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B2B marketing KPIs: what you need to track

July 24, 2019

The data driven marketing revolution is here: B2B marketing is evolving from an art to a science.

There are many advanced reporting tools now available, including free platforms such as Google Analytics. Marketers are able to measure their performance as never before.

But which metrics do you really need to track? Marketing is, after all, a very broad church, involving lots of interconnected disciplines and functions - from content marketing to B2B lead generation.

Cognism’s Head of Marketing, Alice de Courcy, has given us a list of the B2B marketing KPIs which really matter to her. We’ve put them into a useful infographic for all marketers to use.

B2B marketing KPIs

Those are Cognism’s must-track B2B marketing KPIs. Incorporate them into your B2B marketing operation; measure them regularly and we’re sure you’ll see a swift uplift in your marketing activity! 

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