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15 Best Buyer Intent Data Providers [2024]

🔮 What if there was a way to know what your customers are thinking?

Well, sales intent data can provide the answers that you seek.

Intent data (or buyer intent signals) allow marketers to track customers' digital activities. It gives you insight into their level of interest in your product. 

When you understand these signals, you can engage prospects more effectively, increasing the conversion odds. 

Ultimately, by better understanding their needs, you can drive sales faster. 

Who sells the best intent data?

We’ve done the hard work for you and whittled it down to the very best intent data providers.

There are plenty of options on the market - but these are the ones worth considering.👇

1. Cognism

Cognism is a sales intelligence platform with company and contact data. It also embeds intent data provided by Bombora.

The latter enables you to find organisations in your ICP that demonstrate real intent to buy. Cognism dynamically enriches this intent data with the key decision-makers' B2B emails and cell phone numbers. This unique combination allows for targeted prospecting and efficient lead generation.

For example, your sales team can identify companies searching for your or your competitor's solution and intercept them earlier in their buying journey.

Check out our product tour 👇 or ask sales about our package.

Best features:

  • Choose from 12,000+ B2B intent data topics to track
  • Track in-market accounts (EMEA, NAM, APAC coverage)
  • Connect with the buying committee with phone-verified prospect's cell phone numbers and validated B2B emails
  • Seamless integrations with your current tech stack (Salesforce, HubSpot, Outreach, and more)
  • CCPA and GDPR compliance

How much is intent data?

Cognism offers two types of licences priced per seat. They suit individual contributors and teams with bulk list-building and exporting workflows.

To get intent data and phone verified cell phone numbers, ask sales about our Platnum licence.

Intent data pricing

Here's what our customers say:

2. Bombora

Bombora’s buying intent data is up-to-date, premium quality and built on consent. 

A co-op system powers it; data is not siphoned or scraped. 

Bombora tracks prospects’ digital journey across a vast network of 5000+ B2B websites. These signals empower sales and marketing teams to focus their resources on companies that are in the market to buy. 

Bombora supplies an exclusive dataset - 70% of the data collected isn’t available anywhere else! This intent data provider takes into account the typical content consumption in a given company. Anything that's significantly above that threshold is flagged as intent.


(Source: G2)


  • 12,000+ intent topics
  • Consent-based data is collected from a cooperative of 5,000 B2B sites, where B2B buyers search for solutions
  • 70% of its dataset is exclusive to Bombora
  • Considers the historical baseline or typical content consumption when calculating intent


  • Easy to run and review reports
  • Good CRM integration
  • Excellent customer service

Price: Not available publically.

As mentioned earlier, Cognism and Bombora partnered to provide the best contact and intent data for targeted prospecting. Click the link below to find out more 👇


3. Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics helps fuel marketing campaigns with high-intent first-party data that converts and uplifts B2B marketing results.

It’s a good intent data solution, providing real-time prospect identification and a deeper insight into your customers’ online buying behaviour.

B2B intent data provider - Lead Forensics.

(Source: Lead Forensics)


  • Real-time prospect identification
  • Paid search keyword identification
  • Lead analysis


  • Easy-to-navigate platform
  • Accurate visitor behaviour tracking
  • Helpful in-depth reporting

Price: Not available publically.

4. Demandbase

Demandbase is an intent data provider for reaching prospects close to making a purchase. It reveals who's showing interest in your software and others like it.

Demandbase offers a comprehensive suite of products. Alongside Account Intelligence, there is Advertising Cloud and Sales Intelligence Cloud.


(Source: G2)


  • Real-time intent
  • AI-driven account identification
  • Account-based advertising


  • User-friendly interface
  • Concise ad targeting and budgeting
  • Person-based ad targeting

Price: Not available publically.

5. Triblio ABM Platform

Triblio is a platform for account based marketing (ABM). It allows you to reach your priority accounts with topics that truly resonate. 

Triblio’s proprietary B2B intent data database can predict accounts that are actively in market. 

This data compliments your own first-party data and can be used to convert more stakeholders in your target ABM accounts.

Triblio ABM Platform

(Source: G2)


  • Ad campaign creation
  • Display advertising
  • Web Personalization


  • Easy to use
  • Lots of targeting options
  • Excellent reporting

Price: Not available publically.

6. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo provides real-time B2B intent data signals and allows you to build automated workflows that integrate into your tech stack.

You can also use ZoomInfo to enrich existing customer records with intent data and firmographics. 


(Source: ZoomInfo)


  • List quality
  • Company information
  • Filters and segmentation


  • Business hierarchy information
  • Automated workflows
  • CRM integrations

ZoomInfo pricing plans: Not available publically.


7. Lead Onion

Lead Onion helps B2B companies to drop high-intent prospects into their marketing and sales funnel. It is a B2B data solution, sales enablement and lead intelligence platform

It contains built-in communication tools so marketers can contact the most interested leads. Lead Onion also provides resources alongside the product, such as best practices, tutorials and case studies.

Lead Onion

(Source: G2)


  • Unlimited contact storage 
  • Contact lists that match your buyer persona
  • Advanced segmentation tools


  • Straightforward to use
  • Accurate intent data 
  • Website, social and topic B2B intent data

Price: £500 - £5000 per month.

8. 6sense

6sense is a comprehensive ABM platform and intent data provider. It identifies the best accounts, contacts, and time to reach out.

6sense has intent signal and predictive capabilities, and insights from the platform allow you to create personalised experiences.

Screenshot 2023-10-09 at 14.28.04

(Source: G2)


  • Use AI to predict the optimal time to engage with leads
  • Information on the prospects’ buying team
  • Committed customer service team


  • Detailed segmentation
  • Great onboarding and customer support
  • Deep behavioural insights

Price: Not available publically.

9. DemandScience

DemandScience is a B2B marketing platform that assists with data and lead generation. It speeds up the sales process by identifying buyers with real intent to buy.

The software enables you to enrich your own data sets and access analytics. The forecasting component helps you to make informed decisions with intent data.


(Source G2)


  • GDPR compliant
  • 70 million vetted contacts
  • Target users that are a good fit with their tech stack


  • Excellent UX
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Great customer success

Price: Not available publically.

10. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder provides information on which companies visit an organisation’s website. As well as identifying website visitors, it reveals user behaviour. This allows you to focus your energy on high-intent leads.

On top of this, Leadfeeder synchronises directly with your CRM. 


(Source G2)


  • Identify companies to target
  • Create B2B intent data reports on visitors
  • Rank leads based on engagement 


  • Intuitive workflows
  • Data updates in real-time
  • Helps close more sales

Price: $0 to $79 per month.

11. provides high-intent leads, as well as their contact information. Information about the specific action(s) causing the intent signal is available. 

Some vendors only provide intent data at the account level, which can lead to guesswork! The contact information from includes the individual's name, phone number, email address and socials.




  • Intuitive to use 
  • Transparent process for sourcing buyer intent data 
  • Customisable filters

Price: Not available publically.

12. Datarade 

Datarade is a platform that enables marketers to source buyer intent data from 2000 data providers to engage with quality leads.

It contains a search engine tool to help organisations find data that meets their needs.


(Source: G2)


  • Global market insights
  • Extensive data categories
  • Expert help with optimizing B2B intent data


  • Comprehensive lead info
  • 210 different categories
  • Sourcing advice

Price: Free, but commission paid upon purchase.

13. G2 

G2 is a powerful B2B software review site; around 100,000 unique companies are on the platform. (owned by G2) is where you create a profile for your software. This is where B2B intent data comes into the equation. You can discover companies searching for the type of solution you offer. G2 sources this intent data by finding people looking at software reviews that interest them.

G2 is free initially, but its cost increases as your business grows.


(Source: G2)


  • Multi-channel attribution
  • Integrations with many tools
  • Churn risk insights
  • Multi-channel attribution


  • Advanced filters
  • Significant reach
  • Great customer success

Price: Free initially, but cost increases in bands depending on your company size. The cost of these bands is not available publically.

14. TrustRadius for Vendors

Like G2, TrustRadius is a review platform for B2B software companies and an intent data provider. The site has over 12 million annual visitors.

With the Ultimate+ package, vendors have access to category-level intent data. This allows vendors to target visitors to their own product pages and those of competitors.

Screenshot 2023-10-09 at 14.30.38

(Source: TrustRadius)


  • Embed reviews on your website
  • Intent data 
  • TrustQuotes Library


  • Simple UI
  • Well structured
  • Personalised support


  • Customer Voice: Starting at $2,000 (2-year contract rate).
  • Ultimate: Starting at $2,600 (2-year contract rate).
  • Ultimate+: Starting at $3,600 (2-year contract rate).

15. Lusha

Lusha is a B2B contact information provider that supplies intent data. 

Lusha has a Chrome extension, allowing you to quickly access your prospect’s contact details. 

Lusha now also provides intent data, which identifies companies searching for a solution you offer. This enables sales to reach out when it’s relevant to do so.



  • Good UI
  • Responsive customer service
  • Integrations

Price: $0 to $69+ per month, per user.

What is an intent data provider?

It’s a powerful resource that enables you to better understand your customers at scale.

With B2B intent data, you can identify:

  • Customer needs
  • Customer interests
  • Purchasing behaviour

Armed with this information, you can adjust your sales and marketing game plan. It allows you to target potential customers at the right time and with the right message. It’s a refined approach 👌

What should you look for when choosing intent data software?

The buyer intent data software market is a competitive space. 

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when looking for the right one for your business. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

These are the key factors to remember:

  • Reporting - Analytics help track progress, evaluate campaigns and inform strategy. Make every moment count!
  • Customisation - Powerful filters and segments help you accurately reach your desired audience.
  • Integrations - Compatibility with your tech stack is important; always check for this.
  • Pricing - Consider whether you’re getting value for money by weighing the features against their monthly cost.
  • Reviews - There's real value in checking out online reviews. They provide a sense of features, how the tool works and the support on offer.

Are you fed up with disinterested leads?

Nobody’s happy when their pipeline dries up - but we’re here to help.

By now, you’ve probably realised that an intent data provider is the way forwards. Especially when coupled with accurate contact information. 

Why not work with the best?

Click below to find out how Cognism can turbocharge your outreach 👇


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