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What is sales acceleration?

Sales acceleration is a term that refers to the speeding up of the sales process, thereby allowing sales teams to win more deals in less time. It involves a number of different disciplines, from outbound sales to the adoption and implementation of sales tech.

In recent years, an entire software category has emerged around sales acceleration. There are tools out there that aim to speed up conversions at every stage of the sales cycle. They do this by delivering better buyer interactions. 

This article will delve into sales acceleration, its benefits plus a list of notable tools.

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What are the benefits of sales acceleration? | What are the different types of sales acceleration? | What are the best sales acceleration tools? 

 | Cognism = the ultimate sales acceleration tool |

What are the benefits of sales acceleration?

Sales acceleration shortens your B2B sales cycle so you can convert more prospects into customers over a shorter period. This enables your organisation to achieve sales goals and grow more quickly. 

The ultimate benefit of sales acceleration is a smooth-running sales machine, with better conversion rates across the sales funnel

There are many more benefits of sales acceleration, including:

More productive reps

Sales acceleration tools automate many of the manual tasks reps have to complete, meaning they can spend more time with customers. Of course, more productive reps mean happier reps - and more revenue.

Better insights

Sales acceleration helps sales teams become more data-driven, producing insights at every stage of the cycle. With sales acceleration, you can do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Sales and marketing alignment

Sales acceleration helps B2B marketing teams create materials for salespeople. Sales can utilise these materials to engage with potential clients and drive responses.

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What are the different types of sales acceleration?

Because sales acceleration works throughout the sales process, there are a vast number of activities for salespeople and RevOps professionals to perform. Technology powers a great deal of these activities. 

Some of these activities include:

  • Conversation intelligence – Recording cold calls, transcribing and analysing them.
  • Digital sales room – A means of saving all digital interactions with your prospects in the cloud.
  • Email tracking – Collecting email analytics such as open rates and clickthrough rates.
  • Lead matching – Matching new leads to existing accounts in your CRM, then assigning them to the right salespeople.
  • Call tracking – Speeding up outbound phone calls through the use of tools such as auto-diallers.
  • Presales – Boosting engagement at the top of the funnel.
  • Sales coaching – Upskilling your salespeople and helping them to focus on the right areas for improvement. 
  • Sales enablement – Collating all your sales and marketing content in one place so your team can refer to it and use it to help them sell. 
  • Sales engagement – Integrating your sales channels to streamline the customer journey.
  • Document generation – The production of branded documents, including proposals, decks, pricing slides and contracts.
  • Performance management – Tracking your reps’ results throughout your sales cycle, so you can pinpoint areas to improve.
  • Training and onboarding – Delivering bespoke coaching materials to your reps, meaning they can ramp up quickly.

What are the best sales acceleration tools?

These are 10 of the most well-known sales acceleration solutions currently on the market. Could any of these be the key to speeding up sales in your organisation?

HubSpot Sales Hub

Sales Hub is a simple (yet extremely powerful) sales tool and CRM that incorporates features including sales engagement and digital sales room functionality. 

It helps sales teams provide an end-to-end customer experience in one place, minimising the need to switch tools and speeding up the sales process. 


Gong is one of the most popular conversation intelligence solutions on the market. It automatically captures and analyses your reps’ interactions with customers, delivering valuable insights so you can plot the best course of action. 

Call recording software like Gong is also priceless for coaching and training.


Salesloft is a sales engagement platform that helps teams drive better revenue outcomes by keeping more of the sales process in one place. 

With Salesloft, your reps can perform all of their selling tasks, including interacting with prospects, while receiving real-time coaching and insights to help them execute better.


Outreach claims to be the only sales platform that combines sales engagement, conversation intelligence and revenue intelligence all in one solution. It helps you work smarter and faster by enabling better interactions with prospects and customers. 

Outreach is highly rated for its email tracking and sales engagement features.


GetAccept is a digital sales room solution focusing on possibly the most crucial stage of your sales cycle – the close. 

With GetAccept, your reps can share sales proposals (including video), design contracts and even receive eSignatures that mean you’ve won the deal. This helps you create the smooth customer experience today’s buyers demand.

Chili Piper

Chili Piper is a powerful lead matching solution that helps teams maximise their productivity.

Teams that use Chili Piper see an uplift in the number of meetings booked by their reps as they are automatically routed to the right place.


Jiminny delivers intelligent insights into your reps’ conversations with customers, creating coaching opportunities, boosting collaboration and ultimately, driving revenue.

It integrates with your CRM, showing you where you need to coach each individual rep in your team to achieve the biggest impact. 


Seismic is a sales enablement and engagement solution that helps marketers and salespeople deliver optimal buying experiences for their customers.

The platform excels in organising content, making it easy for reps to locate the most effective materials, directing them to prospects and tracking responses. 


Mindtickle is a sales training solution that your reps will actually adopt. Why? Because it helps them win deals (and make target)!

With sales enablement, content management, call recording and coaching tools all on one platform, Mindtickle is there to keep your reps in a constant state of sales readiness. is a conversation intelligence platform that helps sales leaders boost their reps’ performance. 

It does this by showing what the highest achievers say to their prospects. When you can actually hear the voice of the customer, it can make a difference across your entire organisation.

Cognism = the ultimate sales acceleration tool

All those solutions are great, but Cognism is the number one addition to your sales acceleration stack.

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