company name). If you could give me a call back at (phone number). Thanks!”

Voicemail script #9

Referrals are great for getting a response from prospects and another good voicemail message to leave. 

“Hi (name), this is (your name) calling from (company). (Name) told me I should give you a call regarding (service/product). Kindly return my call on (number). Again, it’s (your name). Thanks.” 

Voicemail script #10

Some of the best cold calling voicemail scripts convey a sense of urgency. This way, your customers feel they’ll miss out if they don’t return your call before a certain time. You can mention a deal you’re running and put a limit on it. For example, at Cognism we could say that we’re offering 25 free leads but the offer ends that week, to encourage a callback. 

“Hi (name), this is (your name) from (company). We haven’t spoken before, but I thought (company name) could benefit from the promotion we’re currently running. We’re (explain promotion). Please could you call me back on (number). This offer is only valid until the end of the week. bye!”

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The dos and don’ts of voicemail scripts for cold calling

While leaving a cold calling voicemail seems easy enough, there are a number of things you absolutely shouldn’t do if you want to get a callback.

For starters:

1. Don’t pitch your product or service

It’s okay to mention who you work for and why you’re calling, but the moment you start selling is when your prospect will stop listening and press #5 for delete.

Here’s an example of a voicemail message that’s too sales-focused:

“I’m calling from (company name) about our brand new SaaS product offering! We’ve been working on this product launch for months and we’re so excited to finally be able to tell you all about it.  It’s called (name) and it’s (product). Interested? Give me a callback.”

Let’s not even get into how this example is all about the business doing the calling and doesn’t include the buyer or their interests whatsoever. 

2. Sounding generic

Another faux pas you might notice in the voicemail script example above is that the salesperson never mentioned the prospect's name. This can make a call sound generic.

You don’t want to sound as thought you’re following a cold calling script, even if you are! 

It makes it appear as though you’re calling  100 people and saying the exact same thing to every one of them. If you want to get a callback, make it personal. 

3. Leaving a long-winded sales voicemail

Best practice when it comes to leaving a cold calling voicemail is to try and keep your message under 10 or 20 seconds. The moment you go over 20 seconds is the moment you lose the sale.

4. Keeping things casual 

Keeping it cool, calm and collected is great, but when you’re trying to get someone to ring you back the worst thing you can say is, “call me back whenever you can. It’s not urgent.” 

With that frame of mind, they might never call you back. Rather instil a sense of urgency. 

You don’t need to make your cold calling voicemail script sound like it’s life or death, but a simple, “this deal only lasts till Wednesday” or stating that you’ll only be available till a certain time, can hint that time is of the essence. 

5. Using the wrong tone

Following a voicemail message script can be helpful, but you’ll need to practice your tone too. Coming across as cold or bored doesn’t encourage a response while being warm, open and friendly does. 

6. Rushing your contact number

You can follow any of the voicemail ideas listed above, but if you rush through your contact number your chances of getting a response drop drastically. 

7. Leaving one voicemail

While leaving the best message for voicemail can increase your chances of getting a callback, the number of times you leave a message matters too. 

In fact, you’ll have a better chance of getting a response from a prospect if you leave at least 3 voicemails. Here’s an infographic explaining the cold calling statistics

Statistics showcasing the chances of a cold callback after leaving a cold calling voicemail.

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