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How Can CMOs Adapt to the Modern Buyer’s Journey?


By: Alice de Courcy
1 minute read

B2B buyers want instant gratification

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The buying journey is not a linear one. Buyers do a lot more of their own research before reaching a purchase decision.

They go between review sites, to social media, emails, blogs, peer recommendations and can be generally pretty unpredictable and untrackable.

This means they want information that allows them to make decisions on demand. Full access and instant gratification. So we ungated all of our content.

They want content to be consumable in channel, zero click content - so we want to offer them value up front on channels like LinkedIn.

They want the option to engage with content in multiple formats, like written, audio and video - so we make sure our content covers these three content types.

The standard buyer’s expectations have increased. Clickbait, high-level, written by a marketer with no subject matter expertise doesn’t cut it anymore.

So we make sure each and every piece of content we produce is value-led, with actionable takeaways and inputted into by a subject matter expert.

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