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Outbound Sales Software

Outbound sales is often described as a traditional model of B2B sales. The outbound sales method involves a company pushing a message out to a potential customer. In outbound sales, the company initiates the conversation with a prospective buyer. Outbound methods include cold calling, email marketing, trade shows, advertisements and networking. Challenges include email and cold call blocking, high cost vs. low yield, and difficulties in tracking and analysing results.

Even in today’s connected, online commercial world, outbound sales can still be very useful. It is convenient for companies who are looking to launch new products and services, develop new business streams, or build new markets. This may be because decision makers are less likely to use social media in the same ways as younger employees. Trade shows can be particularly effective in developing valuable outbound sales leads.

Many companies have developed outbound sales software and these products have become very popular for B2B outbound sales teams. Outbound sales software means that the outbound process is being transformed by digital innovation. Email marketing, one of the most important outbound methods, is taking on a new life. Developing clear customer personas enable companies to target marketing messages at the right people, at the right time. Enriched data means that companies can send personalised emails, leading to increases in click-throughs, sales and ROI. Real-time tracking means that your outbound sales teams can act on leads straight away.

How is Cognism relevant?

Cognism is an outbound sales software solution designed to help B2B sales and marketing teams get the most from their outbound process. The two main Cognism products - Prospector and Refresh - are outbound sales software delivered as SaaS. They grant our clients access to a database of 400 million business profiles and 10 million B2B organisations.

Simply by logging in to the native Cognism environment, our clients can explore and take advantage of our unique B2B database. In addition to our outbound sales software, Cognism has pioneered our very own AI engine - Revenue AI. This technology administers the Cognism database, which is composed of 5.6 billion data points which update in real-time as B2B prospects change jobs and companies.

Why choose Cognism?

Cognism outbound sales software is very effective for B2B firms in terms of growing revenue and scaling up. Our outbound automation solutions demand a proactive approach, which involves reaching out to prospects, rather than waiting for the business to come to you. Without huge branding or marketing budgets to generate inbound leads, a company that wants to scale up fast would find Cognism outbound sales software to be the best tool for them.

As proof of effectiveness in deploying outbound sales software, Cognism has achieved growth of over 600% in only one year. This was accomplished through the use of its own tool. Cognism Prospector provides companies working B2B with access to a unique data set of over 400 million business professionals, making the process of outbound lead generation fast and easy. It streamlines and automates outreach, meaning that Cognism’s sales team is able to contact a large number of prospects in a short space of time.

Cognism outbound sales software has helped many start-up and scale-up companies find their target audience and save time on tedious manual tasks.

Cognism's outbound sales software

Cognism Prospector is a GDPR compliant lead generation and outbound sales software solution, powered by our patented Revenue AI technology. It provides outbound salespeople with a more efficient way to prospect, generating contact data at scale and streaming new opportunities into the funnel.

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Cognism Refresh is a powerful platform for managing all data enrichment needs for your outbound sales team. Our pioneering Revenue AI seeks out and targets stale data, filling in any missing gaps in your CRM records and providing you with valuable, actionable information.

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Use Cognism’s native interface or integrate our outbound sales software with your preferred CRM, including major providers such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics and Pipedrive.

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