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Cold Calling

25+ Must-Know Cold Calling Statistics for B2B Leaders [2024]
30+ Key B2B Cold Calling Statistics [2024]
Learn the latest trends and insights from cold-calling statistics. We’ve updated the list with fresh stats from 2024 State of the Cold Calling Report.
Enterprise Sales Cold Calling Script: Prospect Into Enterprise Orgs
Enterprise SDR Katy Mason-Jones gave us the cold calling script she uses to prospect into some of the world's biggest companies. Click to see the script.
Cold calling vs warm calling SEO page_Resource card
What's the Difference Between Warm Calling Vs Cold Calling?
Warm calling vs hot calling vs cold calling: what's the difference and which tactic brings in more sales leads? Click to read!


11 Sales Goals & Examples to Boost B2B Pipeline Performance
Hit your number and achieve your targets. Click to see sales goals and SMART goal examples you need to implement for better pipeline performance.
12 Sales Triggers to Convert Leads Faster
Are you using sales triggers effectively? Click to learn how to spot potential trigger events and how to use them for more revenue wins! Read more!
Resource card-Q1 Prod Blog Tile-01-1
Finding Efficiency in Every Workflow: Q1 '24 at Cognism
Existing workflows turn into operational efficiencies with this quarter's update - dive into the latest from Cognism product in our Q1 recap.


Catch up on these value-packed Loop Live sessions from expert guests, digging into what works today in the modern marketing landscape.

Demand Generation

The Top B2B Marketing Podcasts
The Top B2B Marketing Podcasts for 2024
Listen to the best brains in B2B marketing and their hints, tips & hacks. See our list of the top titles, including Revenue Champions, Exit Five and more.
What is B2B Email Marketing Strategy, Tips and Examples for 2024_Card
What is B2B Email Marketing? Tips and Examples for 2024
Learn everything you need to launch successful B2B email marketing campaigns and increase marketing and sales revenue. Click to read Cognism’s guide!
The Unboring Role Of A B2B Marketer
How to Create Unboring B2B Marketing
B2B marketing is a snooze-fest, right? It doesn’t have to be! See our guide on how to create unboring B2B marketing that engages and delights customers.

Lead Generation

11 Sales Goals & Examples to Boost B2B Pipeline Performance
Hit your number and achieve your targets. Click to see sales goals and SMART goal examples you need to implement for better pipeline performance.
b2b target audience_Resource card copy-1
How to Identify B2B Target Audience & Contact Them?
Identifying your B2B target audience and market helps companies deliver better marketing campaigns to their core customer base. Click to find out more.
Prospecting vs Lead Generation: What’s the Difference?
Prospecting vs Lead Generation: What’s the Difference?
Do you know the difference between prospecting and lead generation? Do you know which would work best for your business? Click to read Cognism's guide.

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Posts by Di Frost

Di Frost is a former content and product marketer at Cognism. She is a creative storyteller and data-driven marketer.

Sales to Customer Success Handoff Template
Cohesion between sales and CS is key to growing your business. In this blog, Cognism's 2 teams share their alignment tips and their handoff template.
How Bad Data Harms Your Sales Team (and How to Fix It)
A company's success rises or falls on the back of data quality. It's essential for sales and lead generation. Click for advice on keeping data actionable.
Cognism is Now ISO 27701 Certified
Cognism has obtained its ISO 27701 accreditation, further strengthening its commitment to data privacy, security, and compliance. Click to learn more.
Cognism Reaches One Million ‘Diamonds’ Milestone
We've verified over 1M ‘Diamond’ contacts since launching our exclusive phone-verified mobile data aka Diamond Data®. Read the full press release.
Cognism Acquires French Sales Prospecting Provider Kaspr
Cognism acquires Kaspr, a Paris-based sales prospecting provider, allowing the company to rapidly expand its database. Click to read the press release.
Sales Strategist Aaron Ross Joins Cognism in Advisory Role
World-renowned sales strategist and leading business author Aaron Ross joins Cognism as a non-executive director. Click to read the press release.
SDR Manager: A Week in the Life
Our SDR Manager of Q4 2021, Hugh Campbell, gives us an inside view of his role and what it entails. Read on to find out more.
A Week in the Life of an Account Executive
Our top AE of Q3 2021, Catherine Gardner, told us about the week in the life of an Account Executive. Read on to get her top B2B sales insights.
4 Things Sales Leaders Should Be Prepping for in 2023
We looked into our crystal ball, and we saw 4 things that will have a big impact on B2B sales in 2023. Click to see Cognism's round-up for sales leaders.

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