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This is how you connect & win in the attention economy

Hey, revenue teams, we feel you.

AI and easy information access mean customers do 90% of their research before reaching out.

Tight budgets bring more decision-makers into deals, making your job trickier.

In this landscape—with information overload, strict email spam thresholds, compliance concerns, and hybrid work—connecting with decision-makers is challenging.

The good news? Your competitors are in the same boat, facing the same challenges.

To stay ahead: Embrace strategic targeting, quick access to actionable data, and more time for deeper, authentic connections.

Master these, and you're in the lead.

How does getting the data get you the deal?👇

🤔 You need to:
Understand and target your ICP so you’re not forced to use outdated spray and pray tactics

😊 We provide you with:
Tools to refine your ICP and target account list, ensuring a strategic and targeted approach

Enrich existing data

Gain insights into your account and contact makeup, empowering robust analytics.

Find new accounts

Identify good-fit target accounts, showcasing company characteristics and technological landscape for informed engagement.

Save company lists

Centralise key accounts and related information for efficient management.

🤔 You need to:
Find out who, in your ideal accounts, you should be having the conversation with

😊 We provide you with:
The data you need to effectively map out the buying committee, ensuring you engage with the right decision-makers

Seniorities, departments, job titles

Identify key decision-makers and their roles.


Save and share your personas for efficient targeting.

Find best-fit net new contacts by excluding irrelevant records.

🤔 You need:
More data to engage with an expanding group of decision-makers and overcome consensus issues in target accounts

😊 We help you:
Prioritise connections and improve engagement through quality, complete data

Mobile numbers

Reach out and find the right person faster, wherever they are.

More ways to connect

Get a variety of contact info for more diverse touchpoints and reach out to more people in different ways.

Work anywhere

Find additional decision-makers at any point with our browser extension that works anywhere

🤔 You need to:
Get through to buyers earlier in the buying journey and beat competitors to the conversation

😊 We help:
React to market and account changes, enter conversations at the right time, and speed up connections with valuable context

Prioritise and personalise

Have more meaningful interactions by prioritising and personalising based on intent data.

Improve speed to lead

Improve response time to incoming leads with complete, accurate data from the get-go

Nail the timing

Leverage sales event triggers to you align your timing with recent growth milestones.

You need to make all of this happen quicker ☝️

We help set the data foundations, freeing up more time for works that moves the needle: establishing connections, building relationships, and securing the win. 

Cognism is the market leader in terms of accuracy, performance, and speed. I have a big love for Cognism!
Assaf Shutan, Regional Sales Manager
uplift in engagement rates

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