Demandism Live

Join your host, Alice De Courcy, with panellists Liam Bartholomew and Fran Langham from Cognism to discuss everything you need to know about switching from lead gen to demand gen in B2B marketing. 

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Demandism Live

Episode 1

For our first session, we focused on how to make the switch from lead gen to demand gen. This included a look at how to do DG reporting and so much more.



Demandism Live

Episode 2

The second episode focused on how to use a demand gen strategy for SEO and Blog purposes, as well as a paid experiment case study, and masterclass on email nurtures for demand gen. 

Demandism Live

Episode 3

The third episode focused on Cognism's content engine, including content ideation, production,  categorisation, activation and delivery👇 Including a discussion about the  Subject Matter Expert from special guest speaker, James Sutton.