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B2B Data Providers & Companies in the UK Now

As you may have noticed, data providers based outside the UK don’t always focus on covering European markets. And if they do, they may ignore strict compliance rules in the EU. 

Whether you want to expand to a UK audience or break into the region, you’ll need GDPR-compliant contact data. UK data providers understand its importance for prospecting in Europe better than those based overseas.

In this article, we’ll review B2B data providers in the UK and explain what to look out for when choosing one.

1. Cognism

Headquartered in the UK to fill the gap of good quality B2B data

Cognism is the leading EMEA data provider based in the UK. It provides GDPR-compliant contact data, allowing companies to prospect in multiple European markets.

Cognism is also the #1 mobile phone data provider on the market. It has two times more mobile numbers than other prospecting databases. And we’re working on expanding the coverage even further.

You can access the data through our web platform and Chrome Extension or enrich data through integrations with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and CRMs.

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What makes Cognism a leading UK data provider?


*Our phone database is checked against multiple Do Not Call (DNC) registries in the UK (TPS and CTPS), Germany, France, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Sweden, Belgium, and around the world, including the DNC lists US, Canada, Australia. We are working towards registering in other DNC registries around the world.


  • Full access to quality data without extra charges in all packages
  • Unrestricted views and individual & page-level exporting (up to 25 records at a time)*
  • Licences priced per user suitable for individual prospecting and operational workflows to allow for building and exporting large lists

*Subject to fair use

What is the best UK contact database provider?

A recent CB Insights report based on interviews with software buyers who recently evaluated data providers stated, “UK-based Cognism wins out for its European data & GDPR compliance”. The interviews were conducted with Pavilion members—a global community for TM leaders, CEOs, and their teams.

Looking for a B2B data provider in Germany?

What do our customers say?

Assaf Shutan, Regional Sales Manager at Coralogix, said Cognism's Diamond Data® helped them expand to EMEA. 

Cognism also provides high-quality data for other parts of Europe.

Filipa Enes, Sales Administrator at simpleshow based in Berlin, their German sales team struggled with ZoomInfo’s European data quality in the DACH region, so they booked a demo with Cognism.

2. Kaspr

Based in France

Kaspr is an all-in-one tool for individual prospecting on LinkedIn and automating LinkedIn outreach, from connection requests to integrations. Its Chrome Extension works on LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter Lite. However, it doesn’t have a platform for building HR email address lists.

It’s an affordable solution for recruiters and SDRs who need European contact data. It’s GDPR and CCPA aligned.

Learn more about Cognism vs Kaspr differences.


  • Kaspr provides 4 pricing packages, including a Free Plan, Starter, Business and Organization
  • Kaspr's pricing plans are credit-based.

3. Data providers outside the UK

Other data providers outside the UK, such as, ZoomInfo or Lusha, offer EMEA B2B data. However, their coverage in the region is not as strong as Cognism’s, or they charge extra for data outside the US.

Some companies that use these providers in the US choose Cognism as a supporting data provider in the UK. Regional teams turn to Cognism when they need more European coverage from their existing provider or when their legal teams require strict compliance with GDPR law.


💡 Visit direct comparison pages to learn more about each competitor’s EU/UK data:

What to check when choosing a data provider in the UK and Ireland?

If you’re looking for a UK data provider, here are some questions you might ask during a sales call:

  • What is your coverage in Europe?
  • How many B2B contacts do you have in the UK?
  • What’s your emails/mobile numbers/direct dial accuracy?
  • Is your data compliant with GDPR?
  • Do you provide consent-based intent data?
  • What are your platform’s filtering options?
  • How many cell phone numbers do you have?
  • Do you integrate with my current tech stack?
  • Is your platform easy to use?
  • Is your customer support helpful?

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Cognism gives you access to a global database and a wealth of data points with numbers that result in a live conversation.

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