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10 Top SDR Tips and Strategies for Winning Sales

November 6, 2020

The most important part of B2B sales is closing the deal, right? Or is it though? 🤔

To get to the part where the client actually signs and you close the deal, you need a lot of help along the way - that’s where SDRs come in! Your lead-generating gurus, who face more rejection than success, qualify your leads, and set-up meetings and demos.

Let's hear the best SDR tips and tricks that will help you in your career!

Cognism's SDRs 🦸‍♀️

Cognism is proud to have an incredible outbound sales team behind us, who identify and create sales opportunities. Naturally, we had to chat to some of the best in the biz to learn just how they got us from $0 to $10 million ARR.

Meet the team 🤝

In our very (un)biased opinion, these are the best of the best! Here’s who we chatted to for the inside scoop and top tips for winning at B2B sales 👇

10 SDR tips to succeed in 2022 and beyond 🚀

Or infinity and beyond? 👨‍🚀 These SDR strategies are so good, you never know!

1 - Understand your customers 💡

“You must understand your value proposition by understanding how your current customers use your platform.” - Ashley Corlett

To get it right, use your customers’ insights for your outbound prospecting. Talk to your Customer Success Team and learn from your happiest customers.  

2 - Smile and dial 😁

“Enthusiasm, energy, and smiling - lots of smiling…it’s been the single best way for me to build rapport and, in turn, book a meeting.” - Annabel Jones

On her most positive calls, the feedback Annabel has had was really a testament to the “smile and dial” phrase you may have heard floating around.

Smiling…over the phone? It might sound strange, but Annabel has genuinely had prospects tell her that they love that they can tell she’s smiling when speaking, without even seeing her face!

When you smile, your prospect smiles with you, they may even laugh (at you or with you - it doesn’t matter).  

Getting your B2B prospects to laugh makes them forget about their job title, relax, and forget that they’re being cold called.

They’re immediately interested in what the silly person on the other end of the phone has to say, as we all just need a break from the pressures of work sometimes!

95% of the time as an SDR, you’re going to get told “no” - so always project positivity and warmth. Go into every cold call upbeat and confident. If you sound unhappy or disinterested, your prospect will pick it up.

3 - Listen, don't talk 🤫

“Active listening books meetings!” - Jenny Gray

When cold calling, work on your active listening and let the prospect do most of the talking! This allows you to understand their needs, address them, and book more meetings.

4 - Leverage online video 📼 

“It makes prospects value you and your time more.” - Hattie Pursell

Using video humanises a cold message, puts a face to a name, and makes you stand out in a crowded inbox - everything you want and more as an SDR!

So, why wouldn’t you use it?

Block out some time in your calendar every day to record some personalised video messages.

5 - Send voice notes on LinkedIn 🤳

“It’s an easy and time-efficient way to get your personality across and it really works for me.” - Ollie Pleasants

Sending voice notes to prospects on LinkedIn is a great alternative to a cold connection message, or sending a scripted message via InMail.

The benefit of using voice notes during your LinkedIn prospecting?

It personalises your outreach. The prospect can get more of a feel for who you are, and trust and rapport will grow more quickly.

6 - Remember your ABCs... 👩‍🏫

“ABC - always be closing!” - Daniel Gorrod

The number one goal for an SDR is to close - stay focused on it always!

If a prospect says they’re not available or “Now’s not a good time”, simply reply with:

“Okay, no problem, when works?”

Then send across a calendar invite, and let the prospect know you’re looking forward to chatting with them. Always try to turn an objection around and get that meeting booked!

7 - Prospect to companies, not people 🏢

“Hot tip for SDRs: prospect to more than one person at an organisation.” - Ashley Corlett

It’s likely that the first person you speak to may not be the decision-maker at a company you’re trying to sign.

However, they’re likely to be able to point you in the right direction and give you valuable information.

You can then tailor that information to the company’s needs, and use it when you do get in front of the decision-maker.

8 - Work incredibly hard 🧰

 “Learn to improve…constantly.” - Daniel Gorrod

At the end of the day, B2B sales prospecting is a numbers game - the salespeople with the highest activity are more often than not the top performers.

Keep busy, push yourself to your limits…and then push beyond them! Call as much as you can, take notes and record your calls. Listen back to your best and worst calls. What did you do right, what did you do wrong? Get into a constant cycle of learning and improving.

9 - Keep on top of your admin 📑

“Make detailed notes so you don’t forget anything!” - Daniel Gorrod

Part of being an SDR is being incredibly organised with your sales admin. Set tasks for yourself, use plenty of Post-Its, and remember the small details - they make a huge difference in closing a sale.

10 - Never give up 🥇

Persistence is key. If you make 100 dials a day and don’t speak to someone, keep going, it will happen.” - Ashley Corlett

The hardest part of being an SDR in SaaS sales is the constant rejection you face; the most rewarding part is closing those deals.

If you’re having a bad week, don’t give up. If you’ve had 100 bad calls in a row, don’t throw in the towel. The next one you make will change your life. All you need to do is pick up the phone...

Looking for more hot SDR tips and strategies? 🚀

Well, as we can see, being an SDR is not easy! It takes an incredible salesperson to step up to the plate and fill the role.

Cognism loves making the lives of SDRs easier and helping where we can.

If you’re a sales leader and you want to assist your SDRs, then check out our Outbound Prospecting Playbook. Inside, you’ll find more advice and remarkable tactics to help your team win at outbound sales, every single time.

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