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Be relevant to what your future customer already wants

Form more authentic people-to-people connections and improve the quality of your message with a combination of fit and intent.

Intent data

Engage accounts actively searching for your product or service

Closing deals is easier when you’re talking to buyers who are looking for a solution like yours. Illuminate the hidden aspects of the buyer’s journey, start a conversation early on, and become your customer’s first choice before your competitors have a chance to chime in.

Context data

Growth triggers

Be there for your buyers when they’re most likely to buy

Fill your pipeline with real opportunities. Get on the radar of companies that are in growth mode and newly appointed decision-makers who are reviewing their budget and are looking for early wins.


Score & target leads with precision

Get to know your target accounts on a deeper level. Uncover their tech stacks to understand the sophistication of their infrastructure and readiness to invest. Then prioritise and target them with the right message based on competitive insight, use of complementary solutions, and stage of growth.

Data types

See why revenue superstars choose Cognism

Build more authentic & human connections with Cognism