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The best EMEA B2B data to break into European markets

Don’t let a lack of quality, compliant EMEA B2B data slow down your market expansion. With Cognism, you’ll find:

  • Unbeatable EMEA coverage: we have 2x more European contacts than other B2B data providers.
  • Unmatched data quality to reach decision-makers: we phone-verify mobile numbers and offer verification service on request.
  • Full confidence that our European database is GDPR compliant: we check phone numbers against DNC lists in 12 countries and notify emails.
  • Instant access to your data through a simple web platform, browser extension, or integrations with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, CRM, and your tech stack.
  • Consent-based intent data powered by Bombora embedded into the Cognism platform.

Book a call with Cognism's sales expert to discuss your expansion plans in Europe or scroll down to learn what other revenue leaders say about Cognim's EMEA B2B data coverage and compliance. 

Looking for a European GTM partner? Choose Cognism

How can Cognism's B2B data help you expand into European markets?

European expansion is almost doomed to fail without access to high-quality EMEA B2B data. Here’s what makes Cognism stand out:

1. European Data Privacy

As a UK-headquartered company, Cognism built its offering in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our job is to ensure revenue teams can go to market without their legal or info-sec teams worrying about whether the data they're using for prospecting in Europe is putting their business at risk.

  • We only obtain business data from publicly available sources and validate our data set internally.
  • We screen our telephone database against 12 Do Not Call registries around the world, including key European regions such as the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, and Belgium.
  • We notifying data subjects in compliance with our transparency obligations under Art 14 GDPR, and have gave them the option to exercise any of their rights, including the option to opt-out.
  • We hold the ISO 27001 and SOC2 type II certification for our information security compliance;

“Partnering with a fully-GDPR compliant data vendor was a key requirement in the vetting process. From the get go, our Managing Director was far more confident with Cognism because of its compliant reputation and ISO 27701 accreditation.”

“Diamond Data® is a game-changer because Cognism’s data team manually checks and validates the mobile numbers on our behalf. It’s reassuring to know that the data I’m exporting to our internal database is on point.”

2. Phone-verified mobile data

Quantity is good, but we know quality is what you really need.

That's why we've built a pre-call verification process to ensure sales teams prioritise calling mobile phone numbers where they KNOW a human will pick up. 

Diamond Phone-Verified Data® results in an increased speed-to-connect rate and helps engage more of the right decision-makers in less time, eliminating inefficiencies due to misdialed or incorrect numbers.

With Diamond Phone-Verified Data sales teams will:

  • Reach 9 in 10 prospects.
  • Increase call-to-connect rate by 3x.
  • Generate more meetings booked with 5x fewer touches.

3. Intent data, powered by Bombora

Cognism is partners with the Intent Leader, Bombora.

Bombora's company Surge is embedded in the Cognism platform to help EMEA revenue teams surface ICP-fit accounts that are using a specific technology and are researching solutions like yours right now.

Drill down into accounts showing high intent to uncover the contact information for key decision-makers so you can run relevant outreach to the right people with genuine buyer intent—all in a 100% compliant way.

  • Convert more leads and shorten your sales cycle by delivering the right message
  • Gain a competitive edge by connecting with decision-makers earlier in their buying journey

“Our sales cycle is typically 6-8 months long. With Cognism, we saw ROI in 8 weeks from intent data and direct dials. One deal pays for a year’s Cognism subscription.”


“Approximately 4,000 leads each month are enriched by our SDR team using Cognism’s database. On average, 70% of monthly meetings are booked over the phone and every mobile number is pulled from Cognism.”

4. CRM Data Enrichment

Relying on outdated CRM data isn’t just inconvenient, it’s costly.

Inaccurate information leads to wasted marketing dollars, misdirected outreach, and ultimately, lost sales.

This is why we have developed Instant & Scheduled Enrichment, to keep your CRM data up-to-date and always actionable. 

Instant Enrichment allows for real-time enrichment of EMEA leads from inbound to CRM, populating company and contact level data points with accurate information. This allows reps to quickly action and work the right leads, with the context and relevance they need to convert them.

Use Cognism Scheduled Enrich for a fresh and action-ready CRM. Revenue teams can automatically append and correct data at the frequency of their choice and dodge data decay.

5. Unrivalled EMEA B2B data in the tools you use every day.

Cognism's extensive EMEA B2B database can be accessed via our web platform or Google Chrome Extension.

Use Cognism Prospector to build account and lead lists and bulk export them to the tools you use in as little as two clicks.

Or use Cognism browser extension to find easy access to your prospects contact information when using LinkedIn, Sales Nav or browsing corporate websites.

  • Cognism integrates with Salesforce, Hubspot, Outreach, SalesLoft, MS Dynamics, Pipedrive, and more. 
  • Two-way Salesforce integration to easily check if an account or contact is in Salesforce and avoid duplicates.
  • Customisable import mappings for Salesforce to upload lists of Leads, Contacts and Accounts. 

“You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use the platform and it seamlessly integrates into the tools you’re using already. Best of all, it delivers fast results. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it”

Guide to enterprise EMEA B2B data 

We have an extensive global database with over 200 million contacts for European decision-makers in Dach, Benelux, Nordics, and more.

If you’re interested in the coverage we can provide for your target market and persona, book a 1:1, no-obligation call with one of our reps.

With over 200M European contacts, our data coverage and quality across Europe is unrivalled in comparison to US-centric providers, like ZoomInfo or Lusha.

Our mobiles are phone-verified (which means we’ve validated and confirmed the accuracy of the mobile number) to ensure your team spends less time dialling the wrong mobile phone numbers and more time having conversations with decision-makers.

Additionally, Cognism does NOT charge extra for access to data in NAM, EMEA, and APAC.

On the other hand, to access ZoomInfo's European B2B data, you must buy a Global Data Passport (Global, Europe, North America Plus).

Compare ZoomInfo vs Cognism B2B data and features.

Local B2B data providers that cover specific territories in the EU, usually lack global coverage or unlock access to it in the highest pricing plans.

For example, Dealfront's database (created after Echobot and Leadfeeder merged) specialises in covering Germany and the DACH region. 

If you plan international business expansion, Dealfront’s coverage may be too limited as they "don't accommodate businesses whose main objective is to sell outside of Europe."

If you're looking for one provider that can fuel your global sales team, you need Cognism.

With Cognism, you get access to global data, including EMEA, NAM and APAC without extra charges.

We also have over 70 million mobile phone numbers in the US (which is twice the number of other data providers).

See how Cognism compares to other data providers.

GDPR is a comprehensive privacy legislation that applies across sectors and to companies of all sizes.

It protects the privacy and security of personal data about individuals in EEA-based operations.

Cognism legal team advises that the GDPR automatically applies where a company processes the subject’s data who is an EEA resident.

Companies can carry out direct marketing and sales practices under GDPR, provided they can prove a lawful basis, such as legitimate interest.

Cognism's commitment to providing the highest level of compliance in the EU and the UK makes it the best business data provider in Europe.

Find out more about how GDPR affects outbound sales in Europe.

Ready to dominate the European market?

Don't let a lack of quality, compliant contact data slow down your European market expansion.

Book a 15-minute call with our team to learn how Cognism can help you scale and win more deals in Europe.