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Demandism Live

Join your host, Alice De Courcy, and panellists Liam Bartholomew and Fran Langham to discuss everything you need to know about switching from lead gen to demand gen in B2B marketing.

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Your Demand Gen Playlist

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Join us as we discuss how Cognism has shifted away from a traditional lead gen model towards a brand new demand generation strategy 👇

Episode 1

The beginning of Demandism 

Our first session focused on why and how we made the move from lead gen to demand gen, including ways to convince your C-Suite why this is a good idea. 

Episode 2

A deep dive on content & SEO

Our second episode focused on SEO in the modern demand gen era. We discussed how to approach blog & B2B content to build demand, using emails and email nurtures, and how to launch paid demand gen experiments with real examples. 

Episode 3

Using a subject matter expert to power your content engine

The third episode focused on Cognism's content engine, including content ideation, production,  categorisation, activation and delivery. Including a feature on the  Subject Matter Expert from special guest speaker, James Sutton.

Episode 4

Knowing when & why to rebrand 

The fourth episode will look at Cognism's recent rebrand, including strategical insights from Alice De Courcy, Fran Langham and Liam Bartholomew. Some of the things covered include getting out of brand limbo, pre-kick off work needed for a rebrand project, and learnings from our recent rebrand that launched earlier this month.

Episode 5

Content Distribution 101 

For episode 5, we're tackling Content Distribution, with special guest speaker Binal Raval, SEO & Content Executive at Cognism. 

You've seen the LinkedIn posts:
Create once, distribute forever" "Distribution is queen"

"Posting to the blog isn't enough"
Great soundbites. But they don't answer the question:
How do you actually DO distribution? Find out now.

Episode 6

Rescuing marketers from B2B boredom

B2B marketers, are you sick of being called boring?

Same! Becuase we're not boring. 

E-books are boring. Gated content is boring. *Lead gen* is boring.

And sure, everyone is screaming "UNGATE YOUR CONTENT"

...but no one says what comes next?

That's what we tackled live on this episode of Demandism. Get our take on how to build a B2B marketing engine (that doesn’t bore people to tears!)

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