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Cold Calling

What to do on a sales call?
The 5 Things You Need to Do on Every Sales Call
Out of the many ways to approach sales calls, we've picked 5 key things to do on every sales call. Don't just wing it - read the rules our SDRs follow.
Death of the office landline_Resource card
Death of the Office Landline
Are office landlines a thing of the past? And if so, is it harder to get hold of crucial B2B decision makers? Click to read Ryan Reisert's insights.
How To Refine Your Cold Calling Process
How To Refine Your Cold Calling Process
Practice makes perfect when it comes to cold calling. Kevin Hopp said it also comes down to knowing the quality of the dials. Read more in this article.


What Do Sales Leaders Want From Marketing_Resource card-2
What Do Sales Leaders Want From Marketing?
Ever wondered what sales leaders want from their company marketing team? Click to read exactly what these experts need and want from marketing.
Accelerating Your Sales Career With Aaron Ross and Ryan Reisert_Resource card
Accelerating Your Sales Career With Aaron Ross and Ryan Reisert
Want to be successful in sales? Learn from the greats! Click to read Aaron Ross and Ryan Reisert's advice for accelerating your sales career.
How to hire and train outbound teams for scalable success_Resource card
How to Hire and Train Outbound Teams for Scalable Success
Hiring and onboarding can be the make or break thing for sales leaders scaling outbound teams. Read more insights from sales leaders in this article.
Cold Calling Live Episode 4 pullthrough


Real world examples from live cold calls.

Live coaching and training from Morgan and Dave.

Demand Generation

The Top B2B Marketing Podcasts
The Top B2B Marketing Podcasts for 2023
Listen to the best brains in B2B marketing and their hints, tips & hacks. See our list of the top titles, including Revenue Champions, Exit Five and more.
6 B2B Marketing Trends for 2023 + Takeaways
6 Key B2B Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2023
B2B success starts with following the trends. Click to see 6 key B2B marketing trends a range of experts predict will make a big impact in 2023!
Leading marketing through a recession with Alice_Resource card copy
Leading Marketing Through a Recession with Alice de Courcy
Leading a marketing organisation is difficult enough without throwing a recession into the mix. Read Alice de Courcy's advice for fellow marketing leaders.

Lead Generation

How to Generate Sales Leads for Your Business?
Learn how to generate more leads for your business in 9 proven ways. We're including expert tips to increase conversions and get more satisfied customers!
The Problem With Gated Content Campaigns
The Problem With Gated Content Campaigns
An email address for some quality content. The perfect transaction! Does giving away contact details mean they have intent to buy? Let’s explore…
The Unboring Role Of A B2B Marketer
The Unboring Role Of A B2B Marketer
B2B marketing is a snooze fest, right? It doesn’t have to be! Free marketers from boring lead gen tasks and let them bring *unboring* to B2B.

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Cognism is Now ISO 27701 Certified
Cognism has obtained its ISO 27701 accreditation, further strengthening its commitment to data privacy, security, and compliance. Click to learn more.
Cognism Reaches One Million ‘Diamonds’ Milestone
We've verified over 1M ‘Diamond’ contacts since launching our exclusive phone-verified mobile data aka Diamond Data®. Read the full press release.
Cognism Acquires Paris-based Sales Prospecting Provider Kaspr
Cognism acquires Kaspr, a Paris-based sales prospecting provider, allowing the company to rapidly expand its database. Click to read the press release.
Renowned Sales Strategist Aaron Ross Joins Cognism in Advisory Role
World-renowned sales strategist and leading business author Aaron Ross joins Cognism as a non-executive director. Click to read the press release.
Sales to CS: How to Nail the Handoff
Cohesion between sales and CS is key to growing your business. In this blog, Cognism's 2 teams share their alignment tips.
How to Run an Efficient, High-output Marketing Team
Our CMO, Alice de Courcy shares her top tips on how to get the most out of your marketing team. Read on to learn how you can do the same.
SDR Manager: A Week in the Life
Our SDR Manager of Q4 2021, Hugh Campbell, gives us an inside view of his role and what it entails. Read on to find out more.
How to Incentivise SDRs
Incentivising SDRs is key to their motivation but what’s the best way to do it? Read on to find out what our panel of B2B sales experts say.
A Guide to Enterprise Lead Generation on LinkedIn
Getting bang for your buck is key to your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Read on for the tips you need to generate quality leads on a budget.

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