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15 awesome B2B sales tools

November 25, 2020

Last quarter, we published a list of 20 awesome B2B marketing tools.

So we thought, for this quarter, why don’t we do the same - but for B2B sales?

We asked our 3 Sales Directors - Jonathon Ilett, David Bentham and Nancy Newman - for their thoughts on the best B2B sales tools on the market right now.

These 15 tools cover everything from productivity, communication, analytics and lead generation.

Keep scrolling 👇 for the best-in-class SaaS sales software in 2020 and beyond!

1 - Vidyard


The pioneering online video tool for business. Much more than just a video hosting platform, Vidyard is ideal for B2B prospecting. Salespeople can use it to record and send personalised videos to leads, clients and colleagues.

Jonathan’s top tip for using Vidyard:

“After every demo, send a short bespoke video summary of the meeting. Share it with stakeholders who couldn’t attend but have influence over the deal.”

2 - SalesLoft

Salesloft screenshot

SalesLoft is the top-rated software that helps B2B sales teams close more deals, faster. It provides everything from cadence automation, an integrated dialler for cold calling and powerful reporting and analytics.

Another top tip from Jonathon:

“SalesLoft is great for post-demo nurturing. After you’ve conducted a demo, create a personalised cadence for the prospect, sharing relevant content. We’ve seen very high levels of engagement with this approach.”

3 - Reachdesk

Reachdesk is an innovative direct marketing platform that drives prospect engagement and customer loyalty. Cognism’s sales team uses it to send virtual and physical gifts to key stakeholders - anything from vouchers to cupcakes!

Nancy had this to say about Reachdesk:

“Meeting a new stakeholder for the first time? Why not use Reachdesk to send them UberEats vouchers to enjoy during the meeting? Or to prospects who've returned from holiday, been ill, or had too many on Thirsty Thursday!”

4 - Chili Piper

A smart scheduling app that automates and accelerates the booking process, Cognism Sales has been using Chili Piper since the early days. It works by letting prospects book meetings or start live calls with just a single click.

Back to Jonathon for another sales nugget:

“Based on persona and deal size, Chili Piper automatically sorts new opportunities into our enterprise, mid-market or ramping teams. This ensures fair distribution across the board.”

5 - Gong

Gong screenshot

The undisputed leader in revenue intelligence software, Gong is a truly awesome tool for empowering and enabling outbound sales teams. It captures and analyses every touchpoint in the sales process, delivering real-time insights on meetings, calls and emails.

David gave us a quick tip for using Gong:

“Take snippets from the calls of your high performers and share with those ramping. I’ve found this results in shorter ramp periods.”

6 - Salesforce

It almost goes without saying, but Salesforce is, without doubt, an absolutely essential B2B sales tool. A global, world-beating player in the CRM space, Salesforce is trusted by Cognism to manage our sales and marketing activities.

Jonathon explains how he uses Salesforce at Cognism:

“Create dashboards that are easy for your team to access and visualise. Consult them weekly, if not daily - this allows you to make quick adjustments and optimisations to your strategy.”

7 - GetAccept

GetAccept is an all-in-one sales enablement platform for B2B sales teams. Speed up your sales strategy by deploying personalised videos, live chat and e-signature features. GetAccept’s sales tools have been shown to increase closed-won rates by up to 42%.

Nancy had this tip to share:

“With GetAccept’s deal tracking, your AEs receive real-time notifications whenever a prospect views, downloads, prints, forwards, or signs your sales assets. This helps them follow up at the most optimal times.”

8 - Kluster

Kluster is the smart sales forecasting and pipeline management system. It interprets CRM data, producing insights that streamline your sales operation and make it more predictable. Kluster is available on web or mobile, or as a seamless integration with your CRM.

Jonathon had some thoughts on Kluster:

“Kluster is very useful for identifying which teams are struggling vs their forecast. Once you’ve identified the struggling areas of your business, you can take steps to help them, such as upskilling or providing more training.”

9 - PandaDoc

The B2B SaaS industry’s number one proposal, contract and document solution. PandaDoc simplifies the contract creation and signing workflow, making it predictable, repeatable and scalable.

Nancy sent us this about using PandaDoc:

“Use PandaDoc’s content library to store pieces of information that your team will be using over and over again, like Testimonials or Ts and Cs. This is a great way to ensure consistency across your paperwork.”

10 - Turtl

Turtl is an innovative, intuitive content creation and management software. B2B sales teams can use it to design trackable proposals and other collateral, improving insights into stakeholder priorities and strengthening conversations.

Jonathon is a keen advocate of Turtl:

“We use it at Cognism to create sales decks, presentations and slides. The best thing is that it provides analytics on what sections of our collateral are being looked at and for how long, meaning that we can improve them going forward.”

11 - Mailtastic

Mailtastic is the world’s leading email signature marketing platform. Its solutions are also useful for sales leaders. With Mailtastic, you can centrally manage your employee email signatures, transforming them into a powerful B2B lead generation channel in their own right.

David is a big fan of Mailtastic:

“Think about the number of emails your SDRs are sending every day. It’s probably in the thousands or tens of thousands! Now think about all the things that you can promote using those emails - everything from webinars, whitepapers, events and more. That’s what Mailtastic offers!”

12 - Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is designed for tracking visitors to your website. It tells you the companies that click onto your site, how they found you in the first place and what areas they’re interested in. All useful intel for the modern B2B sales pro!

Jonathon had some best practice advice to share about using Leadfeeder:

“One great feature is the ability to follow specific companies. When you follow a company in Leadfeeder, the platform automatically sends you email notifications whenever the company revisits your site.”

13 - Drift

Drift has developed a suite of conversational sales tools, designed to make prospecting easier and quicker. It provides website visitor analytics, AI chatbots, personalised content and real-time notifications.

Jonathon had this to say about Drift’s chatbot feature:

“Chances are, if you’re a scaling company, you won’t have the manpower to oversee the live chat on your site. Drift automates this function, replicating the behaviour of your top SDRs. The chatbot is always there, handling the workflow and driving conversions.”

14 - Zoom

Perhaps the most indispensable tool on this list right now! When the coronavirus pandemic struck, Zoom became an overnight must-have for companies all around the world. Cognism’s sales team uses it daily to set up video meetings with prospects and colleagues.

David is Cognism’s Zoom super-user and he had this to say about the platform:

“From 121s with your line reports to those Monday morning team meetings and company-wide townhalls, is there anything Zoom can’t do? Now that we’re all working remotely, it’s absolutely essential for maintaining company culture and communications. There is a range of pricing plans, including a free option.”

15 - Slack

Slack is the ultimate company communication and collaboration tool. But it isn’t just for sending memes and cat videos! It can also be used to connect with prospects and customers and grow those all-important business relationships.

Slack is also useful for SDR training, as David explains:

“We’ve created Slack channels for best - and worst! - sales calls. These are updated daily and we use them to coach our new starters in the art of cold calling. I don’t think our sales team would be as good as it is without that ability to easily share knowledge and best practice between us.”

Bonus tools


Screenshot 2022-01-20 at 10.04.26

With many sales reps and AEs now hosting remote meetings with clients and leads, it's never been important for them to have quality recording equipment. Camo enables reps to transform their webcams into high-quality filming devices. Integrates with Zoom.

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