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Outbound Sales Automation

Outbound is often described as a traditional mode of sales and marketing. It is where a company pushes a message out to a potential customer. In this model, the company initiates the conversation with a prospective buyer. Outbound methods include cold calling, email marketing, trade shows, advertisements and networking. Challenges include email and cold call blocking, high cost vs. low yield, and difficulties in tracking.

Outbound is being transformed by digital innovation. Email marketing - one of the most important outbound methods - is taking on a new life. Developing clear customer personas enables companies to create targeted marketing messages. Enriched data (data that has been processed in order to enhance, refine or otherwise improve it) means that companies can send personalised emails, leading to increases in click-throughs, sales and ROI. And real-time tracking can mean that your B2B marketing and SaaS sales teams can act on leads straight away.

How is Cognism relevant?

Outbound sales automation is the next step in the evolution of outbound sales and marketing. It is there to take manual tasks away from marketing and sales teams, making them quicker and more reliable. Automation helps to manage working time more effectively and allows people to concentrate on functions that only humans can do (e.g., building relationships with prospects and closing deals).

Cognism is the perfect way to incorporate outbound sales automation into your sales and marketing process. It can help salespeople with B2B lead generation by granting them access to an international database of B2B employee and company profiles. It can assist marketers by providing a platform to send out personalised emails in bulk to their target lists (increasing open and response rates). It also allows B2B sales and marketing teams to take advantage of event-based triggers, which pinpoint the precise moments when a prospect would be most likely to buy (for example, if a target account has just received a new round of funding, or hired a new CEO).

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Why choose Cognism?

There are many benefits to using Cognism as your outbound sales automation solution:

  • Build detailed buyer personas of your ideal customers and search for others just like them.
  • Cognism’s B2B data is fresh, accurate and compliant. Work with verified business email addresses and phone numbers, enabling more effective email outreach and cold calling.
  • Use information from your data to personalise content for outbound campaigns, or to personalise your sales message so that it’s relevant for each individual prospect.
  • Launch multi-step outbound email campaigns, targeted at your business prospects.
  • Integrate Cognism with your preferred email inbox, including all the most popular providers. This ensures your email campaigns can be run and tracked from your personal address.

Cognism's outbound sales automation solution

Cognism Prospector is a GDPR compliant outbound sales automation solution, powered by our patented Revenue AI technology. It provides B2B salespeople with a more efficient way to prospect, producing contact data at scale and streaming new opportunities into the funnel.

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Cognism Refresh is a powerful platform for managing all your data enrichment needs. Cognism’s pioneering Revenue AI seeks out and targets stale data, filling in any missing gaps in your CRM records and providing you with valuable, actionable information to automate your outbound sales process.

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Use Cognism’s native interface or integrate our outbound automation solution with your preferred CRM, including major providers such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics and Pipedrive.

Automate your outbound sales with Cognism.

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