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Sales Acceleration

Research shows that the number of salespeople making their quota has declined since 2012. And the same goes for revenue plan attainment. In competitive B2B markets, it’s estimated that sales deals take an average of 84 days to convert. How can the B2B sales process be sped up so that deals can be closed more efficiently? The key is basing all decisions and approaches on proven research, analysis and tools.

What is sales acceleration?

Sales acceleration is a concept that has grown in importance over recent years. It’s about making your sales process faster. It takes a standard sales process, identifies areas for improvements, and then finds ways to speed the whole thing up.

Sales acceleration encompasses the following activities:

  • Revamping the sales process in order to reduce inefficiencies.
  • Testing new technologies that might refine one or all elements of the sales process.
  • Putting in place new ways of working or providing training to make sales calls more effective.
  • Aligning sales and marketing so that all prospects and customers feel nurtured.

How is Cognism relevant?

Cognism provides sales acceleration solutions that benefit all parts of the sales funnel. It impacts on three key areas:


Data is the fuel for B2B sales acceleration. Data tells you where you should be focusing your sales efforts at all times. At the very top of the sales funnel, you need the most accurate up-to-date information on your target profiles, industries and organisations.

Cognism can provide B2B sales teams with accurate, fresh and real-time business data. It helps you locate your ideal customers out of a global database of 400 million B2B profiles and 10 million companies. This means you will be selling to the right people, saving you time and effort.


Cognism’s sales acceleration technology speeds up the sales process by automating everyday tasks. It performs these tasks quicker and more reliably than doing so manually, freeing up your time so you can concentrate on the vital tasks of engaging with leads and closing deals.

If the data captured in your CRM isn’t complete or up-to-date, Cognism can fill in those missing gaps for you. Cognism’s data enrichment solutions are proven to cut the time spent on manual data entry and updating by up to 22%.


Cognism supplies solutions that allow B2B sales reps to create a personalised experience for their prospects. Through Cognism’s seamless email integrations, including with the two major providers Microsoft Outlook and Gmail, hundreds of personalised sales emails can be sent per day. With every email containing the receiver’s name, this makes it up to 35% more likely that the email will be opened and read.


Cognism’s video integration is another excellent sales acceleration tool. It’s a great way for B2B salespeople to communicate with their leads quickly and clearly with personalised videos. Video has been proven to accelerate the sales cycle - 90% of customers say that watching videos helps them to make purchasing decisions.

Sales triggers

Sales triggers are a useful means of acquiring personalised information on your ideal prospects and accounts. For example, you can use them to find out when a target company has just moved headquarters, or just received a new round of funding. B2B sales reps can take advantage of this information to contact leads when they would be most likely to buy.

The benefits of using Cognism

Here are some benefits to using Cognism’s sales acceleration platform:

  • Cognism’s database gives you access to 400 million business and employee profiles. Find your ideal buyers on an international scale quickly and simply.
  • Use Cognism to refresh the data in your CRM. Cognism will fill in any missing gaps, making sure your data is always up-to-date.
  • Cognism supports integration with most CRMs, including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Microsoft Dynamics. Import data and find missing information and contact details, accelerating the sales process.

Cognism's sales acceleration products

Cognism Prospector is a GDPR compliant sales acceleration solution, powered by our patented Revenue AI technology. It provides B2B salespeople with a more efficient way to prospect, producing contact data at scale and streaming new opportunities into the funnel.

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Cognism Refresh is a powerful platform for managing all your data enrichment needs. Cognism’s pioneering Revenue AI seeks out and targets stale data, filling in any missing gaps in your CRM records and providing you with valuable, actionable information ready to accelerate the B2B sales process.

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Use Cognism’s native interface or integrate our B2B sales acceleration solution with your preferred CRM, including major providers such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics and Pipedrive.

Accelerate your sales with Cognism.

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