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July 13, 2020

If you work in the industry, you’ll know that selling SaaS is hard work.

The SaaS sector is now bigger than ever before. By some estimates, SaaS is predicted to be worth a staggering $220.21 billion by 2022. New companies are being founded every year. More and more products are flooding the market.

With so much choice available, what does that mean for SaaS sales? Customers often find it difficult to tell one SaaS product from another; your USP isn’t so unique when there are dozens of other products offering the same or similar.

Here at Cognism, our success has been powered by 2 things: our lead generation tech and our unique approach to selling. By focusing on how we sell, not what we sell, in 3 short years we’ve built a SaaS company that now serves 500+ customers worldwide.

In our latest whitepaper, we’re opening our B2B sales treasure chest and sharing our secrets. We’ve outlined 3 simple ideas that will help you formulate a winning sales strategy for SaaS and enable your sales team to outsell the competition at every turn.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • 3 actionable insights for selling SaaS more effectively.
  • Top tips for improving your sales demos and company communications.
  • Advice for using social proof to your advantage.
  • Guidance for changing your sales mindset to focus on pain points and problem-solving.
  • Facts and stats about the past, present and future of SaaS.
  • Infographics, charts and checklists that you can start using today.

“Imagine yourself in the prospect’s shoes. What does your product offer them? What do they want to gain from it? Do they have one specific goal or a multitude of goals? Are they after, for example, flexibility, security, ease of use or value for money?”

“To make your prospect take notice, find out what’s on their mind and relate your product to them.”

Our guide How to sell SaaS is available now! Click the image below to get your free copy.


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